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Sheri Bso Lee
Letting go of the past is like lifting a heavy weight off my shoulders. It allows me to finally move on and start a new life. I am going through a very hard time right now that club people got me in and wont even help me get out of it. If u hadnt realize that I have been missing from FB, Instagram and Parties for three weeks now and that is not normal or maybe nobody cares so please stop putting party flyers on my page or texting my phone about parties. I wont be returning to that world because no matter how hard I tried u people never like or accept me. The only person I can turn to now in my time of need is Jesus and my mom they will never leave me or forsake me. So maybe the best thing to do is close down my account so I cant be contacted by people who dont mean me no good. It was nice knowing everybody and I wish everyone the best in life
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23 Responses to LESSON LEARNT!

  • ... says:

    SHe mek 3 weeks sound like a lifetime..siigh mi a get mi tin a milo by the hook or the crook

  • Observer says:

    1 less less madman a dancehall fi deal wid meds a work now continue to take them :nerd

  • Too much says:

    If 3 weeks is big deal for her…then that only speaks to the great turmoil gong on within her. I hope she stick to her gunz and turn her back on the life that has seemingly caused so much pain. All the best girl

  • Observer says:

    but mi wah noe if dancehall ppl did wol har han an lead har to di thriftshop fi guh tief

  • Anonymous says:

    All the best Sheri,i only hope u stick by ur words..Dancehall a nuh fi everybody been there,done dat.Mi hear through the grapevine seh u get bangle up already so we aguh keep we fingers cross and hope fi di best this time around

  • Yep! says:

    Servah as crazy as she may seem one thing with Ms. Sherilee is she speak her mind whether we like it or not. Dancehall people ( most of them) are a bunch of low life tear down artists and badmine nuh f—. Dem een probably dislike the girl cause she nay follow backa none a dem and wasn’t beggin nuh fren from none a dem and sometimes that can come across as a threat to some people suh dem decide fe f— up ar ting but as the old saying goes…todeh fe yuh, tomorrow fe me. If she really means what she says watch this girl slowly rise to the top… Mark my words!!!!!!

  • ladyWoW says:

    dotty dat mi a seh 3 weeks and she a gwan like seh she a go madder. Sheri honey is not wat you do is how u do. Do ur ting in moderation and only hang wid a select few. meet dem there and leave them there. pooor ting Sheri all di best

  • INNAunnuBUMBO says:

    So she really did ink Dancehall people were her real friends? What a sad case. a so when unnu meet unnu wataloo unnu yey open up and unnu wah sympathy. KMFT. gal gwan yah. If yuh nuh know when to change and put dung foolishness.

  • ... says:

    Lady, it is sad, but in truth social media is not her friend. Social media mad ppl more than they truly are…She just need to know everday she wake up is a chance she get to start over & go in a positive light.

  • Cindy Royal says:

    It’s almost 2 wks now since me stop drink coffee, but mi neva FB it lol.

    But seriously, I’m glad she has come to this realization & hope she sticks to this frame of mind & find productive things to do with her life.

  • Observer says:

    yes yeppie if in deed she follows her own beat

  • ladyWoW says:

    Cindy y u neva fb it. di world need to know :ngakak

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Mi nuh know wats wrong wid mi LadyWow, acting all private an all, yuh rite di world need to know. :ngakak

  • fashiondoll says:

    :thanks2. @ Yep. Wishing her all the best caz is not everyone can handle dh hype. I remember how addicted i was and only quit after my firstborn

  • ladyWoW says:

    It is very addictive, but everything can be done in moderation. You have many girls who party, work go school and pay dem bills. some a dem nuh know when fi stop.

    Just weh day mi a tell smady mi cyan botha go no weh right now cuz mi deh pan a budget. u know seh di man laugh. him seh nuff gyal go club and nuh know how dem bills a pay monday morning. Dat is sad. di extremes, borrow clothes to buy and return then finally dem thief fi a hype. Now u get catch inna the thiefing u nah botha touch di road

    A fool sheri lee tek people fah. by memorial day weekend dat a doo road. memba mi tell unu

  • ummm says:

    This gal not wrap too tight upstairs. she is an attention seeker

  • Ryce Cake says:

    I feel like she is still trying to get the attention of the same people . FB has settings so you can control who see your page, what they put on it, or if they can contact you. The truth is you keep your page open so you can look into thier’s lives. Because they never cared about yours. Girl, go to school, meet a nice normal person, have kids, pay your bills on time, make really friends, love yourself more, trust in god, get a life coach.

  • Shawty says:

    mad gyal soon gone back a dance gi har 2 wks

  • Me says:

    If mi laaf mi pop up today. Poor Sherilee I hope she seek psychiatric help.

  • Foxy Lady says:

    I think if she was sincere, she would have never posted this. She would have just stayed in retreat and let people wonder how and where she is.
    She’s outspoken alright, I give her that but the world needs not know all that you know. You know they aren’t friends, act on it, keep it in mind and change your habits.

  • RudeBwoy says:

    3 weeks = 21+ parties

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Rudebwoy good calculations a dat a work her head

  • Observer says:

    rudie :hammer mine yuh mek she duh di maths a guh tief agen oooooooo

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