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16 Responses to REQUEST

  • Observer says:

    Good morningggg Metty and Mettyers :)

    juss gi di man a fuk an gwaan puhleeze caw weh we seh neva matta to unnuh yet suh nuh badda mi oooooooo

  • Met says:

    morning zervahhhhhhh

  • Anonymous says:

    Morning met him a taxie drive n coat check person at da buzz n fellow back a Gwi man dem n sponge off of dem he broke broke broke n sum more broke n he’s Shatta uncle to

  • Samantha pretty says:

    Lord stinking DEVON nobody DEVON somebody can wah him lord Devon always look like him want a shower look at him face neck and ear how is scale scale like fish some gal chest strong, trust him I have the file on this shit.

  • Anonymous says:

    Samantha u sound upset, so why u never bath the man when him did a F…k you ?

  • Samantha pretty says:

    @Anonymous stink off and kiss my ass it look like u have a problem with me Devon a handicap from head to toe, it look like a you want him a you put up the post to see what people have to say about if u a look a f000 just take it and gone, me no f000 handicap.

  • Balla says:

    Lord this sender must be desparate are you serious no sah man short a NYC

  • Observer says:

    samantha n anonymous a guh hawd…mi a lissen ooooooooo :maho

  • london5948 says:

    Devon me fren u reach da p.w. hush, I got u nigguh, ah gud yout, f000 outta,ere.

  • You females just never seem to amaze me. lol says:

    HE’S A BUM #SIMPLE :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  • Anonymous says:

    OMG Devon is not all perfect him dick likkle but him mouth do a gud job.

  • Ms. Kim says:

    DEVON ok him mean but him know how to work him lips becuz him buddy likkle

  • Met says:

    mek up u mind

  • Tawkchuet says:

    :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak hahahahahaha bet u say Devon run the dyson vacuum pon senda clit n nah look pon har ya now so she cross angry n miserable UNNU YOUNG GAL MECK UNNU BITTER SOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

  • Met says:

    chuet mi nuh know how dem love ask question n reply suh

  • PhantomPhoenix says:

    Chuet…yu is one inna rass million! Dyson vaccum mouth? lololollllll Mek yu do de people dem goodup vaccum su. dwbclnnnn

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