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Gay men, bystanders in missile-throwing brawl during road march
BY SIMONE MORGAN Observer staff reporter [email protected]
Monday, April 08, 2013

A brawl between male cross-dressers and bystanders disrupted the road march climax of carnival activities yesterday and resulted in injury to several persons, as well as damage to a furniture store and a motor car along Constant Spring Road.
The ugly incident, which occurred some time after 3:00 pm, sent many revellers scampering for cover and gave the police a hard time as they tried to restore calm.
The melée was sparked by the actions of the gay men who — mostly dressed in skimpy, tight-fitting outfits — gyrated to the soca music blasting from music trucks while showing off acrobatic moves.
Bystanders apparently took offence to the men’s behaviour and started hurling bottles, stones and other missiles at them.
“Today, we a go kill out all a dem nasty bwoy ya. Dem a get too bright,” one angry man, armed with an ice pick, hollered.
The gay men, though far fewer in number, replied to the attack by throwing missiles at the angry crowd.
“A wha happen to dem crawny people ya; watch mi and unno in ya today,” one of the cross-dressers shouted before hurling a few stones into the crowd.
For several minutes, members of the outnumbered security forces tried, without much success, to restore calm. However, they eventually managed to break up the fight, but not for long, as mere minutes later, both groups were at it again.
Eventually, the cross-dressers retreated along Westminster Road.
At the end of the clash, several persons were left nursing injuries and the storefront window of the Singer Jamaica furniture store and a motor vehicle were damaged.
The brawl, however, did not interfere much with the colourful Bacchanal road march as the revellers continued their journey to Mass Camp at Stadium North for the final party.

12 Responses to A DEM A RUN JAMAICA NOW

  • Quiet Storm says:

    Mi sey Met when mi read diss inna di Observah dis mawning mi did affi tek ceerus tings mek joke when di batty bwai sey ‘Ah wha happen to dem crawny ppl yah’….. Caw before God an man, who crawny like dem… Who nuh fayva croaking lizard fayvah skeleton an dracula.

    Beat out dem nawsiness yes!!!

  • Met says:

    mi waa know a whey dem really deh pan

  • Lou-lou says:

    How dem get so brave inna Jamaica ??????? :bingung

  • Met says:

    You know mi go look pan one a dem page and go se one bwaay comment and mi sure di bwaay dont know is a man page dem deh pan…dis ting a get from bad to worse

  • Observer says:

    fram bad to worse met dem ugly inna sin eh man

  • Quiet Storm says:

    Dem too brite man….Ah spread out dem crawny self like peel head jankroh

  • LUNDUN says:

    so mek a ask a question, di gay dem did ave a section of the parade for demselves?
    u know, like grouped together?

  • kgn13 says:

    right yah now to how,me c the ting set a yard,dem win.right now dem have str8 ppl a run scared down a dat.

  • Met says:

    lundun :maho

  • MURASAKI says:

    well, as nuff man inna jamaica neve too inna di soca ting from mawning, all next year yuh cant guh a road march an expect ah good wine up from a ‘man’…woiiieee, wtach di ride JA…

  • front row seat says:

    If yuh eva see di picha dem yuh wonda if a Jamaica yuh deh. Sad mi nah lie. Dem bwoy yah a get really out a hand.

  • dem look like dem seriously out fi tek like a landslide a come dung a hill. just a bulid up build up.cant stop it.

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