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Penwood student didn’t have to die
Police angered by school administrators’ failure to stop deadly fight
BY KARYL WALKER Editor — Crime/Court Desk [email protected]
Sunday, April 21, 2013

POLICE assigned to the St Andrew South Division say despite their efforts to keep the peace in high-risk schools, they are being hampered by the nonchalance of some administrators who have been falling down on their duties to maintain discipline and order.
The issue was brought to the fore two weeks ago when a student of Penwood High School in the often volatile Olympic Gardens community was stabbed to death by another student during a fight which, police say, could have been cut short if teachers and other school staff had been alert and responded in a timely manner.
HEWITT… what is most appalling to me is that the fight took place for several minutes and no one responded
The dead student, 16-year-old Nario Coleman, otherwise called ‘Two Face’ of a Balcombe Drive address, was killed in full view of other students, some of whom egged on the two boys to go at each other.
The Jamaica Observer viewed a video recording of the incident which lasted about six minutes.
In the video, Coleman and a 15-year-old boy, who is now in police custody, got into a fist fight in an upstairs classroom on April 11.
At first the fight seemed to be just another tussle between two adrenaline-filled youngsters with the 15-year-old murder suspect having the upper hand as he grabbed Coleman in a neck hold and had him at his mercy.
Coleman was defeated and gasping for breath as his stronger counterpart squeezed mercilessly and taunted him, saying, “You want me kill you, bwoy?”
After a few more precious seconds, the obviously stronger teenager released his captive who seemed greatly relieved.
However, Coleman made a deadly mistake when, after regaining his composure, he rushed to his knapsack and took out a pair of scissors which he used to stab the other student in his back.
He then retreated to a chair and sat breathing heavily.
However, the stab victim with the urging of fellow students — one of whom handed him a knife — walked back into the classroom and confronted Coleman.
Events then turned deadly as Coleman was collared and stabbed about six times. The wounds appeared to have been inflicted in his back, stomach, arm and chest.
All this time most of the students who were witnessing the deadly attack were egging the knife-wielding student on, saying “Dem man yah a murderer.”
Seconds later, Coleman was seen walking groggily towards the stairs in an apparent effort to get assistance. However, he collapsed after about 10 steps.
It was then that a female student started shouting to the rest of the teenage crowd, who seemed to be enjoying the spectacle, to lift the injured boy so he could get assistance. Her cries fell on deaf ears.
At no time during the video recording was any adult member of staff seen trying to quell what apparently started out as a minor scuffle between the two boys.
Head of the Division, Superintendent Delroy Hewitt, was outraged that no teacher or other member of staff sought to find out what was happening despite the loud commotion.
“What is most appalling to me is that the fight took place for several minutes and no one responded. If someone had responded his life would have been saved,” Hewitt told the Sunday Observer.
Hewitt was also peeved that the school authorities did not report the incident to the police, who, he said, were only notified by medical staff at the Kingston Public Hospital after Coleman was taken there and pronounced dead.
Hewitt said the police are aware that a school administrator asked a student who filmed the stabbing incident to send it to the administrator’s phone and then told the student to delete the video. “That is on record,” he said.
“What we want is for the schools to work with us so we can help them,” he added.
The constabulary is presently short on manpower and as such no School Resource Officer — cops who are assigned to keep students in line at schools with a history of student-on-student violence — was assigned to Penwood High at the time of the tragic incident.
School Resource Officers are assigned to the Community Safety and Security Branch of the constabulary and also search for weapons and other contraband, in addition to ensuring that there is no truancy, gambling or any other untoward activity taking place on school compounds.
Hewitt said in light of the recent event, a School Resource Officer would be assigned to Penwood High in short order.
He also bemoaned the fact that some schools in the division do not update their student records on a regular basis.
“When a student enters school at grade seven and gives an address and other particulars no checks are made to see if those particulars have changed, even when the student reaches grade 11. This is wrong, as addresses and other particulars may change,” he said.
Head of the Divisional Intelligence Unit at the St Andrew South Division, Detective Corporal Delroy Holmes, said the country needs to revamp the manner in which males are socialised.
“We have every special education and special programmes to assist females. There are none to aid males. Young males are an endangered species in today’s society,” Holmes said.
Hewitt said the problem of violence and untoward behaviour by students was not confined to Penwood High, but said there were constant behavioural problems at Pembroke Hall High, Edith Dalton James, and Norman Manley High schools as well.
He, however, had special praise for the Haile Selassie High School which, he said, despite being located in the troubled community of Tavares Gardens, also called ‘Payne Land’, was not considered by the police to be a high-risk school.
“We have no problems at all with that school. We might have problems with the community that surrounds it, but Haile Selassie is not seen as high-risk. I think it shows that the school is under good management,” he said.

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  • Original Goodas says:

    teacher them mussi say mek dem stay deh and kill them self and that’s exactly what happened. so sad..RIP yute.. the damn school fi bury him and a hope the family can sue them and the ministry of education

  • BK says:


  • Real says:

    Dem fi sue dem…………..wi si wah day how certain boy a mek boy kiss dem boot and a nuh high risk school a big ole KC so mi wah know weh high risk haffi do wid the intervention if unu cah manage call police …..mek dem frisk dem……weh knife a do a school?but di parents nuh business and di teacher dem weh shoulda watch out fi di pickney dem frustrated becaw govament have dem like googoo……di damn gova ment need fi step up a dem mek di place tan so …..dem have di yute dem as gun man a night and school boy a day …..unu shoulda shame

  • Anonymous says:

    Everything is the government’s fault. Why not address the key issue with a lot of our students. No father figure in their life, something a lot of male kids desire the most. Plus, Jamaican males are socialized to be very aggressive in everything they do. Parents have the ultimate responsibility for the children, not the state. There is so much the state can do with some of these kids, since a number of these boys are a menace to the school and the community they come from. The Principal and Teachers are scared shit of some of the boys, since they will hurt you without hesitation. What some Jamaican schools are doing now is to have a zero tolerance approach. They will kick you out (expel) if you commit just one serious infraction.

    When I went to high school, a lot of boys (including myself) carry knives, this is nothing new. If you are not armed you run the risk of some of these trouble makers attacking you with their weapon. A lot of the students going to school these days are only doing so to bide time. They have no interest in learning anything. They leave at the same state they enter.

  • Met says:

    I finally ran through the video…………I will try to put it up because something has to be done…there was no teacher there at anytime…students were left unattended screaming and even when he got stabbed and bleeding there was no one…the world has to see this

  • Cc says:

    Now a days nobody try to part are breakup a fight dem instigate it laugh an video it smfh.

  • Met says:

    yes they were..I will write and put up the video a di school bwaay dem did a laugh and a big up di stabber bout dem bwaay deh a murderer…but even before they started fighting there was a big commotion leading into the room…there was no teacher present…

  • Anonymous says:

    Look @ it dis way, if him neva stab d killer first it wudnt reach dat far…..

  • Met says:

    I only saw one knife……….also he was stabbed in the back so mi nuh know whey u see

  • Good good says:

    Here’s the video

  • Real says:

    Why do students have to carry knives? What is the threat? Where is the protection? People do what they can get away with. You are so right everything is the governments fault. You cannot expect a cow to bark. Hence, when fear is the order of the day in a country. Crime will be the order of the day. In which era does a common person assign laws for themselves? One where there is no government.

  • Anonymous says:

    Welcome to Jamrock…the teachers dem scared fi get dem ass whipped ….that’s y we need armed jdf officers in school island wide

  • Anonymous says:

    I agree wid u Anony 8:30

  • ... says:

    The government has its priorities mixed up. All they care about is the social appearances uptown with the multiple Ambassadors & fattening their pockets by selling the country & putting its citizens in financial bondage. They provide nothing for our youth none of the factions of entertainment, media nutten motivate our youth to become leaders. The private sector need to start taking a hold of the youth & start do stuff since the govt don’t give one fuk. I memba dat ad weh dem used to rinse bout the children are our future…LIES. I bun all politician because they are all the same so I nah look to dem fi suggest a thing to uplift our youth I pray the private sector steps in. They shouldn’t let these foreign companies come in the island without providing something to uplift the country with programs & funding towards better conditions for our children.. I GRIEVE!!

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