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Top 10 “LIES” guys and girls tell each other…..

GUYS::True or false??1. I’m best in bed. When he takes only 1 minute

2. I’m single. When he has more than one girlfriend

3. I won’t tell anyone. All his friends must know what he did with you

4. I’ll never cheat on you. Hahahah his saying the opposite

5. I love you. He wants you in bed there after dump you

6. I’ve never met a girl like you before. He has told more ladies this statement

7. I’ll pull it before anything happens.

8. I tried to call you, your phone was off.

9. She isn’t my girlfriend.

10. “I’LL CALL YOU.” What he really means: I might call you.GIRLS::1. I’m single. She maybe dating even your best friend

2. I don’t suck dick. I can’t explain this

3. I don’t like KFC/Papaye.

4. I’m on my period. Lame excuse ladies always say

5. You’re the best I’ve ever had. She told her ex the same words

6. I’m at home (while she’s in other men’s blanket

7. He’s just a friend.

8. I’d love you even if you were broke. Hahaha Most ladies don’t like broke men I quote MOST ladies

9. I haven’t had sex with anyone in a while. Last week is a while, right?

10. I’ve never cheated. She has been cheated on and so she has cheated too.


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