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12 Responses to THE RETURN

  • A must the dollar store this idiot gal did a thief from, because she ever look cheapness tacky

  • Anonymous says:

    ok…… if there was any questions before aboout her sanity…this is proof wtf is that plate of ketchup and rice… no sah

  • ummm says:

    This girl need mental health help

  • Observer says:

    :ngakak anonymous yuh too bad mi c 2 piece a chicken

  • PhantomPhoenix says:

    Sherilee…welcome back a road! lolol…yu bun de jailhouse clothes? lololol.

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Suh shi jus come back a road an a dah likkle styrofoam plate a dry rice deh wid not even gravy, but ketch, an 2 bump a chicken shi a put up pan social media fi show har grand return???

  • ... says:

    siigh, dem give out tin a milo or quick up yah fi turn een mad people? cause anyweh mi buck har mi personally ago escort har fi admit har..who does this?

  • coco krispie says:

    If ya gonna put this broad on blast yuh should put up that nasty shit she had on her leg and eye.

  • LA Girl says:

    Sherilee……NO ONE CARES! If you don’t have anything post please stay off of instagram. :malu:

  • TuggyTuggy says:

    I really think this girl be posting herself on here… She’s lame af…

  • Anonymous says:

    she love ketchup pan her rice _________________________________________________________________________________________ no man she good :ngakak

  • P says:

    Who is she? What is her story?

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