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  • ... says:

    oh wow, this is craaaazy

  • kgn13 says:

    pupa jesus !! do no meck this reach a jamaica.

  • Met says:

    I hope it dont 13

  • kgn13 says:

    can u imagine.we would a just dead ,down a dat.

  • Met says:

    we would never have a life ever again!

  • kgn13 says:

    no wonder dem always say the prettiest ones r the most dangerous,look how the tree bloom pretty.

  • Met says:

    13 but we have dat flowers deh ina jamaica dont? u wudda neva think smh

  • kgn13 says:

    me no memba seeing dat a yard,wha we call it a yard?

  • Met says:

    13 it almost look like morning glory the white one

  • kgn13 says:


  • Ms.B says:

    I know it well. The tree is in Jamaica – in teh mountains . I think we call it night shade – ppl use it for bellyache . A stronger medicine than ganja , rum , forty leg ( centipede ) and ginger. Bush doctors prescribe it for very sick people. Obeah men use it for mind control- always a science behind obeah . The only reason I know abt so much bush and herbal cures is Bcus my dad did intense research abt all tings bush medicine – obeah – folk medicine etc . For example u know the pale green , cactus like plant with white stripe often used to make borders ( has a big black thorn on top) the root makes one of the deadliest poison and it is undetectable by testing except one specific test – a generic form is now available – made in the lab to mimic the plant .

  • Met says:

    Ms B u serious???????????????????????????

  • Trouble mekka says:

    Mi get a flash back wen mi see this video I know this drug myself.. Seen it work in real life .. .. But you will know that you was drug because it mek the person dizzy and headache pounding after.. Don’t play wid that yu will deaaddddddddddddd an guh jail if lifeeeeeee

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