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The curvy teen who lured a Brooklyn man to his own murder with naked photos of herself had sex with both of the killers before the shooting, she testified today.
Ebony Geddie, 19, said she bared her breasts and butt for the steamy shots even though she knew they would be used to fatally tempt Dwayne Burnett, 26.
Ragene Powell-Dickerson, 29, ordered Jimmy Copeland, 26, to kill Burnett in Brownsville in 2011, prosecutors charge.
Both men are on trial for murder and could get up to life in prison, while Geddie took a plea deal in exchange for testifying that promises her just four to 12 years.
“He would try to get at me. I slept with him,” Geddie nonchalantly said of Copeland in Brooklyn Supreme Court. “We had sex one time and oral sex one time.”
Geddie even bedded down with Powell-Dickerson the night before the murder.
“You met him for the first time that night and you had sex with him that night?” a prosecutor asked Geddie.
“Yes,” admitted Gedde.
After Copeland’s sister seduced Burnett into driving to a Brownsville corner so he could meet the girl in the photos, Geddie kissed him twice and even grabbed his phone.
Copeland then walked up and blasted Burnett, said Geddie, who ran off.
“He thought he was going to get his rocks off, but then the worst happened,” said Burnett’s older brother, Sha-Von Forrest, 35.
Geddie said she was paid $40 after the murder.


  • Cindy Royal says:

    Morning everyone.

    What was the point of this killing? Did she want the man dead or was it the 2 guys or was it a ‘just for fun’ killing? Why was she paid? It just seem so senseless.

  • Met says:

    Cindy a how she seh she sleep wid him just so…they dont care

  • Met says:


  • Brightlight says:

    Met, as cold as this is of her, this type of shit been going on. Women for ages have seduced men straight to their death. It’s cold as hell and that’s why men should learn cocky control.

    Modern day Delilah.

  • Met says:

    Brightie but all Delilah did have a conscience dis one fi har young age dont have none

  • Cindy Royal says:

    I hope they ensure she gets the full 12 yrs inna har ass, shi too devious.

  • Just Saying says:

    @ Cindy Royal…. Ragene (killer) was friends with Dwayne (victim). Dwayne did something to Ragene which left Ragene feeling dissed. Ragene told Jimmy (other killer) about the incident, and Ragene either asked Jimmy to kill or help him kill Dwyane. Jimmy in turn enlisted his sister and her friend to lure Dwayne to the location to be killed.

  • Fyahwife says:

    12 yrs. fi di man life

    She no pull di trigger but a she deh behind di scheme all fi $40

    Death chair fi da diabolical whore yah straight

  • milikeit says:

    This make me reflect on Bob’s lyrics “ya don’t know, who to trust.”

  • Original Goodas says:

    $40 wahhhhhhhhhhh some zero lef off a dat and nuff to.

  • Cindy Royal says:

    @ Just Saying – thank you for the 411 on this. Smh, so much scheming & evil intentions & deeds just because one person feels dissed. smh

  • LadyWoW says:

    Dis is really disgusting – di brotha draw him in sista inna him wicked plan. From this story a nuh di first she use her body to get what she want. She do it to easliy,

  • Cindy Royal says:

    I wonder what she spent that $40 on.

  • LadyWoW says:

    I mean $ 40 fi a man life…She betta had spend on something she nuh consume

  • Foxy Lady says:

    This generation is the most desensitized to murder, gore and bloodshed. I understand leniency for a plea deal however 20-25 years would have been more appropriate for ambushing the man. Wicked bitch!

  • Lou-lou says:

    Yankie sluts

  • No Joke says:

    She nuh have no pum pum principle…$50….no sahhhhhh fi teck a man life….smh

  • No Joke says:

    Shi fi get 12yrs or more

  • Met says:

    She shudda get life

  • No Joke says:

    Yes Met…but cause Shi cooperate and a gi information Shi get a lesser deal

  • Just Saying says:

    How could she stand there with a straight face knowing in a few seconds someone is going to come up behind the dude and kill him. She was tough then, but when the cops swooped down on her she turned snitch real quick, even the sister testified against her own brother. Now their family is divided over some nonesense that had nothing to do with them to begin with.

  • Flatbush Ave....NYC says:

    That bum bitch need a shot right in her face for that shit. When her ass reach Bedford Hills hopefully some of those guards will give her what she use to by force.

  • Flatbush Ave....NYC says:

    she soon be sucking dick for cigaretts.

  • Too much says:

    Good for nuttin bitch

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