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AMERICA NOT SO FREE?Lawmakers ask why Beyoncé and Jay-Z went to Cuba


Lawmakers ask why Beyoncé and Jay-Z went to Cuba

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CNN’s Kevin Liptak
(CNN) – Two Republican lawmakers are asking a government agency to look into a recent trip to Cuba by Beyoncé and Jay-Z, suggesting the superstar couple violated restrictions on travel to the communist island.

“Despite the clear prohibition against tourism in Cuba, numerous press reports described the couple’s trip as tourism, and the Castro regime touted it as such in its propaganda,” Reps. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Mario Diaz-Balart, both of Florida, wrote in the letter to the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z were photographed in Havana last week, apparently celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary on the island. While Cuba was a popular getaway for Americans in the 1950s, spending money there was outlawed after Fidel Castro took power in 1959.

In 2012 the Obama administration lifted some of the restrictions on travel to Cuba, instituting a “people-to-people” travel program that requires a strict itinerary for vacationers.

“Each traveler must have a full-time schedule of educational exchange activities that will result in meaningful interaction between the travelers and individuals in Cuba,” U.S. Treasury Department guidelines read.

Americans have been known to get around travel restrictions to Cuba in the past by stopping first in a country with flights to the island. Cuban customs officials are familiar enough with the practice to not stamp American passports when they cross their desks.

In their letter the Treasury Department, Ros-Lehtinen and Diaz-Balart noted their connection to “a community of many who have been deeply and personally harmed by the Castro regime’s atrocities, including former political prisoners and the families of murdered innocents.”

“The restrictions on tourism travel are common-sense measures meant to prevent U.S. dollars from supporting a murderous regime that opposes U.S. security interests at every turn and which ruthlessly suppresses the most basic liberties of speech, assembly, and belief,” they wrote. “We support the Cuban people by refusing to sustain their jailers.”

14 Responses to AMERICA NOT SO FREE?Lawmakers ask why Beyoncé and Jay-Z went to Cuba

  • Anonymous says:

    I always wanted to go Cube from Ja with my American passport……. anybody ever done that?

  • Met says:

    You can but you have to ask for the time I think ah doe know how it work but mi know ppl guh.. I really didnt know people cant go there as tourists …suh dem now worried that nuff americans a go waa guh cuba because beyonce guh :hammer

  • Real says:

    that strange …because Americans go all the time……….I guess because dem did a gwaan like dem inna di parliament wah day…………dem tink dem seh America str8

  • Real says:

    but when mi pree di ting mi realize seh nobody nah look pon dem ….so dem di wah come pan jmg :cool

  • Anonymous says:

    i see the trips listed as 1-3 day excursions leaving from the islnds, and they dont stamp your passport. cuba is a beautiful place

  • they should simply ask the state department, the ppl go pon dem 5th wedding anniversary vacation, they had to apply for special visa’s in order to travel to cuba the state department have all of that on record dem too nuff.

  • kgn13 says:

    the million $ ? wha every body seems to be afraid fe ask,wha meck merca hate cuba so?.a wha cuba do dem so,das from kennedy days dem a try fe meck castro bow,and him refuse to do so.

  • Chocolate says:

    This is just the Republicans for u…always trying to find dirt on the President. I’m sure in their minds they are figuring that the President helped in some way to facilitate the proper creds for Bey n Jay to allow them to travel to Cuba. They kno the superstars are good friends of the President


    so wha, dem caan go??? whateva dem motive, dem lucky, merka too nuff to!!!

  • Observer says:

    but afta di 2 a dem a gwaan like royalty a wah ppl bow dung merca nuh muss ask dem caw dem a move a way chu millions

  • Real says:

    same way obsever…..same friggin way wah day yah all when di president a bathe dem inna di bathroom…dem know seh dem nuffi go a certain place..same so dem go a nigeria and mek di ppl dem pay dem 1 million dollar fi appearance satan and jezebel

  • Observer says:

    demon dem is real mi naw luk pon dem n dem royal child

  • Real says:

    mi nuh call dem name and mi not even wah type it …a hype dem a look …cah nobody nah look

  • Observer says:


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