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8 Responses to SHADOWS

  • Goodazzzzz fi dem says:

    A wha dis man????? People brave eeh!!!!!!!

  • BK says:

    Why di big one wid di black cratches haffi cock up smh

  • Brightlight says:

    She’s pretty in the face. When u big like that and you know your thighs rub wear spandex shorts whenever you’re not wearing pants (to prevent rubbing/chafing of skin), exfoliate exfoliate exfoliate! You can find an exfoliating cloth in any of your local drugstores. USE IT! Lastly always use thick moisturizer between there like vaseline or coco butter. I don’t know how man can see that and not lose his erection.

    What’s the best cure? Stop stuffing your face with processed, high in fat and sugar foods and go a gym! ASAP!

  • london5948 says:

    GYAL FARM!!!!!!

  • Yep! says:


  • Anonymous says:

    No Too Rassclatttttttt All A Dem Likkle Gyal Yah Wah Put Up….Dem Luk A f000ing Mess Fi Some Kids Way Dont Even Pass 21 Smdh Its A Damn Shame All Dem Likkle Gyal Yah Wah Do A PARTY KEEP DANCE N BREED N WAR WID GYAL OVA MAN Dem Need A Life Dont Have No Ambition

  • HOT WAX says:


  • Real says:

    exofoliate ……………….can help dat ??? buy nadinola and deal wid di case …wow thats dark

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