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Met good afternoon, last night was a movie in philly. Everybody looked good at Burgs party. No need to hate there were a few disasters but on the hold it was a good look ‘Philly’ GQ man of the year belongs to Burgs. I haven’t seen anybody weh keep ah party and look good so yet. Cleeeeeeeeeean!!!

20 Responses to DI BESSSSSS,,,,,,,,,BESSSSSSSS

  • Dwrl says:

    Guess you haven’t been anywhere other than party. On a WHOLE OK NOT HOLD WHAT THE f000 YOU HOLDING ON TO YOUR OPINION??. Send the rest a pics mi want atleast see the disasters . Burg no all DAT from what I’m looking at you can tell you no use to man, cause mi no see nutten on dis one for you to be so frighten over. Did he get rich yet cause the last time mi read dem seh ” him Bruk like church louse”(in my best patios).

  • firebrand says:

    How can a native english speaker not know the basic difference between “hold” & “whole”?

    PLEASE NOTE- Social media does not relieve you of the need for basic literacy!!!

  • Vizio says:

    Sender, I am hoping you are using contraceptives – as education is vital . Philly must be capital P. Before you send in your information ask a friend to help you with a list of homophones. Too often parent’s cannot help their children with assignments.

  • smh says:

    Fi real not impress with this pic him look like him waan bathe

  • smh says:

    di whole night veachy a wet him up, kaydian a wet him up and Glama and him get wet up together.mi a look fi Tracey weh seh she a wife all now mi cah see she a show harself. she mussi did a hide ina di bar as always. Mi seh it was a controvery .. . Tracey nny love you cah claim di man and affi a work a every party while the sidelines enjoying the night with ur man.hahahaha.

  • Anonymous says:

    LOL!!!! Unno F000 you di Senda….

  • Observer says:

    Vizio___________________________________________________________ :hammer mi sehhhhhh burgs a mad dem caw dats all di man dem expose to nutten mor dem worl small n fuzzy

  • Real talk says:

    This senda blind to rass :travel :travel :cool :cool

  • ?? says:

    met pics send to di submit box. pow pow..

  • Burgs look owl and tired. Good evening alll

  • Dwrl says:

    @smh the best place is the bar mi would stay close to the money to. To make sure the SIDELINERS naw collect mi pussy pension. Hell they can have as much cocky juice as they can handle but my money naw share. If a DAT wifey a do and you blame HAR you fool no fart. IF A DHE GOING HOME WITH HIM DOES IT REALLY MATTER WHO WANT WET HIM UP OR WHO HE GETTING WET WID?? Smh literally ……..

  • smh says:

    I understand your logics, But Burgs gi dem $$ fi pay come in plus buy Lqiuor. So tell me where is the best postion right about now, in the party. YOu a collect back ur owna $$ . DWRL… literally. Mate a live better life than wife and a rub it right eennn. :ngakak :ngakak

  • Anonymous says:

    All who hating burgs probably f*** and duck you. Or he doesn’t pay you any mind. You can’t say people never look good at his party. Smh you simple b****** kills me. Granted you may not necessarily care for someone but to blatantly hate tells me a lot about you. Smh. I did not attend the party but I saw pictures and a lot of people looked nice in my opinion. Btw there’s nothing wrong with giving credit when its due.

  • warterhouse says:

    jah know unu harsh no rass lol

  • no lie says:

    Party was nicccee, don’t know they personal, don’t really cate but his party did sell all Di way off!!

  • Anonymous says:

    him nuh all dat f000 dat him not even cute lmaooo

  • I love a cleav shave black man



  • jahyute says:

    Just type in nexgen photo on facebook you will see,next thing black ppl learn to bill each others & stop with this negative comments.

  • Theresa says:

    Thank you @BubbleLikeSoup

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