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GG’s wife rocked by cop’s murder
BY HORACE HINES Observer staff reporter [email protected]
Friday, April 12, 2013

ROSE HALL, St James — Lady Allen, wife of Governor General Sir Patrick Allen, confessed Wednesday that she had an impulse to migrate after learning of the murder of 40-year-old Detective Sergeant Courtney Anthony Simpson.
Simpson was ambushed by gunmen and shot eight times as he was about to enter his Pearl Avenue home in Harbour View, St Andrew about 7:00 pm on Monday. “Yesterday (Tuesday) morning when I woke up I didn’t want to be a Jamaican, I must be honest with you. And the reason is, there is a security I had at King’s House when I went there by the name of Sergeant Simpson. He was one of the best security persons I have met and when I got the news that he was gunned down, I didn’t want to be in Jamaica anymore,” bemoaned Lady Allen.
Lady Allen, wife of Governor General Sir Patrick Allen, speaking during Wednesday’s launch of the Western Union National Reading Week held at John Rollins Success Primary School in Rose Hall, St James. (PHOTO: PHILLIP LEMONTE)
She was speaking during Wednesday’s launch of Western Union’s National Reading Week held at John Rollins Success Primary School in Rose Hall, St James, which was attended by students from 22 schools across western Jamaica.
The activity forms part of Western Union’s ‘I-PLEDGE’ Programme 2013.
At the time of his murder, Sergeant Simpson, a 20-year veteran of the police force, formed a part of the security detail for Junior Minister Julian Robinson. He previously served as head bodyguard for former Governor General Kenneth Hall, former Health Minister John Junor and Transport and Works Minister Omar Davies.
On Wednesday, Lady Allen, who is the patron of ‘IPLEDGE’, said that the performances of cultural items by students from John Rollins Success Primary and Corinaldi Primary schools gave her renewed hope for the country.
“Coming here this morning and hearing the boys and girls from Corinaldi and John Rollins schools, I have hope that Jamaica is going to be a place to live, work, raise our families and do business,” she said.
“Students, you have to learn that you are going to be a big part of that vision to be attained,” Lady Allen said, adding that GraceKennedy is pumping millions of dollars into the programme.
‘I-PLEDGE’ organisers used the opportunity to forge a partnership with John Rollins Success Primary School, which was staging its yearly Reading Marathon.
The reading marathon was conceptualised by Principal Yvonne Miller Wisdom “with a focus to take learning from the four walls of the classroom to make it fun outdoors”.

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2 Responses to HOME IS WHEN THE HEAT IS PUT ON……….

  • Anonymous says:

    Morning Metty n Metterz..a doe kno y Lady Allen mek me a sin miself so early..Lady Allen u a fukry..wat happen 2 all d lil kidz n numerous young n old ppl that they kill mercilessly…dem not not judgin dis cop n am sorry 4 his death…jus bcuz it hit near 2 home u waa migrate..GTFOH..effin double standard..Appolonia

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Mi been saying from long time seh dis ooman an har husband need to be kicked str8 outta Kings House. Not even di queen who dem represent wud say sumting like dat so publicly about ANY country, much less their own country. If shi nuh wah stay den she an har husband can LEAVE!

    She is not an elected official, an only given charitable duties cuz shi need fi look like shi a duh sumting suh shi need to keep har mout shut weneva it occur to har fi mek negative public statements about Jamaica. A wah a choo di bodyguard weh get killed was har family mek shi a run har mout, or a choo smaddy fix har up an shi stop look like dutty bungle shi used to look like wen shi jus reach, mek har mout suh free. Dem nuh get fi seh it, lef dat to di regylah Jamaicans. kmt.

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