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Andre Williams, STAR Writer

A cabbie who is convinced he recently transported a ghost after a passenger chartered his taxi on a late night last week has refused to work after-hours, saying the spirit robbed and shook him up.

Taxi operator, 32-year-old Melvin Riley, who plies the Pinto, St Andrew, taxi route, said he was left traumatised after his encounter with what he calls a spirit. He said the ghost somehow made its way in his car, and journeyed with him and the peculiar passengers who chartered him to their destination.

Our news team was also told that the passengers were suspected to have had the duppy in their company.

Riley said, “Last Sunday night, my car was the only car on the stand. Mi deh deh and see a bus let off a man who look like a Rasta and then him approach mi car. Mi look again and see a woman wid him … him wrap from head to toe in full black, and she wrap head to toe in a full white. Him say him want reach a Pinto square, so mi say six bills ($600). Him have some money fold in his hand and stretch to me and a say a dis mi have, if yuh a take it take it, if not mek mi gwan … Him say it again, a dis mi have if yuh a tek it, tek it, if not mek mi gwan.”

He continued, “Mi tek the money and when mi look a five $100 ($500), so mi look pan him an say come in nuh cause mi nah leave yuh a road, and put the money ina di small compartment draw.”

THE STAR was told that both the male and female subsequently boarded the vehicle, which then proceeded to their desired destination.

Riley said not much was said from either passenger along the journey which lasted roughly 20 minutes.

He said, “When mi reach the square and stop, dem exit the car and then stood behind the vehicle. To my surprise me see something get up off the seat and exit behind them. Mi head start raise instantly, mi pause, mi grab a smoke and light it and jus shub di car ina reverse same time, and mi nuh stop til mi reach weh mi a come from.”

THE STAR was told that upon reaching a place of safety, Riley realised that the money he had collected from the passenger was missing.

He said, “When mi reach back to a point where other people were, mi open di draw and not one red cent … di money missing, mi start all search mi self even though mi know for sure say I just put the money in the draw as mi get it … all now mi can’t believe, so mi just stop work a late night, yuh hear sah … mi tell all some people bout it and dem inna disbelief, but a who feels it knows.”

Name changed

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