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HIM 26 AND SHE 21?




Wayne Carrington
The Honda Accord used in deadly chase.
A jealous Queens woman got behind the wheel of her car and allegedly made her boyfriend run for his life before fatally running him down, law-enforcement sources said yesterday.
Kaman Drummond, 26, was frantically ducking and weaving through parked vehicles as Hofstra University dropout Dunasha Payne, 21, sped after him in her 1994 Honda Accord just before midnight Monday night, the sources said.
Residents heard his pleas for help and called 911.
The first caller said Drummond was being chased by a vehicle speeding northbound on 208th Street in Queens Village.
Other callers said Drummond was trying to flee at Hollis Avenue and 208th Street.
When cops arrived at about 11:50 p.m. Monday, they found Drummond, his head and body crushed, in front of 104-37 208th St.
He was taken to Queens General Hospital, where he was declared dead at about 12:30 a.m. yesterday, sources said.
Payne, of Cambria Heights, was arrested and charged with murder and criminal possession of a weapon.
She told cops she became enraged during a fight with Drummond over another woman, although it was unclear if the love rival was a simultaneous or ex-girlfriend.
Drummond stormed out of the house, and Payne got into her car.
She insisted to cops that she never wanted to kill him, only frighten him.
She also said she was speeding to try to catch him, but he kept ducking between cars, the sources said.
Payne still lists herself as a Hofstra University student on her Facebook page, but actually dropped out in the fall of 2010, the school’s records show.
She also noted on Facebook that on March 18, she took a test to become a postal worker. One photo on her page is a close-up of her car keys.
Yesterday afternoon, her Facebook page was taken down.
Police sources said that there were no domestic-incident reports on the couple.
But Drummond’s next-door neighbor said the two were “fighting all the time.” He also described Drummond as “a really good guy.”
A tearful Payne bellowed uncontrollably in court yesterday as her lawyer described her allegedly abusive relationship with her boyfriend. She is being held in lieu of $250,000 bail.
“She was verbally and physically abused for years,” her friend said outside of court.
Payne has an arrest record in Virginia. The victim had arrests for dealing cocaine and turnstile jumping.
At Drummond’s home yesterday, his sister burst into tears when she identified the suspect on her Facebook page.
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53 Responses to HIM 26 AND SHE 21?

  • Original Goodas says:

    RIP young man.

  • Good morning everyone
    Then leave bitch, things wouldn’t because its said its years of “abuse”
    R.i.p youth
    Tool early for me

  • sweet says:


  • kia NUNYABIZNIZ bubblez says:

    mawnin all thank yu sweet let go an let God….now two lives destroyed RIP Kaman :(

  • NAH LOOK says:

    Rip yute ..a life taken by a low self.esteem nobody.
    She was 21 he is 26 ..unuh have a fill life ahead of unuh n u end his.I’m sorry orbits years of abuse leave..I pray they show u no mercy..if it happen at home buoy just maybe mi could say is a coward lick but u drove this man down frantic all over queens n run over him u. This gal ia a wicked bitch.
    RIP YUTE..

  • Original Goodas says:

    but me waa know wah kind a years dem a talk bout. If this man was abusing her why would he storm out the house him wouldn’t beat out out her claat. no reports have ever been made. after she kill di young man dem a bawl out abuse

  • Him shoulda jump PON top a smaddy car.

  • give it to them says:

    MURDERER!!!!!….. She kill di people dem pickney and now a cry bout years of abuse… kmft… That’s why I beg my kids to please think before they act……….. #snapped

  • Met says:

    morning a dat mi waa know to goodas and she is jus 21

  • Observer says:

    Good morning Metty and Mettyers :peluk

    A wonder if dem caw charge har wid pre-meditated suh she caw feel sum gud pain b4 death. You shall perish yuh wikkid drankcrow of a gyal wid unnuh tormented self…man fi really tek time fi noe sum a unnuh… :hoax2

    ur fren a chat bout “abused for years” wat kine a yrs a yuh a juss 26?? git up n shake off yuh wotliss self, pray to god n keep it moving. God never gives more than one can bare, so you could have found help in his name. Now you have taken another’s life. I HAVE NOTHING BUT WRATH FOR YOU :mad: RIP Kaman Drummond.

  • cant understand how him a duck and weave between parked cars yet she stil get fi lick him wid fi her car..

  • Observer says:

    no met she a 26, em a 21.

  • Met says:

    @zervah Kaman Drummond, 26, was frantically ducking and weaving through parked vehicles as Hofstra University dropout Dunasha Payne, 21, sped after him in her 1994 Honda Accord just before midnight Monday night, the sources said

  • Observer says:


  • Original Goodas says:

    me just drive pass deh a go a di gas station a hollis and francis lewis and see the candles snd stuff.. I hope she don’t get bail this is so close to home, right in my back yard

  • Anonymous says:

    she fi go jail f000ing foolish R.I.P to the young man.. once there was parking cars she should have stop and go about her business! they said she had a firearm.. maybe she was shooting at him when she couldn’t get to run him over! maybe she shoot him and drag him out from behind the parking car and run the car over him.. that’s they only reason me can say she get fi run him over! are maybe the person nuh write the story good! because in the report stated that she had a gun!!

    R.I.P to the young man

  • Observer says:

    OG i doah noe y she got behind di wheel

  • Original Goodas says:

    Observer she went behind the wheels to do just what she did, kill him. bout just waa scare causeif a only scare he would be alive. wah more scare than see di yute a duck between car u waa scare. lock up her rass cause if a my pickney and she get bail I swear pon him dead life me would a kill her. If it was the other way round dem would a chat pure shit

  • Anonymous says:

    Feel like mi just watch a episode a SNAPPED…Its a sad tragedy but it goes to show u wen u mess wid kids these kind of things r a possibilities..Girl 21 and a years dem deh fah??.Weh har modda or fadda deh,no sah

  • No Joke says:

    Dis blasted jezebel kill di ppl dem son. Note shi have a criminal record. An if him did a buss har ass….no report to the police only the FRIEND can attest to that alkegation.

  • Tawkchuet says:

    No Joke mawning dear u r so right cause a alkegation dat bout abuse y she neva kill when him a so call abuse this gal fi go jail

  • No Joke says:

    Mawnin Chuet…..everytime she clóse har yeye dem i waan shi hear him and see him face. Dis gal a wickeddddddddddd

  • Dwrl says:

    Why everybody a cus the gal?? Maybe if he did keep his ass quiet dis wouldn’t happen to him. She got tired a him disrespect. You no play with people heart.

  • Original Goodas says:

    metty me just send a pic u can add to this, not sure if it gpne tru a me phone me send it from.

  • Original Goodas says:

    @ dwrl are u f—ing serious??????????????????????????????
    so I guess everybody fi start walk and use dem car kill pple weh f— pon dem. I remember when i was 22, and dated this guy weh cheat pon me and my mother and aunt say at that age I should be dating and having fun, wah kind a sit dung in a house stress ova man, much less tek me car drive him down kill him.

    like me say I want dem gi her bail mek di pple dem pon hollis know wah fi do wid her

  • Anonymous says:

    @Dwrl I really believe something is mentally wrong with you. If someone keep breaking your heart then leave.

  • goodso says:

    This just infuriates me :marah …suh a fear him fear her mek him a drive suh fast…she luk like she was de aggressor inna de dis young man lose him life cause a dis ol tyriad. RIP young man.

  • Observer says:

    OG yuh hav time sumtime wen mad ppl comment yuh fi juss ignore

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Real mad ppl deh ya man kmft :travel

  • 187 Dem says:

    Morning Met & Metters,

    One thing I can say for sure heartbreak is a hell of a ting & so is a woman scorned, but there is absolutely NO REASON to take a persons life just bcuz dem nuh want yuh nuh more!!! This is sad on all levels mainly because she tek di yute life & now di only ting she can say a sorry…. I have my brothers & JAH know if something like dis fi happen to any a dem mi woulda wan bus a gyal skull open…. SORRY FI HEAR BOUT DIS TRAGIC & SENSELESS LOSS…. MI NUH HAVE NO SYMPATHY FI DAH MAD GYAL DEH!!

  • DWRl, Are you serious. Did you read what you wrote before you POST. Seriously now!

  • Observer says:

    yes chuety reallllllllllllllllllllll mad :nohope:

  • Observer says:

    wen man mad dem dem tek it out pon evry ooman i doah wah laaf but sum gyal pass mental stage :hoax2

  • Anonymous says:

    Dwrl u sound like a stalker

  • Dwrl u pass mad, what is it u trying to justify, because the her heart break, she suppose to kill di pple dem pickney ? Rip youth. This gal going to get di full lent a di law weather court or street justice shi ago get. By di way, Met a think u get di age mix up, cuz him look like 21 and she look 26 ijs

  • Taliban says:

    @goodso r u commenting on a different post, cuz the guy was running not driving….Anyway a dis u call senseless killing..smdh

  • Observer says:

    anonymous 10:55 ping ping :hammer

  • Taliban says:

    Dem sey him 23 year old, him look young still and nuh live nuh life yet. such a pity.

  • Taliban says:

    Come on now @Dwrl, r u serious?

  • Nom de Plume says:

    Good Afternoon Met and Metters. This is tragic for both these young people in the prime of their lives. RIP young man. I use to be annoyed @DWRL one time. but overtime, I realise she is actually the one who is most bold in speaking exactly what’s on her mind and I respect that 100%. Even if i dont agree with her point of view. C’mon ladies be nice.

  • LUNDUN says:

    rip to the fallen young man

    mi buss out a big dutty laugh at u metters comments 1.e dwrl, cheut, zervah, nom de plume etc.

    i’m f—ing deading in here!!! :hammer :ngakak

  • Anonymous says:

    Mi convince seh DWRL is Sheri lee or one a Sheri family memba…mad as f—,u nuh haffi b a wagonist but jeesh talk wid sense man

  • ISpy (With my two big black eyes) says:

    Is not everything we think wi fi type more while enuh..some ppl mouth want cowfoot , while some ppl fingers need fi staple together.

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Ispy :shakehand2 thank u esp when death is in play be considerate of ppl man

  • Original Goodas says:

    @ Anon @ 1:49 you mek me spit out me juice.. madddddddddddd people

  • Foxy Lady says:

    @ DWRL -Based on the thinking, if someone plays with your heart you kill them, so Big Bertha can play with your underneath for the next 20 years. SMDH.

    @Anonymous – the article said she was charged with possession of a deadly weapon. That doesn’t mean it’s a gun. In this instance, the car is the deadly weapon.

  • Anonymous says:

    it’s a shame because she is really a pretty girl and I’m sure could have found other men

  • soap opera says:

    Oh god man he was running for his life, Queens hardly have sidewalk. She wanted to kill him.


    Looking at this tragedy objectively, people do snap and do horrible things. I’m in no way trivializing this young man’s death, but people do snap and have moments of insanity, and in this case she lost her dam mind. Its not premeditated either, its a crime of passion, which stemmed from a heated argument. Its very sad because one life is lost and the other lost her freedom, SENSELESS tragedy which could have been prevented.

  • Observer says:

    Foxyyyyyyyyyyyyyy____________________________________________________________ a who name big bertha

    anon 1:41 sheri is a change ooman church does that for her. Come come nowwww be nice ooooo

    a gyal a queens did duh dat outta kerryl’s a laaf til i nearly pop uppp caw di man nuh want har……..real mad ppl deh bout….mi convince she inna dis room chuss n believe :hammer

  • london5948 says:

    RIP. Wat I hav learned in life, iz dat; u doa av to do ah ting to n e one, leave dem to d almighty. Caw fi him punishment tuffa and betta dan n e beating, murder or revenge plot.
    So men e timez I have been in situations where, “if I cood jus…..” but then I remember God, an me say u kno wat God can tek dis one. And, u kno wat, HE NEVER disappoints. And the sweetest thing iz; u get to c justice done wid ur own two eyes.
    Da gyal ya heartless, coldblooded. She gets no mercy!!!


  • Anonymous says:

    Queens gal dem mad ! He is the second boy I heard of being killed by dem woman. The first was the little black dread that use to cut hair

  • Too much says:

    @dwrl, mi know late pon dis, but are u f000in serious?????? she had every intent to kill him, and she could very well have been a no hood skank hoe bitch and u have the nerve fi come post wid well thinking people that maybe he deserved it??? U need to get a f000in life and some sense because that is the most ignorant basic common dunce bullshit I’ve seen on this all day.

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