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Cop Uses Trayvon Martin Gun Targets
A Florida police officer was leading a target practice session with two other officer and a civilian last week when he surprised his pupils by pulling out gun-practice targets with Trayvon Martin’s image on it. When asked if they’d like to use the targets resembling the slain teenager, the group offered a resounding “no.” Now, the officer, Sgt. Ron King, has been fired. “It is absolutely reprehensible that a high-ranking member of the Port Canaveral Police, sworn to protect and serve Floridians, would use the image of a dead child as target practice,” said an attorney for Martin’s parents. Port Canaveral, where King worked, is 50 miles from where Martin was slain.

Read it at USA Today


  • sweet says:


  • Foxy Lady says:

    He’s been fired but as disturbing as this is, what’s more is that the department of homeland security has been using kids and pregnant women as target practice. This should be a concern for all citizens. RIP Tray.

  • milikeit says:

    @Foxy DHS should get rid of the supplier that’s making the target images.

    DALLAS, February 28, 2013 — Minnesota-based Law Enforcement Targets, Inc (LET) has been awarded $5.5 million in contracts with the federal government, including $2 million with the Department of Homeland Security.

    In light of this fact, it’s no wonder that the American people were outraged last week when it was uncovered that the firm had released a series of gun practice targets featuring a pregnant woman, a child, a young mother and grandparents.

  • just concern says:

    why dont they use the pictures of some of the serial killers,rapist and child molesters i think those would make good practice targets

  • Foxy Lady says:

    @Milikeit, thank you for that information, however I don’t believe it’s as innocent as a firm just sending images of pregnant women and children. That is almost unheard of, unless it’s been specifically requested.

    Metters, bear in mind that it’s the release of information like this that THEY are ignorant to when they label us conspiracy theorists. People have a way of terming everything they are both uninformed and ignorance about, conspiracy theory. #KNOW-ledge

  • Not all police officers are pigs but this one for sure is one.

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