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13 Responses to ONSTAGE

  • Morning metty!…………idk but something about Shane comes off as genuine. Hope ungrateful busy regret his choices.

  • Met says:

    good morning i would like to not believe shane because busy alone couldnt be such a coward though………….. him life sad

  • Very sad. I don’t care what the least he could have done was have a grown ass conversation with the man and tell him why. After everything the youth do fi him. smh!……Busy is a likkle ungrateful rass.

  • Met says:

    and a coward big time

  • Tawkchuet says:

    U know say if a man ill treat his women don’t care for his kids n all those things I can’t n don’t expect anything good from him cause its obvious this person is not a good person busy is a weak ass bitch n my advice to him f000ing MAN UP

  • G says:

    summn else inna dis busy one cyaan suh wikkid di man seh him lost 9lb and cuddn eat or sleep.
    met him seh him nuh f000 di gyal suh ah lie di eyn didda talk?

  • This is not a good look for Busy at all. Shane is beyond believable and he should be getting a cut out of Busy’s massive European tour.

    If Shane is for real, I fear that Busy is going to soon enter into a downward career limiting spiral…

    For example, I love the one drop/reggae songs that have distinguished Busy from other dancehall artistes and if it is true that such was all due to Shane’s vision, Busy is going to run into creativity problems…

  • Yep! says:

    This guy not lieing cause his demeanor and body language speaks volumes: all when him seh the last time him si busy eyes was when dem did deh up a the school yawd and Busy not even suh much as look him eena him eyes when him tell him seh him sure cause him was too busy texting; details like that aren’t made up. I felt so bad for him when he said he was devastated; imagine yuh and yuh bredrin a come from far and Busy couldn’t even dignify the man wid a real face to face talk. Like Delano says… Yuh si a man face but yuh cyaah si him heart bun dem and dem evilous thoughts and badmine ways. Sad bad!!

  • Its all good says:

    How sad, when one door is close many more is open….who God bless no man cruse, Shane you will be alright…blessing in store and already coming your way.

  • kaboo says:

    Shane too f000y f000y yah so mi wood believe anyting like dat, he weak to p— bad and is bou 6 gyal half he age he sexing and he married ino, fi him wife a real fool

  • Ms_DPark says:

    I have know shane before he even dream of doing music and he was always humble and honest. He is one to tell you as it is, you either take it or leave it.

  • ... says:

    Met, I don’t know Shane but I know several people that Busy has done this to, I mean dem was bench an batty, Busy all stay at dem yaad an baare tings & is same way when him reach a level him jus cut & don’t say what or why…He’s a user & his time will come again. When you get sign an don’t listen a bigger one will come & bigger will come until you look into yourself & do what is right. I guess as yuh always seh ..Busy nah looooook pon dem :maho

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Smdh @ that scenario Shane described about Busy not being able to answer his questions directly & not being able to look him in the eyes. Coward is an understatement to describe Busy, but then again he was always a man who can’t even face the mother(s) of his child(ren).

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