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The Bible: You Can Believe It!

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The Bible is the best selling book of all time.

It has been a source of strength and hope for countless numbers of people through the ages. While there have always been critics of the Bible, since the mid-1800s it has come under increasing attack, especially from scholars.

The situation today is that many seminaries do not teach that the Bible is the inspired Word of God, but instead teach that it is at best the writing of great men. This sentiment has grown in Christian circles to the point that even many churches do not teach the Bible, and many church people no longer consider the Bible their standard for faith and practice.

The men who wrote down Scripture said they got their information directly from God. Thus, the Bible claims to be the very words of God. It claims to be true and right. The records in the Bible are presented as actual occurrences, not fables or fairytales.

Often skeptics try to lessen the weight of their criticisms about the Bible by saying, Even though it is not the words of God, it is still a good book with lots of valuable lessons. Make no mistake; if the Bible is not what it says it is, it is not a good book at all-it is a pack of lies and the men who wrote it were colossal liars.

This book is a defense of the accuracy and integrity of the Bible. It examines and refutes many of the most common criticisms that have been raised against the Bible. It shows that the biblical text is reliable and the text can be trusted. It shows that the accuracy of the text has not been compromised as it has been passed down through the ages. It shows the Bible is complete in 66 books and none of it is missing.

It gives evidence from science, history, and prophecy that only God could have authored Scripture-man simply could not have done it. Once all the evidence is considered, it is apparent that the Word of God is indeed what it clearly claims to be-the very Word of God; a clear communication to people from God. It is not a book to be ignored, it is the key to blessings both in this life and in the life to come

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