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Met some man including Tikki a producer guy from spoilers, did a play football wid some whole heap a artistes, Lukie D…Nitty and quite a few others( cant memba dem yah now) and also Biggs (li-Octane Manager). So now Ms. Met, Tikki and Biggs ketch up because a bad tackle and then cuss cuss started and man and man ketch up. Biggs him now leave di ball game and also the venue (this happened at a school), shortly after Biggs returned wid 3 bikers fi Tikki. Lucky thing Tikki know one a di man dem and when dem ride in a di skool him hail di yute and go over to him. The yute asked Tikki a wah that him hear just gwaan and is a yute dem come fi flogg cah di , deejay just call dem fi come flog a yute weh diss him manager, same time Tikki sey bwoy bloods a me yuh affi go flog enuh cah a me and Biggs just kick off. The man dem weh did a play now start cuss out Biggs and a sey him a pussy cah if a anything else other man deh pon di field woulda get hurt. So me a sey inna my self Met how dem a act like dem righteous and dem morally corrupted and have man a do them dirty works. Biggs yuh need Jesus and mi nuh wrong Tikki fi go report yuh a station and yuh see the man later a dance and a try beg it out…faassssssiiiiiii


  • Anonymous says:

    This link shows the various managers of I-Octane, including Biggs (Biggz)

  • Observer says:

    and so…mi nuh get it oooooooo

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Morning everybody.

    Anybody can call an artiste name in any variety of contexts, so I’m not just going to take it that I-Octane himself, in person, made that call to the 3 bikers. It could also be that Biggz made the call on his own accord, but used the artiste name. All in all, if it is that Biggz did the latter, I-Octane need to remove him from his camp, because that kind of action can cause serious consequence for him even if he doesn’t know about it. Good that it was reported to the police.

  • pmrm says:

    So why I-Octane story this ?. I -Octane has nothing to do with this..

  • soap opera says:

    no wonder the murder rate so high….a grown man could flog another grown man cause he said something you don’t like during an argument. Who is gonna take that?

  • ISpy (With my two big black eyes) says:

    No cindy I-octane made the call to the Bikers..Tikki a mi fren man and him know one a di yute cah di yute a steppa come from red hills road side and a that save him and same time one a di deejay weh deh deh a play call Octane and a cuss….then di man dem start cuss off biggz and a say him a pussy cah man dey deh strap weh coulda pop off if anything.
    So mi a sey ppl dont talk things through anymore, every man feel dem a bad man and why di artistes dem love have gun man pon dem payroll ?

  • Observer says:

    @ pmrm even if octane hav sumthin fi duh wid it a suh di wol a dem roll ppl pon a whole tek up fi dem one anedda n fren ride wid fren a juss it go n a suh di ting set rite r rong a common assault. Di good ting is no lives lost an it get reported evn doah police deh pon badman payroll to

  • Met says:

    but ispy if dem call gun man jus fi dat…wha happen when more sticky situations occur ?

  • Anonymous says:

    Those Bikers did not come to “flogg” anyone. They came to shoot/kill or is that the term they use nowadays?

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Bikers from Red Hills Rd side? That to me spells one person – in charge of those bikers – nephew to the don & while he was a quiet, sweetheart growing up, he’s a killer. Therefore he wouldn’t have gone there to flog any man & everyone of them would have to walk away not being able to say anything. Ispy, ur info is usually good, so if I-Octane really made that call, he is running with the wrong ppl.

  • ISpy (With my two big black eyes) says:

    Yes Met a that a trouble mi the school is off Red Hills road Cindy….thats is why mi nuh trust dem when dem talk…and why the yute go police station him sey him life was threaten cah a simple thing as that him run go fi steppa… him report it.

  • ThEXOnE says:

    Blessed Love everybody :D…Bwoy Octane, the brand, the brand, lol

  • Dwrl says:


  • Dem a play likkle football fi exercise and dem a try kill dem one anadda. Every problem dem have di solution a kill the next person.Build more prison suh when dem commit petty crime dem get time and get fraid a prison.

  • alex says:


  • ThEXOnE says:

    Alex, say that again :2thumbup

  • kgn13 says:

    singer!! me loose affa you.afta you do dem big tune deh,you start keep up the same f000ry wha u a sing bout… u say ..tell a bwoy no try dah beat up sum ting deh wid you.? no you did say..dem have the power fe rid all war,but still a meck it live on far.unoo a go get a beating singer,cause unoo involve in a aff the year f000ry.

  • LUNDUN says:

    so sumting sooooo simple, dem call bad man fah?

    a weh lie octane and him manager a try prove?

    a mussi true di yute maybe no ave no backative dem try dat shit. dem luv prey pon weak fence.

  • kgn13 says:


  • Ms Stuchie Stuchie says:

    Such wimps, wah happen to days when men could duke out their differences? but then again we are talking about “likkle boys” trapped in men’s body. Somebody could have gotten hurt over a little game. I-Octane you and your camp is a bunch a assholes…this is why the self- righteous façade that you guys put up, nah fool me. Mi woulda report dem to.

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