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Title: Sumbody Stop This Fool!!!!!!!…..6 months Baby wid 6 months Belly

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28 Responses to MR INJECTOR

  • Anonymous says:

    Wowww that crazy

  • Anonymous says:

    Lmaoooooooo Thats all I can do! The lil girl at the bottom is a major bird!! ppl run in nuh! Smh

  • i love it says:

    skip is married to domo the one in the black jacket.

  • ****** says:

    The bottom chick baddddd ! But isn’t that his wife so it don’t even matter !


    Domo is Bad!!!! I love her skip had to wife her

  • Smh says:

    A bare noise and chuble wife give when she ready bout the mate. Wasn’t mate the one who breed first? from when him a mess wid the mate wife know and can’t stop it none at all! Dem man ya too disrespectful!

  • STAR says:

    Dom his wife must be for papers. She is still a kid why her dumb ass got pregnant must cause the other one. She stupid finish school first dumb ass I thought u had sense. Guess not dumb ass Dom.

  • Met says:

    talk to mi a listeninggggg

  • Tawkchuet says:

    This sounds like a case of skip jump a mad stalker line n she ready to cause trouble word of advise to all u chicken heads when unnu teck di man esp JA men n unnu know say him have him woman n still go deh no come ova here expecting us to start n finish unnu war go n confront di man wife face to face n then send di met of how di war go kmt

  • ****** says:

    Papers or not still his wife legally ! You people know nothing about her lifestyle she still young ah baby doh stop nutting and da next girl he was talking to her b4 him meet him wife…

  • Layla says:

    people just sooo mix up domo is stabled ! this baby wont Blythe her future in no way possible sad to say but skip dont deserve domo but thats whatver domo aint stuupid she has a car and live comfortable you go girl !

  • Anonymous says:

    Layla read back/check over your comment!

  • STAR says:

    what the f— is (stabled) stable and has a car. My girl I can see u a child trying to be grown. If u under 30 DID NOT finish school yet and can apply forWELFARE and MEDICAID then you not stable and ready for a child. Go sit your ass down and make use of your life. After 30 then you can makeAGE a factor to have a child. Black ppl wake the f— up and raise the bar on your SELF-ESTEEM and SELF WORTH.

  • Mek domo move dat bitch is a pop dwl skip buddy lil like

  • Observer says:

    domo name to close to the word dummo..dummy but anyhows weh di chick a top name?

  • ****** says:

    Y’all mad mix up ! Da post is about skip and unno just deh pon da girl she nuh nuttin she ah breed ah just life she will alright trust har support system tun uppp ! She nuh need skip ! Him for go Sid dung wid him ugly self !

  • Micahbadda says:

    Big up mi friend daughter…… Congrats on your baby…girl doh worry bout dem people yah… will alright just Mek sure when u have baby you get back to business simple mi know from yuh Likkle bit full ah ambition ! And ya family big yuh Madda NA Mek yu suffer nor yah fadda!

  • STAR says:

    Wow ya family big yuh madda na mek yu suffer nor yuh fadda lol. This is America no someone suffer unless u mentally ill. Its call WEFARE shit u get more with each child. If your friend was so ambitious why she did not wait. Allen school is not a career for a 22 year old with no kids at the time. You dumb ass want to be grown force ripe pickney need to wake up.

  • Observer says:

    mentally ill ppl doah suffer neiddah hunny dem well taken care of

  • STAR says:

    Dom let me give you some advice, you already pregnant so now take a look at your life and ask your self if this is what you would want for your child. Everyother day u on social network unhappy STOP it. Think of your child one day your behavior may stop his ambitious drive, not everything need to be say or do out loud. If Skip f000ing on you dump him you just 22 why you have to knowingly share. That mean u not worth shit to him. Not saying men donot cheat but these men take it to a whole different level. Worst they broke ass bum negro pay check to pay check is no $$$$$$. Show some ambition and love for your child and step up your game.

  • BOMB ;) says:

    I thought this post was abt Donovan/Skip how did all the attention turn to this girl. Him need fi slow him role at the rate he’s going he will have his own soccer team

  • STAR says:

    how 2 kids soccer team

  • starsAmongstarz says:

    More like 3 kids

  • BOMB ;) says:

    @STAR yuh fi read mi seh if him keep going at this rate he will have a soccer team

  • 2face says:

    3 kids 3 baby mothers bwoy him ah gwan gud mi hope him cah mine dem


    The reason this lil girl need help cuz just the other day she want to mix herself in FB beef true she friend get called out for being two faced! She talking abt “if u feel froggy then jump” How u abt to b a mother but u wanna get caught up in FB beef! She is a major bird, thats y i say so! They married but i know it wasnt for LOVE! The man probably need some type of papers fi deh bout! She got into TWO car crashes due to driving drunk! Shes a loser, now she n all her friends can b on the food stamp line together. N Skip will continue to f000 off these lil girls. He damn there 30 f000ing wit 21 n22yr olds. He cant do tht with no big ooman! Good luck to all of these children. Hope the mothers will get ova their selfish ways n mek di kids dem no one another. NO BROTHER N SISTER HOOKIN UP ROUND HERE!

  • :) says:

    Unuh sure the wife baby a fi skip. That gal f000 dung queens. She a pass round donkey, pass from hand to hand.

  • #1 says:

    It’s clear this sender is hurt. I’m guessing you wish you were having his baby. Its a pity you can’t even turn his head to look in your direction. Stop worrying about Skip life and worry about your own miserable lives. F000 ya’ll hating bitches!

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