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How far have you gone to your man?
BY DONNA HUSSEY-WHYTE All Woman writer [email protected]
Monday, April 01, 2013

LOOKING back, we bet many of you can’t help shaking your heads at the strange things you have done for love. And while some can smile at the tactics used, there are those who will look back in total embarrassment.
It is said that when a woman wants a man, nothing can get in her way. She will do whatever it takes to nail him down and tie him to her.

This week some women confess just how far they have gone, or are willing to go, in the name of snagging Mr Right.
Marlene W:
My man was involved with another woman and it looked like no matter what I did, he still insisted on talking to her. Some evenings he would make sure I wouldn’t visit his house and I knew it was because she would be there. On his birthday I showed up at his house early, uninvited. It was his birthday so I knew he wouldn’t really ask what I was doing there. But somehow I knew she would be coming over too ’cause he knew her longer than me. When he went to the bathroom I went outside and punctured two of my tyres and went and sat down as if nothing was wrong. Later in the evening when it was time to go I fell into a fit over the fact that I could not go home. He wanted to call a cab but I pretended to be so upset over the matter that he didn’t bother to argue when I told him I was not taking a cab from Kingston to Portmore.
I even turned it around on him and made it look as if he had some woman who wanted to sabotage me, who punctured my tyres, because what were the odds of having two punctured tyres at the same time? It was his birthday so of course the other girl turned up bearing gifts. She was the one who had to leave.
Maxine M:
I sent his woman messages on Facebook and from his phone telling her that he was with me now and that she should move on with her life. I also told her that the money she was giving him was being spent on me. I was able to tell her how much he got and when he got it, because he would tell me. She was the one who used to support him. He would drive her car to my house and stayed overnight and things like that so she knew what I was saying was true. In fact, he even bought me a car out of the money she gave him. We have been together two years now and she is no longer in the picture.
Chris-Ann T:
I know that the man I was with had a woman at the time we met. But he was always telling me things bout her and saying how he was planning on leaving her but felt sorry for her. They were living together at the time. I would call her and talk up the tings dem, about what we would do and what he would do to me. But she behaved as if she didn’t believe me and as if she didn’t care. So one night when he came over to my house, while we were making love, I dialled her number and made sure I called his name a lot and behaved badly while we were getting it on.
Shernette R:
If I have a good man who really checks for me and is taking care of me and my children, then I wouldn’t think twice. I would take a trip to St Thomas. The way I see it, the only way to get a man and keep him is to make sure you get the right remedy to plant him by your side. Make sure it’s you alone he has feelings for.
Paula C:
I consulted an obeah man I found in the newspaper. Yes, I admit it, I was desperate. I had just had a child, and wanted my guy to marry me. The man gave me some powder to put in his food and I did it. The man also gave me something to bathe with, and I did it. My guy asked me to marry him a few months after, and we have been together since.

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