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Cheap prostitutes are said to have taken over May Pen, Clarendon, boasting rates as low as $50, and are leveraging clients causing worrying concerns for other hookers and some female residents.

Exotic dancers who work in the few nightclubs in the town are also fuming, crying foul as they are going out of business because of the ridiculous offerings by the ‘cheap’ sex workers.

Some residents say prostitution in May Pen has taken on a different approach in recent times, as hookers no longer do so under disguise or wait until late at night to set up shop.

Residents held nothing back in expressing their disgust and pointed to the different areas where these workers prowl.

An irate resident told our news team of an encounter in which she was mistaken for a prostitute.


“One day, nothing nah gwan so mi decide fi lock mi shop early. Mi deh a di bus stop a wait on a taxi and is a man pull up a mi foot and ask mi if mi ready and how much. Mi say, man, gwan ya, and him drive off. Mi couldn’t believe a suh it get out a hand, cause if yuh deh a di bus stop fi too long dem suspect yuh,” she said. “Dem a work fi bills ($100), all $50 some a dem a tek … nowhere ina Jamaica nuh bad suh. Yuh think a lie, just go ask di other people dem bout it, dem probably tell yuh more”.

The exotic dancers say according to their knowledge, the roadside hookers come from not only May Pen but Vere in Clarendon and Old Harbour, St Catherine.

“Roun’ 20, 30 gyal pan one road. Dem occupy Gordon Street and right in front the courthouse on Church Street. One a my regular client dem seh him ago stop come inna di club because him can go pan di roadside wid $1,000 and get blow-job, sex, anal and have enough money lef back fi buy liquor,” one revealed. “Di gyal dem pan di roadside will sex all inna di day but not a lot, mainly di handcart man dem will buy. Nuttin naa gwaan a May Pen, suh datz why people a sell fi all $300. Yuh can guh out deh and see all type a gyal, fat, mawga, slim, ugly, pretty anyting. Di club a get affected by it bad, caz di man dem a seh dem affi a pay fi come inna di club, and fi buy drink, so dem prefer to spend $500 on di road”.

The exotic dancers say they want the police to intervene.

Another, who says she has been dancing for 15 years expressed, “Di police need fi scrape dem up offa di street caz dem a mek tings bad fi us legal ones inna di club! We kyah get nuh price pan we p$%@.”

Mayor of May Pen, Scean Barnswell, told THE WEEKEND STAR he has heard about the prostitution issue.

He said, “I’ve heard of it, but I’ve never seen anything. I need to check to inform myself how widespread it is, then from there I will do an investigation with the council, health department and the police”.

Head of the Clarendon police, Senior Superintendent Michael Bailey, said, “I’ve heard about Stork Street, but can’t confirm if it’s taking place there. I have heard the allegations, but don’t have any information to confirm it. We have foot patrol out in the streets, we haven’t arrested anyone to confirm if it is happening.”


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