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REPTILES and birds are the only creatures known to be capable of laying eggs but a Bulawayo woman proved that even people can.

A city woman, whose identity could not be ascertained, laid an egg during an act by fascinating magician, Sam Sihlahla.

The incident happened on Saturday last week at Egodini vending stalls.

Sihlahla, who is popular for his tricks such as “removing people’s underwear,” swallowing flames, and turning a newspaper into baking flour got to the vendors and performed his tricks.

While at it, he picked one woman from the crowd which had gathered to watch and ordered her to stand in the centre.

B-Metro watched the whole drama unfold.

The woman was asked to stand astride and Sihlahla took a clean white cloth from his bag and put it between her legs.

At that point, a small object fell from underneath the woman’s skirt much to the amusement of the crowd.

Everyone at the scene could be seen scrawling their face. Many were heard saying the woman dropped a stool but when the magician opened the cloth for everyone to see, it turned out the woman had dropped a chicken sized egg.

After showing the egg to the crowd, Sihlahla then picked a log from the ground and lit it to produce fire which he used to “cook” the egg.

The crowd watched in amusement as the magician used his hand to “cook” the egg.

He peeled the egg and invited the woman to share it with him.

The two ate the egg and the Woman confessed that it tasted just like the eggs people know.

“It tastes just like a normal egg which we always eat,” the woman said when the crowd asked.

After the performance, Sihlahla said what he had just done was one of the tricks in his bag of many.

“I can do anything but I cannot explain how it happens. It is just one of those magics,” Sihlahla said.


  • Anonymous says:

    I really wish they would stop publishing these tabloid stories. Alot of people in africa are uneducated and spreading these stupid stories lead to stupid people doing stupid things. Hear bout the kid who killed SEVEN babies he BROUGHT from an orphanage so he could join illuminati and be rich! When they publish this rubbish it just makes peopele believe in juju, fetish, or what jcans call obeah. Bare rubbish, no oman breed egg. Move from bout ya.

  • Met says:

    good morning…a nuh ur site..u dont pay the bills u do not determine what is published anyone fi move……………u take a guess

  • Observer says:

    QUACK QUACK :hammer

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Met, Anonymous seems to have written that comment in extreme annoyance, therefore giving off maybe an unintended offending tone, however, I who is not a born African, but a mere descendant of the race, find most of the WTF Africa articles debasing to Africans, I’ve tried reading them, but mostly I find I’m usually repulsed & turned off by them so I hardly even glance at them any more much less comment. They really do paint a poor picture of Africans overall.

    And because nobody can tell me how to run my show, I’m in no way telling you how to run your show, but Africa must have better suss stories than these kinds. #my2cents#

  • Met says:

    Cindy the WTF in the title of these posts simply mean that the content may be shocking or humorous because that is the intent. Africa is a continent chuck full of culture and regardless of what the outside world may think we have to respect people for what and who they are. If juju is their culture, then so be it. There is nothing to look down on them for . People on the outside may look at them as backward but how can someone think they are in a better position when they cannot accept a culture? The basis of our Jamaican society is founded are intertwined with this same culture . What if they were to say or think we are backward for believing in our God only through faith? What picture does that paint of us as a people? You may feel repulsed because you have been taught a different culture and that certain things are degrading and foolish ..just because that is what you were taught . I have posted many stories about Africa, documentaries etc but one thing you may not be conscious of, the same outside world that has been open to you and that has changed your views , has also been open to them. Them choosing to stand by their culture only shows how valuable it is to them because it works for them. People should respect that.

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Actually Met, I don’t have any problem with another persons culture at all, because I’m fully aware that we can’t all have the same cultures, traditions or practices. What I do have a problem with is the basic stereotyping of a ppl as believing in only one thing & one thing only, when as u so rightly state there are variations in beliefs cultures, tradition & practices in a small subsect of a group of ppl, much less a whole continent. If I’m to take these articles with even a grain of salt, I would believe that all Africans believe & indulge in these thing, but I know better, because I’ve been there, known & lived with ppl from there. This is clearly a sensitive topic for you so I won’t address it any more.

  • Met says:

    It is not a sensitive topic but it is very shocking that people can use part of a culture to determine what is degrading about it. As you said Africa is a continent with many countries and many beliefs. The posts I put up vary in content for one, two these same stories are reported by the same mainstream African media so why is it degrading when it is shared by me? It just does not make sense . If they report it clearly its not degrading for them, so why feel that it is degrading to them when they don’t feel that way? I have never been to Africa but I have many African friends some of which are educated and they have told me without shame that juju is a part of their culture. Some may not part-take in it but what you will never find is an African who speaks of it in a degrading way. Some may not share but they do not consider it repulsive

  • Cindy Royal says:

    While I could debate this back & forth & get reprimanded left, right & centre by many for the distaste & repulsion I have for these articles, one thing speaks in more volume than I ever will about these articles, & that is the quantity, quality & frequency of comments made on them. Most days zero, fair days maybe 3-6 & 10 on a good day, but I don’t see any sense in debating something that’s of no real importance to me, so I’ll do what I usually do & scroll past these articles. It’s of no never-mind to me, no harm, no foul.

  • Met says:

    The religious articles have 0 comment most days also but does that determine taste or quality? No, it doesn’t show how many read either. I cannot predict what articles people may comment on because people comment on what they want to that is all.

  • Anonymous says:

    If you reread my original statement i said i wish THEY wouldnt publish these stories, meaning the tabloids. I dont consider you to be reporting it merely copying and pasting from other outlets. Nevertheless these stories further ingrain that these tabloid stories are true which has negative consequences on these countries as a whole. Its very common in Nigeria for people to be kidnapped and used for fetish. Lives are cut short by these ignorant people who believe albinos are witches and/or have mystical powers, women delivering horses, google nigerian penis snatchers and you will see what i mean. At one point, if you merely brushed up against someone they would raise an alarm saying you stole/ shrunk their manhood and an angry mob would set you on fire. I spent 3 years in Nigeria, Togo, and Ghana on medical and ive seen first hand how these stories are taken as fact and the consequenc es thereof. If you venture away from the beaten path you will be cautioned not to fall victim of the fetish doctors. Many of the poor actually believe that human sacrifice cures ailments and creates riches. Im sure if you seen babies raped to ” cure” HIV you would agree.

  • Met says:

    ok me copying it cool..Have a good night

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