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Most essential needs for MEN in RELATIONSHIPS.

Men and women have different needs when it comes to relationships. The mutual understanding and fulfilment of these needs has been acknowledged as the fuel that keeps the relationship going.

Some of the most essential needs for men in relationships are as follows:


Sex: The desire for physical intimacy is a major influence on how men treat and perceive relationships.

This is largely attributed to their biological make up. According to research, testosterone levels in men begin to peak towards the age of 40.

However, some men remain sexually potent up to around the age of 80. Unlike women who cherish emotional warmth and intimacy more, men tend to highly prioritise sex.

Respect: Respect is the language of love that men understand best. Men expect their spouses to accord them utmost respect, both by way of action and speech.

Regardless of the cause, using hurtful speech indicates a lack of love and respect. Respect also entails submissiveness.

When the woman becomes too overbearing, the man usually feels threatened, and may consequently recoil or end the relationship altogether.

Affirmation: Every man wants to have a mate who affirms his identity, objectives and desires. Men relish the hero feeling.

This comes by way of affirmation, and provides them with a mental boost. In return, they have more self-belief, motivation and confidence.

Admiration and attraction: In relationships, men desire to feel that their partners are genuinely attracted to them. They love being admired.

Attraction and admiration provide worth and life to a relationship, rekindle the fire and lead to better relations.

Usually, women who offer admiration have better relationships than those who don’t.

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