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WHEN his cellphone rings Saul Padi’s blood freezes. He believes the caller is a goblin with dreadlocks!

The creature keeps him awake at nights – sending SMSes – and keeps on calling him at work during the day. Even worse, he says, it also sends insulting written messages or makes calls to his girlfriend’s cellphone.

The goblin comes to 40-year-old Saul in the form of a dreadlocked man, but it uses a woman’s voice when it calls him, he says.

Speaking to reporters at his home, Saul said: “This started in March last year after my wife and I got divorced. One day I was shocked to find my dead mother standing in the middle of my kitchen. I was troubled and needed to talk to her, but then I became suspicious and realised it was not my mother but a goblin.”

Saul said the goblin became angry at being caught out and it started attacking him. Then it just disappeared.

But it came back as a dreadlocked man and has been fighting with Saul ever since. His body is covered with scars and scratches.

In December the goblin started sending disgusting SMSes to his cellphone.

“I reported this to police. The number was stopped through the service provider. My girlfriend and I changed our cellphone numbers, but it keeps finding them and calling me,” Saul said.

When news reporters tried to return a call the phone just rang and went unanswered.


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