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30 Responses to ALL OUT PARTY

  • front row seat says:

    :dp :cool

  • goodso says:

    Suh him wait till him video her breast before him tell her it drup out…smh

  • a diff me says:

    lady wid di big plastic bress dem – y would u wear that outfit ? or you wantd the world to see your areola ? nex ting , does your breass or nipple become numb dat u cant feel breeze when the shirt move ? i have real boobs so mi jus a ask

  • MURASAKI says:

    party look boring, nuff ppl judt a pose up..smh.

  • ladyWoW says:

    wen dem seh all out mi neva know it mean all di pum pum and breast must show .

  • Observer says:

    :ngakak wow wah pawt a all outttttttt yuh nuh get

  • ladyWoW says:

    serva mi nain did know. I feel like such a prude. :nohope

  • Yep! says:

    She knew…she just wanted to expose those tuff grape fruits

  • Ryce Cake says:

    It’s always the worst bodies, worst dress, worst face with the most hype! I can only blame the video man .

  • ladyWoW says:

    maybe she nuh feel it

  • Yep! says:

    Suh she do ar breast dem and figet fe do ar face???????

  • Lou-lou says:

    mi nah lie dem people yah outdated bad, one set ah follow fashion dressing nothing original. Set ah ‘D’ listers ah try hype – big time failllllllll


    Tasteless!!! yukkkkkkkkkkkk

  • NAH LOOK says:


  • Dwrl says:

    Mi tiad feh see so many god awful looking people under the same RASS roof. WHAT WAS THE THEME UGLY AND CHEAP WITH PUSSY AND BREAST CALL OUT?? Eeeeewwwww they all look stink

  • Observer says:

    nahlook mi a wonda if a chu all di sensation gawn outtah di breast dem wid di surgery y she neva feel di whiff of air :nohope:

  • Dwrl says:

    She feel it she just nasty

  • NAH LOOK says:

    Zervah mi nah look pon she look how dem look hard like when breast full a milk n dry up nasty dutty dwag shit look like a borrow shi borrow di dress it too big fi di ole critch ole

  • Very Blessed says:

    Ah bare zombie freaks mi see. Nothing new. next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Poison says:

    Dutty ole whore Marsha spotlight .. U get breast done and don’t kno how fi act … U nuh Hve nun bout yuh ..3 pickney and a gwan suh inna Dutty Florida video light .. All yuh dutty front dem a video to smfh ..yuh sad bad my girl

  • NAH LOOK says:

    Poison same suh nastinizz

  • Anonymous says:

    Mi want mi15 minutes a mi life back

  • Anonymous says:

    Bounty yuh gyal ugly plus tax.

  • MzUptown says:

    Met plz check ur indox on the mad lady

  • TANEKA says:


  • my my says:

    di gal in da black mesh she need fi go breed now n lef road.she fat nuh f—,all of a sudden she meck woman a f— her.di gal she a wine pan dem n da flex crew a f—

  • my my says:

    marsh dun she f— off da wole a 16 st in lauder hill

  • which girl unuh a talk the brown girl sylvia @ my my or har fren weh name dannette , dannette have bout 4 pickney you nuh see har gut infront a har, she need fi go back to har damn family , left har pickney dem and har husband a come gwan suh inna florida, under har black like di ram goat dem dung a country…, they need to wake the f000 up and get a life , you can sometime act classy not trashy bitchesssssss

  • Observer says:

    a weh dannette man n har pitney dem deh?

  • miamiyouth says:

    soundz like a bunch of haters to me Met. from wha day EVERYBODY know miami keep di maddest party ah U.S. wha can even come close to yaad (Outdoor wet fete/Igloo parties in December??? Dutty Stinkin Philly and New Yawk CYYAAA do DAT! LOL)…this was just a bad example. period.

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