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Lauryn Hill may be gearing up to go from one big house…to another. She’s being sued by her landlord for eviction. Deets inside…

As she prepares for her sentencing next week for tax fraud, Lauryn’s landlord is pissed she skipped out on paying rent last month.

Lauryn’s been renting a mansion in South Orange, NJ since 2009. TMZ reports her landlord filed court documents demanding her to pay up or GET OUT! Apparently, she didn’t come off any dollars, so the lawsuit for eviction is a GO. Right now, she’s technically a squatter.

And if she gets sentenced to prison for tax fraud next week, she’ll be moving out that house anyway and into the other big house.

25 Responses to WHERE IS ROHAN MARLEY?

  • Real says:

    Met it look like style shi a style dem …because it a go really look like she is struggling

  • Anonymous says:

    this is very sad hopes the children are in good hands smh! she needs help no body cannot help her.. she not even have 20 thousand can give to the IRS and get a payment!!! what happen to the children dem grandmother uncle and father.. her family them cannot help her? this is so so sad smh

  • sweet says:


  • Anonymous says:

    from the looks of things she does not have frens or family they seems like they are just opportunist.. I am sure most of them benefit from her when she was earning a good income now this woman is in trouble and might go to jail for a long time away from her childern! and no one who was there when she had fame and money is there now to help her! this is a damn shame!!

  • ThEXOnE says:

    SWEET, yuh ever heard the one about how you can lead the donkey to water but yuh cant mek it drink? Exhibit A: Miss Hill. Lauryn been very stubborn, from way back when she did a keep up the foolishness with Wycleff. Her mother tried, her family tried, friends tried, but…she no listen. If you weren’t telling her what she wanted to hear, you were “negative” and part of some conspiracy to break her…

  • ThEXOnE says:

    Anony, Lauryn had a good support system. Very good support system, solid family behind her. But the gallivanting with Wyclef drove a wedge between her and nuff people. On the contrary, when she had Zion, the amount of people who took care of that little boy and subsequent children, for free. FREE. And when Lauryn buss, she still lived at the family home for years afterwards…years. No advantage tekkin on the family’s part, if anybody tek advantage a she. WHo you think raised and been raising all those children? She? No, her family and the few friends who didn’t withdraw when she took on her supreme being persona

  • Real says:

    shi just stop pay ar rent afta how much years……….sweet mi nuh tink Ms. Rita have to do with this? Di yute dem have a father that is alive and well…..I personally don’t believe seh shi bruk sweet a jus a little style ..

  • Anonymous says:

    But she is in trouble now and they can still help her.. If what she did in the past never changed her I am sure this might teach her a lesson and no body is perfect at the end of the day whatever she does is in the past!!! even if she waste her money she still gave some to her family and frens!! I know this must wake her up.. dem fi help her same way cause nobody nuh prefect

  • Anonymous says:

    @real sometimes they don’t have the money.. but have “asset” I cannot believe that she doesn’t even have 20 thousand and then make payment plan!! so she rather go jail for a longtime away form her children than pay the IRS!! who would do that? unless they really don’t have it or she don’t care

  • ThEXOnE says:

    Yeah they can still help her. And they always wanted to and were willing to help her. But you cant force “help” on anyone.

  • PPL busineSS says:

    ????????Paying RENT!!!!!!!!!!!!??????? no man dat no sound right wit all these millions Lauryn ??? dis no look good fi d Marley clan me na lie , if Bob was alive him would a really help her so I think the family must help her fi d sake a d kids r probably dem waan she go dung fi get d pikny dem OMG….n d likkle girl dem so pretty

  • Little Willie says:

    Mi still a wonder weh mek Met a bawl out ROHAN name for??
    Rent mansion? This woman has been such a disappint.

  • Ms.B says:

    After Rita and her Pickney dem not in ne gud relationship ! That is y she run weh go live a Bahamas ! I am sure they will work something out. Sass peas ah she look like a powerful black woman – pretty – talented etc. kmt ! Someone need fi trim off that natural hair and run jeffereys creme thru it because she is an embarrassment to natural hair beauties and strength they represent

  • kgn13 says:

    unoo tan deh a underestimate wyclef obeah. from she start f000 wid rohan,wyclef start work.

  • Anonymous says:

    sad me ah sad! From wha deh me draw pon lauryn. she carry catalogue of hit. maybe gwann pon tour mek likkle money

  • murasaki..lazy fi sign innnn says:

    ah wah kinda dressment dat shi ah duh…no sah, the skirt look like a titus sew it…

  • Real says:

    den a weh ar last bby fada? Is he at work while all of this is going on ?

  • Met says:

    Ms B is who live a Bahamas??

  • im convinced money doesnt like black people lol

  • It’s one months rent she owe and the landlord a try a ting because chrue lauryn is going to hear her judgement tomorrow she say f000 this I aint paying rent until I know what’s what. Some people like to throw salt in peoples wounds cause it’s not like she nuh pay rent from 2009 since she live in that mansion, she been consistent for 4years. As for rent mansion lots of celebrities rent mansions it’s easier for them to pay one rent instead of paying all the taxes and upkeep of the place.

  • So it’s an office space she uses for business she is being evicted from ok she have 2houses, see somebody out to slander lauryn hill, she gi interview and say ooooo don’t tell lie pon har.

  • Somyungal says:

    as soon as she ready to make $$$$ she will be ok…She dont need no help from anyone but herself. Even when her daughter is ready to ready to drop a song /video.. she’ll be ok.

  • Observer says:

    mi sehhhhhhh di one murasaki an 13 fi gweh enuh star cho :hammer

    big up zion madda….wyclef obeah trang rita did wahn yuh oooooo

  • ... says:

    :cool :bedug From Rohan an di Brazilian neva work out & him did a try rally back to Lauryn mi know someting wrong. Lauryn has no assets what so ever. Is baare rent dis an dat an she hnah pay her staff dem. Nuff time di guitarist haffi run lef har & go work wid odda peopl fir eat a food..

  • Observer says:

    dotty stop it

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