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A 27-year-old man whose legs were blown off by the Boston bombings reportedly helped FBI agents identify one of the suspects, saying the man looked him in the eye as he placed a bag filled with explosives at his feet.
Jeff Bauman was waiting for his girlfriend to cross the finish line just before 3 p.m. Monday when a man wearing a cap, sunglasses and a black jacket dropped a bag at Bauman’s feet, his brother, Chris Bauman, told Bloomberg News.
Two and a half minutes later, the bag exploded, shredding Bauman’s legs. A photo of his bloodied body being rushed by wheelchair from the scene has become an iconic image of the terrorist attack.
“He woke up under so much drugs, asked for a paper and pen and wrote, ‘bag, saw the guy, looked right at me,'” Chris Bauman told Bloomberg News.
Bauman’s description to investigators at his bedside reportedly helped them zero in on suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev, who was killed early Friday in a shootout with police.
Bauman was rushed to Boston Medical Center, where both his legs were amputated from the knee down. His family learned of his fate only after seeing the grisly image of their son in news reports.
One volunteer, dubbed the the “Cowboy Hat Hero,” is being credited with helping to save Bauman’s life. The man, identified as Carlos Arredondo, used some pieces of cloth to tie tourniquets around Bauman’s mangled legs before getting him onto a wheelchair.
Arredondo’s son, Alex, died in Iraq in 2004. He was reportedly at the marathon to support “Tough Ruckers” – a group that runs in full military gear to honor fallen comrades.

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26 Responses to DRY EYE TERRORIST

  • Observer says:

    still show how ppl nuh tink caw em put look dead inna my face n put dung a bag…2 minutes wudda ketch mi awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy from dat bag smh. People we must use our brains and be vigilant and always suspicious a everything.

  • This has never been a way of life for us (AMERICANS). His reaction of having a bag placed at his feet is one shared by many of us prior to 9/11. These acts are something expected in Israel, Palestine, Afghanistan and in the real Gaza. In New York and certain States a person may have been a little more apprehensive. Very sad, great he was able to assist in getting the persons that changed his life foreve! The world is a ddifferent place!

  • Observer says:

    Avery different place. I saw a status on FB and it holds such truth. BOMBING IN AMERICA IS WRONG AS IT IS IN ALL THE OTHER COUNTRIES YOU MENTIONED. World peace is wha I believe in not only peace in the USA. Up until 9-11 we weren’t as vigilant? Ok Ok, this is post 9-11 and a bag is placed at my feet. I may not get away from being bombed but I’m sure as hell getting awayyy from that bag in 2 minutes to a point where I’m not as close to the bag. In any case, how sure are we that these two men are the bombers? Since, Christopher Donner…I have learned to be very skeptic of the Media. His Dad, his Aunt and his peers are all depicting a very different individual frm that of the media and his “uncle” Uncle good fi get coached caw we all hav sum family weh wi nuh dal wid at sum point inna life. Nevertheless, like America will and always do…SHOOT, KILL and DONE! We’ll never know the “truth”

    USA seh IF YUH C SUMTHIN SEY SUMTHIN….not wen it too late but seh sumthin wen yuh seet it. I live here and I’m a Citizen…I love this Country but dem a wikkid!

  • @Zervah………I am not saying bombing in any where in the world is right but in those regions the reaction
    would of been different than that of this man since these bombings have been a way of life for them….for hundreds of years. Not everywhere in the U.S. see something say something is emphasizeD in any case we as AMERICANS should now start to take these type of acts as suspicious……WHY? Because we allow people onto our soils who view us as “WIKKID” while looking at us with a smile! These two suspects lived among us for over a decade only to blow us up when we least expect!

  • Met says:

    Zervah y u think the uncle coached?

  • Observer says:

    Quena, I never eluded to that thinking. I only disagree with the “way of life”thinking in those Countries. It isn’t fair and these people are blown up each and everyday but we don’t see it because “our media” don’t cover it! Humanity is Humanity. No one life is better than another. We lost 3 lives and devastations will be felt years to come. Imagine the chaos in those countries. OMG :( this is so touching and it’s not as big a scope as what is felt internationally when those countries are bombed by us. I say “us” because we are all in one. I feel the pain in Boston and I feel the pain in those other Countries also.

    @Met, simply because of his demeanor and his ignorance. He spoke so hateful of his own family as oppose to the way the Aunt spoke.

  • @Zervah…..It is not fair they are blown up everyday, your correct but they are also warring and fighting for some time now against eachothereach other…….we here are not fightingking or warring with anyone but yet still the people we allow to live among us come with a different agenda. The sooner we as Americans, every day regular Americans view the world as against us then and only then will something as putting a back pack down in a public event be viewed as suspicious or a threat!

    I don’t believe Uncle was coached, what would be the reason for it…….That dude went hard because his ass don’t want to be associated with what his nephews caused, he’s Russian and don’t want wiwith fling him back :) or better yet make life ahead here hell!

  • Observer says:

    You just stated his reason for going hard…your last lines :maho fun an joke aside mi noe mi hav sum family weh mi wudda daab up yah now but dats a wol diffrant ting. Quena, why we don’t mek dem fite gainst eachodda y is dat our business…di laas man try pawt fite end up dead (very sad n unfair) wi hav enuff shit fi worry bout mi nuh c y wi muss inna dem kuntry n war. I would only disagree with you that “we are not warring with anyone” We a war wid ppl n den wen dem cum yah wi suffa at dem handz. Wen di police dem guh a yawd inna dudus time..dem did seh a usa police a shoot n kill ppl…yet jamaicans cum yah an wi nuh war america…wi juss “hustle” n live but seven bredda seven diffranttt mindz. Like the “suspect” father juss seh “someone frame my boys and now they shot him dead” It’s very sad. I remember back a few months…I came here on JMG bashing Christopher Donner. I now have reservations on that. I still bash killing…I’m PRO-PEACE WORLDWIDE but life is just unfair.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Zervah…..Foreign policies are not my forte but we are involved in many other countries wars because we have invested interest in them…..sometimes we go in as you say to part fight for the greater good of that countries civilians.
    As to Dudus ting who knows but I am certain the Jamaican police assisted in the killing as that is of normal occurrence in your country.

  • Yawdie says:

    Quena what do u mean Americans are not “warring or fighting ne one”? Do u not know how to think objectively? Do u live in the same world we do? When the US military bombs citizens in other countries in the interest of political agendas is it justified then? Do they not do it in the name of USA, it’s citizens, and its ideals? Is it not paid for with ur tax dollars? One of the points observer made is that ” humanity is humanity.” My interpretation of that is that whether in Boston, Iraq, or some other country, terrorism is the same. Who we choose to define as a terrorist often becomes relative to the side of the fence we find ourselves on. We should not support it, whether its govt sponsored (military) or carried out by two brothers, because innocent people ultimately die. Quena have u ever seen the photos of little kids to pieces by American bombs? Quena, do u know what our politicians call it?… Collateral damage!!! Can u believe that? Why can’t we challenge ourselves to think about all humanity and all perspectives instead of just ours? Is it because we lack humanity ourselves? That being the case what separates us from these brothers, Bin Laden, Politicians and the lot?

  • Observer says:

    They sympathize with Checyna…so they’re terrorists. I cannot understand my 2nd home sometime. I really want to know of all the people who walked about with napsacks on their backs…..why these two??? Some had water bottles, towels rolled up in their backpakcs…..why the bulk in theirs seem to be a “pressha cookah”?? Sometime, we have to question a belief before we run with it. I’m saddened by it all. I hope though, that my Country does not hold any animosity for their living relatives both here and abroad.

  • Observer says:

    bwoy mi a tel yuh….heavily sedated and yet em story was taken seriously. Sorry fi yuh legs weh yuh lose Mr Bauman but bwoy oh bwoy….aye sah

  • Observer says:

    Darla Miles at Channel 7 newsroom states: “THE SKIES IN SUBURBAN BOSTON LIT UP LIKE BAGHDAD” :hoax2

    di tings we say

  • Observer says:


  • @Yawdie the wars that are currently being fought are they ours or did we go in to help fight against an unjust government or leader. Let me shorten my story in a perfect world as God intended there would be no war with no body dying, we are involved in wars elsewhere not HERE and these bastards are coming here as friends when they are really foes killing innocent people. If there was an active war taking place here then yes we would expect shit to happen, kids to be bombed on and all that but such is not the f000in case. Thank God he is alive now maybe we can find out why.

  • @Zervah…….Many people had back packs but these two were dropped off in proximity of people getting there limbs blown off. Not everything the media brings across may be true but tell me why the gun fight from these two if they did nothing wrong, were there not suspects identified prior that were detained and questioned and released…..without incident?
    Again thank God he’s alive, lets hear his side of the story!

  • Observer says:

    Quena, We never saw any media coverage of gun battle. THE MEDIA SAID SO. We saw no coverage of a 7-11 being robbed or a cop being shot (he’s not here to identify his “killer”;) THE MEDIA ALSO SAID SO. The only thing the MEDIA has never the capture and arrest but they definitely let us hear the “exchange” of gunfire.

  • ... says:


  • ... says:

    Observer mi not even going to stawt

  • @Zervah………2013 we are now at believe none of what you here on American news… there a smh emoticon? Not everything is to be believed but goodness tell me what part you believe to be true in this story…….more than 175 people injured and 3 dead verdad?

  • Yawdie says:

    Quena I understand the point ur trying to make but I think ur just looking at it from, and only from the American perspective. Who decides if one bombing is more just than another? Who decides if one cause is more important than the other? Isn’t that all relative? Who decides if one govt is more just than another? What do u know about America’s deeds besides what has been carefully crafted and delivered by the media in a pro American way. What about the thousands of children in other countries who ask”why are Americans coming here”? Why are u only concerned when fear and terror is brought to America? Does it not count when America chooses to introduce it to other countries? Don’t u think those people see Americans as terrorists too? Do their opinions not count? Bottom line Quena, terrorism is wrong regardless of who’s partaking in it. America is guilty too-just better @ selling it and justifying it. Final point- probably the reason this seems new to u n ur shocked that its happening here in America is because America has always fought their wars in other countries n thereby keeping its citizens naive, biased, and unconcerned.
    Quena, killing innocent people is wrong, whether u do it in the name of military, country, law n order, jihad, or to promote a cause or an agenda- whether our name is Al Queda or USA all are guilty!!

  • Observer says:

    Quena, I believe 175 people got injured and 3 people died. I believe a lot of people were at the Marathon celebration, including the Brothers. I believe they are “un-american” I believe they are and for the deceased, were educated. I believe they went on the run when they’re pictures became public (like wtf?? is the Govt. really looking for me?) I believe one Brother was killed and the other was injured NOT KILLED because “we” the USA needs to get this one alive. After all, he’s “un-american” so they MUST have allies. I BELIEVE IN WORLD PEACE FOR ALL and I believe in the USA.

  • Observer says:

    typo…”their pictures”

  • Observer says:

    Lord Jesus, I kneel before you tonight to ask for nothing but your mercies. Please I plead with you that if my IP becomes traceable by the Govt. Let know, I am PRO AMERICA. I have no hatred for the Country I reside in. I do possess and exercise my 1st Amendment and that’s all should be taken from my views. Let them not harbor wrath towards me, these blessings and more I plead for in your name. Amen.

    Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, Oh Lord, my strength and my redeemer. Amen.

  • @Yawdie………I am American and I am PRO AMERICAN :)
    @Yawdie….You got what I am saying somewhat… not prolong my stance: Americans are now at war and should be suspicious of all on our soil, all that we’ve accepted on our soil who claim that they are here for a better life, better opportunities and the freedoms that AMERICA offer….be afraid because we are viewed by all as wikkid and lie!

    @Zervah….Great prayer :2thumbup

  • Infirmedwoman says:

    I know from them bomb England inna 06/07 cant memba…any1 that has a napsack, phone in hand and nuh look white british, every1 gone off that train..

    I remember one day travelling on the London Underground and this muslim guy came on with backpack and a likkle cheap Nokia…every1 was [email protected] other scared, some start move into other soon as it stop the next stop d amount a people that got off including myself. I for one is not risking no one with a backpack.

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