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43 Responses to RIHANNA NUH EASY

  • A hope hem nuh tek Rihanna serious, she was probably high as fck when u she twit dis

  • NAH LOOK says:

    Stully Mwanin mi lub I laff till I week how riri just bombam “WELL DONT COME” wat a gal eeh man.
    Metty Mwanin luv mi shey a riri shey bad gal

  • Anonymous says:

    That’s f—ed up I don’t like that a Rass. She too brite she must apologize to the girl. Is her fans why she is at where she is

  • Met says:

    morning stully ,,,,nah look morning

  • Observer says:

    Morning Metty and Mettyers :peluk

    but mi neva noe seh a kendall put riri weh she deh but a wah duh sum a unnuh weh no hav shit fi seh doah ehhh :mad: KMFT same so riri #teamriri :)

  • MURASAKI says:

    Met mawning, mi seh Zip ah run di 90s dancehall dem haaardddd tidday.

  • NAH LOOK says:

    Zervah ..Mwanin mi shey riri a di gal fi di money…
    fi ooman simply shey “well don’t come”…
    Gwann Chu riri

  • Observer says:

    nah look riri not looking

  • ... says:

    Mursaki mi a lissen too zip a gwaan yes. Observer Rihanna a di bes, real feisty Caribbean gyal an a dat a mash up dem head cause she care zero

  • Anonymous says:

    @ observer I guess both of us nave nothin to do bcz we both here voicing our opinion . No is not Kendall and if u read good and wasn’t so illiterate u would see I said her fans … U don’t disrespect ppl no matter how u r bigger and maybe richer than them . She could have answer in a better way.. I love riri all the way but when a Person wrong u must say it… Met what is your take on this … Observer a regular but talk the truth…

  • give it to them says:

    Kendall you should have had mommy dearest or your big time sister to send a special request for you…. gtfoh ! RiRi is a girl weh fasety and don’t really give a f— Dem can stay deh she care zeroooooo…. And to the person that’s talking about she should “Apologize” you and Kendall gwaan wait… Unno a guh get nuff …. lol

  • Met says:

    mi neva si di girl seh nothing fi rihanna fiesty wid har bout…maybe she a play but she couldnt be serious

  • PPL busineSS says:

    MET RiRi serious trust me is like her words dem limited but a so she just facety n no give a damn, me like dat bout her cause nobody caan press her button n tell her wha fi do – n she no ramp fi answer tweet – memba how she dun JOAN RIVERS n MIRAND ALAMBERT??? yeah man when she have time it look like she just run through her tweet dem , but me feel say she have up d KARDASHIAN family fr dem start d rumours say she a date ROB n she affi put dem pon blast pon her twiiter, KENDALL d world na drop a u foot FRIGGA no everybody frighten fi dem

  • Observer says:

    anonymous suh weh yah ask met bout met and I may differ on many things but we never disrespected eachother suh mi seh KENDALL NEVA PUT RIRI PON DI MAP an yu cum a chat bout illiterate lissen guh learn fi raas read and punctuate caw>>>”periods” nuh cum afta “space” at the end of a sentence.

    I’m keeping a dance, you always “support” me because I provide Hennessey. One fine night, you say to me “I hope you have hennessey or I’ll be disappointed” and I reply “then don’t come!” WHO DI BLOODCLAWT DISRESPECT WHO??? try lowe mi caw mi nuh like ole hous especially wen dem tumble

    Yu tink riri ansa betta, yu tink mi shudda ansa betta n mi illiterate yuh brite baddd yu doah disrespect me an di same will go fi yu FOH

  • Observer says:

    @ ppl business THANKS MUCH!

  • Brighlight says:

    Good morning Miss Met and Metters.

    If you’re a Rihanna fan then you should know by now how she stay. Outta awda and facety BAD! She not apologizing, she dead serious and she no CARE! An who is Kendell for her to apologize to? Please.

    Go RiRi!

  • Met says:

    morning brightie :peluk

  • Taliban says:

    A hate when some a dem cum run in an a talk bout illiterate you see…and dem nuh rass betta, cuz look pon har english, cum on man everybody have dem own opinion.

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Rihanna don’t like dictates set pan har enuh, an shi very hot blooded an fiesty, so I do believe she’s serious – which is one a di reason y mi like har. An mi particular like dat shi seh dis to Kendall Jenner lol.

  • Too much says:

    Show dem RIRi u nuh frighten fi the Kardashian connection. She nat looking at dem

  • Taliban says:

    Mi waan know, a who fuss start di disrespect, riri answer di right way, brite she brite bout complicated performance, like di girl deh pon coke or something. Kendall fi gway and leave di girl.

  • Observer says:

    Thank you my fellow bloggers because I know I didn’t disrespect anyone but mi nah jestah fi ansa bak n dip up unda unnuh raas wen unnuh cum in ere bout illiterate an unnuh caw construct a propa line outta ouda an briteeeeee

  • Taliban says:

    Zip tun up fi true…mi loike it :thumbup

  • Observer says:


  • my2cents says:

    I think it was rude of Rihanna. The girl is a fan that said nothing wrong. She says it’s her favourite song so of course she would want to hear it. I don’t mind when Rihanna responds to some of the things that haters say but I think she was wrong on this one. She need fi check herself because sooner or later I suspect she will be on a downward spiral if it hasn’t started already. Not because she is where she’s at now, she need fi take a chill pill and humble herself because at any time, she can fall off her high horse. Many have been where she is at and further and dem still fall and lose everything. Kendal wasn’t being disrespectful at all

  • Taliban says:

    :travel :travel :travel

  • i think kendall, wanted people to know that she’s a fan and she planned to attend the concert. rihanna should have picked up on that.

    illiterate also mean ignorant to the fundamentals – the fundamental being fans put rihanna where she’s at, if they didn’t spend their hard earn dollar with her, her record label would have dropped her. i doubt saying, fans put her where she is, was talking shit.

  • Dwrl says:

    This was funny in the beginning but not anymore this bitch need to be nice to the people that made her somebody. Glad I’m not a fan she’s very f—ing rude. NO WONDER CHRIS BROWN HAVE TO BEAT HER ASS BITCH NEEDS A ATTITUDE CHECK!1

  • ladyWoW says:

    RiRi too rass bright. she fi gwan betta

  • Anonymous says:

    Rihanna need to stay true to herself and stop being so hype and rude. I feel that we should all defend ourselves when needed yes, but this wasn’t called for. And no I don’t think because she’s a celebrity she should keep silent at all times to save face, but try to do it in a different manner. I don’t see an island girl when I look at her anymore. Just this rude, obnoxious, skettel who nuh look like shi willing fi change. And think she deh pon top a di world. Hi Met :sungkem

  • Anonymous says:

    And there’s a DIFFERENCE between feisty n rude.. trust mi pon dat. But a nuh me shi a deal wid dem way deh, suh she well alright.

  • Original Goodas says:

    badgal riri… teamriri.. how u mean

  • ladyWoW says:

    Riri fi stop chat to people pan all social media. RiRi hire mi – I will keep it poitically correct – who fi get tracing will get it

  • LUNDUN says:

    good day met and metters

    i don’t know if riri was serious when she first made this post, but she did make other posts later, bigging up kendell and telling her she won’t disappoint her.

  • THMF says:

    You see that now Lundun, but yet you have di 1 dem in here ready fi call har (Rihanna) all sort of names. Bwoy unuh nuh easy enuh.

  • goodso says:

    At the end of the day…dem knw seh rihanna nah mince her words regardless a who u be..(fyi kendall and her sista was at rihanna show lastnite)

  • Observer says:

    Fundamentals: serving as, or being an essential part of, a foundation or basis; basic; underlying: fundamental principles; the fundamental structure. 2. of, pertaining.


    Please omit “fool” and insert “please”

    MI DUN CHAT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :nerd mi dun wid dis now caw betta suss deh ya nuh suss nuh deh pon dis #teamriri

  • Sum1 says:

    LMAO! The Kardashians too nuff and think the entire world revolves around them! I love dat RiRi!

  • Observer says:

    @ sum1 rich ppl act like di worl revolve roun dem caw fi dem money talla dan riri caw a nuff a dem an sex sell mor dan record

  • StayGood says:

    The girl is a fan and i think Riri is smart enough to pick that up. Rihanna is not feisty she’s rude! She getting out of hand now man

  • Anonymous says:


  • Anonymous says:

    any body know if rhiana a send some a her money weh she a mek come give observer LMAOOOOOOOO! she is rude that is why ppl like rhianna will never be asked to perform at the inauguration for president obama or no other president for that matter. she no of dem caliber deh. #ratchet hoe #beaten stick

  • Anonymous says:


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