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5 Responses to ER

  • PPL busineSS says:

    Morning Met dat de interview de no do good a must WATA KING pay dem fi dat cause how u a go do interview n no do research ??? n if dem did do dem research dem woulda ask him bout d BABY MADDA whe lock up a PHILLY n wha mek him lef d LAND A opportunity come a Jamaica wid d SHOWING OFF

  • Anonymous says:

    Until mi see the deed ad the title mi wi believe…informer Flippa…
    Curious case of Benjamin Button

  • murasaki..lazy fi sign innnn says:

    wow that house is scanty inside wid furnishings and decor.

  • Divnasta says:

    This fool is begging badmine gunmen to take him down and out. Humility goes a long way..

  • ... says:

    YAAAAAAAAAAAAAWNNAAAAAAAWWWWWN lawd man how old is dis dude? lol den a only di bedroom an closet inna di house? These ppl priorities are so mixed up it not funny, instead of using your “floss” to do something positive all yuh a do a motivate di upcoming yout dem dis materialistic behaviour is what is killing our country & turning boys into sex slaves for likes…unoo sick stomach. Flippa mi nuh badmine yuh cause mi luv can sleep a night time an nuh haffi watch mi headback or pay fi ppl watch it. Humble an wise yute. You coulda mek a positive footprint but yuh go luuu

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