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Bulletin: H.I.V ALERT:Warning PLEASE SHARE THIS STATUS::: There is a message going around on blackberry messenger where a young girl 16 yr old who says she is from Spanish town has sent out a message about she sleeping with over 300 plus men, 115 of which she met on a social websites and where she has there names THESE MEN in a book and where they are from and when she slept with them, in this message she claims to have H.I.V which she contracted last year May 2012

She also says in this message she does not care and will not stop spreading it till she dies, it is not known if this message is true or not, but i’m imploring on the men who have multiple sex partners and or cheat or sleep with under age girls please stop this act, and think about your lives and your spouse whether it be wife or girlfriend, this girl in her message also stated that she puts the condom on and bite a hole in it every time, and most of whom she have slept with goes with her unprotected, whether this message going around is true or not , MEN you have been WARNED please take your lives seriously there are wicked people out there, stick to one partner please.because a girl is young doesn’t mean she is safe. Time to start learning to appreciate the woman you already have, she deserves it.
  • Meagan Brownie oh my. imagine if they make the mistake and take it home to wifey. Be careful people , seems like revenge to me. I’m sharing this message.
    • Kadine Plummer U r so. Right men should learn appreciate their women more. It is safer to have one woman. This is sad if it is a fact
    • Sandra Hamilton omg this is very serious. she is very cruel regardless of the circumstances. yes she gets the virus from a man . but my god why going around giving so many pple huh!! its best to have one partner than too many . guys be careful whenever u r cheating think about ur wife r girlfriend at home ok stop put their lives at risk.
    • Zolia Lois Campbell Brown Makes you feel like you would abstain from sex completely, especially in a long distance relationship, although it doesnt matter if he is right there with you, its a personal choice!!!!!
    • Sandra Hamilton yes u r so right it is very scary , honestly i fel the same way too
    • Sim J Fagan I’ve heard so many stories of this kind b4. When the news get out everybody draw into their shell, take precautions, become faithful to their spouse. Then once ppl stop talking about it, some of these men/women return to their old way of living- never learn… The prob is dem di unfaithful men not keeping it to themselves b coz some of them dont even kw they ar infected, then they pass it on to their innocent spouse and children who didnt beg to b infected! #LORD HAVE MERCY#
    • Terri Silence Richards She posted it on tdtd and she met those men on another site called chobloodc**** (sorry for my lan)
      13 hours ago via mobile · Like · 1
    • Noel Marsh Even if the story is fabricated, there is still an important moral to it! Promiscuity is a sin and increases the chance of catching HIV Aids and other STDs and STIs….. Thanks for the share sis……..
    • Demure Locstafari Scary death wish!
    • Anthony Powerz Johnson A cold world indeed

7 Responses to AH DOE KNOW IF A TRUE

  • 187 Dem says:

    If there is some truth to this then this is disgusting!! To be so young & have already contracted this deadly disease, maybe she is just in that frame of mind that because somebody gave it to her she is going to give it to any & everybody she can…

    You can never trust no one married or not you’re never with your partner 24/7 to know what they are doing, you just have to hope that the person respects you enough & has regards for your life, because the only thing you’re going to hear after getting an STD is sorry & dat nah guh mek di situation any betta….. SO SAD


  • Anonymous says:

    I read this story on cho bl***claat yesterday,wasn’t convinced.all story on that site sounds fictitious.

  • Taliban says:

    One of my friend told me about har last nite, and he was wondering also if it was true.

  • Observer says:

    a hope ano chue caw nuff community cocky weh hav green cwd haffi guh but plot a dufcot

  • Dwrl says:

    The site called coho bloodclawwt is ran by a bunch of careless underage gal always a chat bout add each other to make new friends…one a 21 live inna jersey

  • god says:

    Regardless of wat that site is about it could infact be true so everyone just need to be more careful with both male n female partner.sad world. Smh

  • Anonymous says:

    Anything goes! Pussy a sell fi $50 a Clarendon.

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