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  • kk/Justice says:

    Met a u mek mi staaat like dem movie and videos lol…

  • ... says:

    Aftanoon, I like it :thumbup

  • yo da ting MAD

  • my2cents says:

    Metty ooooooooooooo!!! Off topic but check dis! Look like Bugle a speak out pon Ms Raine

  • Dwrl says:

    What kind a gay shit dis?? Mi no want see no man inna tighs a whine up dem batty pon no video eeeewwwwww disgusting

  • Prayer says:

    A de tell you seh nah plenty ppl deh love Jamaican culture dem deh try dem own wid out full unda standing but a like seh dem de try … Mettyyyy how far? A de nuh shakin (in my Nigerian voice)

  • ok says:

    um Jamaican culture is African culture. The original inhabitants of Jamaica were the Arawak Indians, not Jamaicans as we call ourselves today. We are descendants of those same Africans. The only difference is we were taken away from our homeland, which is Africa, then left in the middle of the ocean to perish. That was the original plan. Get it right, its 2013.

  • LadyWoW says:


  • Real says:

    MI LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOve da likkle yute here…………di ppl dem a do dem ethnic dance……mi nuh si how it look gay .in di west yes bcause u know whats in the mind but di ting shottt

  • Nice says:

    Iyanya love him!

    Met post the Azonto dance with the girl and boy dancing…it’s soon cute;)

  • Anonymous says:

    I starting to listen to more Current African music than the current dancehall………. not this particular song tho………BTW I ran into ALOT of Jamaicans who live in west Africa when I visited, Ghana got hol heap ah community of Jamaicans an the admirer dem…… Felt like being at home.

  • hey says:

    One thing mi love bout dem African man dem YOu no see all a dem a clown up dem self like di Jamiacans and a bleach out dem entire life history. Di African gal dem bad pan di bleaching but only a small few a di man dem go lue wid di bleachin.

  • Chocolate Dream says:

    Evening Met and metters,

    Love this video, love to watch them dance. They are not imitiating, so dem dance from time, I guess those that never been to afrobeats raves would find this all new.

    *Chocolate Dream*

    Met I can’t seem to be able to log in…

  • Chocolate Dream says:

    oh its logged in now, my bad :)

  • GETITRIGHT says:

    I love reggae music and relate to west indian culture bc im west african. The comment about them trying to dance jamaican is the most humorous shit ive read on here. Mama please if you are afforded the oppty to visit WEST africa go to the villages and see how the women dance… and have never seen a jamaican dancehall video or heard a song. Please learn your history. Whining came from AFRICA and so did u ;) Blessings upon all

  • Anonymous says:

    when come go to Africa, at least twice a year, I enjoy the culture. True they far from Jamaica but you can see so much similar……. me tell yah god! nah walk thru the differences now but you will see where Jamaica get it so………. lotta word we use is the same way they use, same food/fruit……alot have the queen influence, but even still you can make a connection……I soon go to Ghana in June, back ah Ja in August…… me still….

  • Just Saying says:

    @ok… um Jamaican culture is African culture. The original inhabitants of Jamaica were the Arawak Indians, not Jamaicans as we call ourselves today. We are descendants of those same Africans.

    Are you saying Arawak Indians were Africans? If so that would be inaccurate. They are Native / American Indians, they were living on the islands before Africans.

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