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Title: Family seeking help for the funeral

Message Body:
Good day met and metters the mother of the student nario Coleman that was murdered at penwood high school is seeking help to bury her son up on til this day the school hasn’t come forward with helping her to make arrangement to lay her son to rest her son was stabbed 16 times under there care and no one have cane forward to help the single monter of five please I’m asking from the bottom of my heart for some help for her from your fans you can contact here on this number +1 (876) 845-5926 her name is Diana thank u in advance for your help in this hard time


  • Observer says:

    RIP Nario Coleman

  • LUNDUN says:

    met mi a beg u use a next pic, pretty please mi a beg u.

    deh pic ya have mi a way star, mi no want cum pon di post sake a di pic.

    oh gosh dat poor madda, dem fi lock dung deh school deh. how can i send my child back to that school and feel comfortable?

    how do u learn in a school like that?

  • Hotstepper...formerly Peeper says:

    mi will link her when me go home…mi bruk but me can send $50

  • Suss says:

    Think they should also contact the min of Edu and min of Fin they hv programs to assist

  • ??/ says:

    where is the Tyrant’s family? they should at least try to offer the poor boys mother to foot the cost or some of it.. olympic way police dem need fi start do dem job and round up the some ppl ina di family. a bet you dem will start run cash fast.. I pray the lady get enough contribution to at least bury her son with him dignity. sad sad sad.

  • Met says:

    ok lundun…u know mi all get di video a di klling…mi nuh watch it yet but tomorrow i may write something on it

  • London's Luxury Hair says:

    Hi Met,
    Diane, I extend my sincere condolences to your family on the tragic passing of your child. I am willing to assist. It would be a good idea to open a Paypal account and provide Met with the email address. May he rest in paradise, may time diminish your pain and may you always treasure his memories.
    My very best,

  • Cindy Royal says:

    I think any child who get’s killed on school property should be buried by the school and/or the Ministry of Education. Maybe when it starts affecting their collective pockets they will do more & instrument more measures to curb school violence. That said, & in trying to be sensitive to the family in their time of bereavement, I hope whatever help they get they will make do & get this young man buried asap & not fall into the pitfall of needing to have a hype funeral for him. The most important thing is to get him buried right now.

  • Original Goodas says:

    OMG. I surely will call her later. Everybody need to atleast chip in a 10.00.

  • ThEXOnE says:

    Boy this sad, smh. I will see what i can do, Hi Shani, Cindy, erbody. Serious times

  • sweet says:


  • Met says:

    thank you sweet

  • soap opera says:

    seems like the doctors did all they could, so sorry for your loss Diane I will send something.


    @Met, me woulda rada giv u the few pennies to give to her on behalf of me..jah know star!! can that be done, mek me know asap.

  • Dwrl says:

    Very sad. My condolences goes out to you and your children Diane. contact the murders family, if they don’t willingly assist you can sue them. I will try to assist as much as I can

  • mr smoot says:

    My prayers goes out to this mother.I’m calling on
    Those who can make a difference to do so from
    Their heart.god bless.

  • mr smooth/los angeles says:

    If you can afford to help please do so generously.
    you will receive your blessings.

  • Reason says:

    I saw her and a group of ladies go over to the school yesterday and tears filed my eyes. I will call and offer some support. The monitoring of our children while at school should be of utmost importance. If the government can hold parents responsible for not sending their children to school, the government should be held responsible for protecting them while they are in school. Some lawyer needs to take this case up Pro Bono and make an example out of these careless schools.

  • MzBee says:

    boy Met di mount a good fortune come my way within the last week mi haffi return the favor to somebody..cuz yessideh good fortune a go save me a good amount fi di next month or so…pls ask dem fi create a paypal cuz if a even 20/30 me can chump up wid di other members cuz every mickle mek a muckle

  • Too much says:

    Met the video…… really hard to watch when u consider that at the end he was no longer living. Th students were gloating how the tyrant a real killer, and that made it very disturbing to me. He gloated to the police…..say him sort out I Yute. Th family should sue the school and ministry I lock it down……..mi so grieved over this case

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