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  • Real talk says:

    I smell bull shittt, or fishhhhhhh :tkp :dp beg u a ride met

  • NAH LOOK says:

    Met yuh know dis bad oooooooo
    Mr. Neil pearl its MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER !!!!!

  • Met says:

    real talk u haffi ride out dis nutritionist ting ooo a leaving yuh :tkp

  • No Joke says:

    Nutritionist fi buddy tecking…..Lissen Miiiiii….. :ngacir2

  • kgn13 says:

    why would a man associate pearl wid him name……a wonder if him a get pearl necklace.

  • Met says:

    nah look him is a mo-tiva..shan-ol speekoh yes………for the financially distressed

  • Real talk says:

    Met nutritionist for ensure , fitness guru for batty fish.,activist for HIV & immigration cause pearl don’t have a green card actor to con woman say he is straight man & love woman . Met let me leave pon u bike cause shitt smell bad bout ya :ngacir2 :ngakak :ngacir2 :marah :hammer
    lend me the old truck to carry all a ms pearl file

  • ... says:

    Met doan do mi dat..mi si di link pon di side an tink a serious nutrition advice mi a get___________________ :matabelo

  • PPL busineSS says:

    this guy is clearly delusional r d groupie dem actions attribute to dis madness

  • Real talk says:

    PPL busines , u are soo right them shitt batty gal ya no asked if ms pearl no f000 them & rob them
    he soon put sey he is a captain !!!

  • mimi says:

    He forgot to add battyfish to that list.

  • dick r harde says:

    well my question is what di f000 good is he??….if yuh wear so many hats none of them will fit properly…jack of all trades master of none is what i say…..but seriously…to imply you are a nutrionist and not be licensed or properly trained is damn near criminal……but ppl hear dis….anybody claim dem a nutrionist or dietitian……ask dem what a pre-albumin level is….and if dem dont know…shot dem one raasklaat bax…..

  • ThEXOnE says:

    DWL @ DRH…I’m trying to come to to terms with the “motivation speaker”, maybe the “al” from the motivation on layaway, :capedes @ Kgn13 & the pearl necklace

  • Freeza says:

    no disrespect to the man b/c his body is FIT and i am sure some of us could benefit from his nutritional/fitness advice…but unless u have a degree/certification in nutrition then that is considered fraud…betta him seh nutritional guru, or consultant

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