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Title: gold front teeth don gogon

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this lady sa she a the badies woman a bklyn all them a wey them did they she would be out long time met ever night this lady make war with someone omg it out of hand now this lady say she married but she a f__ pon r husband she f+++ slater joe n petrone now she with ray ray she short a something a ar yard me no know if a love or f– she an marva fight ryan stain desmond bev 13 busta denniis eile toy sort out ava ar own niecestacie ramping shop she grudge re he house in a the dutty e duttompinng fe ar body this war with ar own family she put out har daughter ar son in jail at fifteen she cant controol him har husbnd look like him blind cause him always a wre dark glass him tell him daughter se him ketch ar wiht man in a the house she call ar self sexy dawn ray ray look every body him suck pussy like dog an when him a lok the people them him disown ar she just star come a party she tell people sa ava son cet r friday night that lady need to go to church she posess she a pr oblem problem she want take over but it not going to work me they long time met she mix up n li u see she mek the people them no go a gwi party n ray ray party she amongs odd trust me she walk with the devil


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