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  • A mussy Rihanna a influence har…I don’t care too much for this bitch…something about har read sneaky.

  • Brightlight says:

    @Stully same over here. Rihanna really got this chick going hard.

  • Original Goodas says:

    for some reason she always came on to me as fake..

    love my riri

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Stully n Brightie mawning yes :thanks2 I agree tired ass Beyonce need fi go siddung I can’t stand her kmt

  • Met says:

    mi seh if we did eva put our ting ina order jamaica wudda rich I tell u…because all dem move deh shudda copyright because dem run up and use dem n doe know di name so no credit

  • PhantomPhoenix says:

    Enough a de one yah…too bad aliyah gwan an dah one yah remain.

  • Observer says:

    caw tek har

  • Real says:

    ole teefin strippa

  • MNL says:

    how she a thief? is not true she a wine up har waist fi free inna dance like some ah unnu. low the girl she use har skill make a money but Met is true Jamaican people have so much talent and I think everywhere except America doesn’t recognize as much because they dont want us to excel in the arts more than them

  • Met says:

    no u wrong…americans recognize us but we dont recognize ourselves

  • bev says:

    sorry but riri have she going extra hard one thing me alway say riri need to stick to she carribbean dance moves dem and forget the hip hop moves it”s funny just the other day one lady a tell us that all the us artist them a thief off the jamaicans music beats dance etc see it there

  • THMF says:

    Da gyal ya want a kick ina har bombo. Met you see the article about who she wants ban from her concerts after the whole Superbowl manly pictures ordeal, it’s on Yahoo. Bun mi fi har smh.

  • Justice/kk says:

    honestly I like beyonce, but she looks like a handicap on stage

  • Cc says:

    Blessed afternoon jmg…met I sed di same ting on snoop lion tread wah day, di nowadays American artis dem dont respect dancehall, dem tief from it all di time an dont giv us any credit , if yuh ask she now where shi get those moves shi wud not say dancehall smh

  • Met says:

    cc dat is so wrong though

  • Cc says:

    Rihanna a gi har problem doe, shi need a hit bad shi affi com haada Dan dis fi ketch rih lol

  • kgn13 says:

    a the same ting me did a talk bout,wha day wid the african dance video ,and de african dem run eheen ,and bun me out,bout how me dunce and bear tings.every body a thief from we ,left right and centre. and a so dem snatch one ,we build a next one.

  • ... says:

    Cyaan stan this chick but is really Africa she pre an do di dance dem not really Jamaica. We hav it inately in us but she claim (dunno if is true) seh is some African dancers she sight. Remember too them famous fi tief from ppl dat unknown

  • Real says:


  • denies says:

    Rihanna is the reason for this…its clear the pressure is being felt to compete but Rihanna gone a lead and this one is playing catch up

  • Real says:

    rihanna do a few laps around di world…my girl a try reach to di end of the block

  • karma says:

    beyonce and rihanna are both doing jamaican influenced choregraphy but their not the only artist that do it a lot of them inclding some of the men and the choreographers claim that its their dance moves they just dont like to give credit where its due thats all i feel that beyonce dances harder meaning she tries harder than rihanna, rihanna dances but she does the lazy version she doesnt push herself like beyonce sometimes beyonce looks like she trying to hard and it doesnt look natural casue both these women are not natural raw dancers like janet jackson,paula abdul,and jennifer lopez those are natural dancers without effort. beyonce and rihanna learn choregraphy from a instructor there is a big difference. all they do is watch jamaican dancehall videos on youtube and copy the dance moves thats so not orginal but beyonce said herself that she loves to watch youtube videos all day long and watch and learn different dance moves from other cultures.

  • ERKKKS....... says:

    NOPE………… see bey perform 3 times since 1990’s n she always dancy dancy pon stage………wayyyyy b4 rihanna days yup

  • No Joke says:

    Mettttt a so likkle fren dance too…..tank God fi dance instructors Beyoncé !!!!!

  • Met says:

    who dat no joke? :hammer

  • nice moves… thats african moves tho nt jamaican

  • Anonymous says:

    I agree African moves mi see

  • Anonymous says:

    arfican moves you rass clath!!!

  • EbonyLolita says:

    Screw & Anon I agree that’s AFRICAN please do ya research folks. But what’s wrong w/that Jamaicans came from Africa. Sometimes you always can’t start a trend. Maybe you PERFECT it but not start it. :nerd

  • IKR says:

    Enuff bout this illuminati/freemason fake ass Beyonce. I caan stand dat gal. Too sneaking mon. Rihanna 2 di werl

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