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Magic Johnson’s 20-year-old son hit the Sunset Strip, hand in hand with his boyfriend … and his parents couldn’t be happier for their kid.

Earvin Johnson III — aka EJ — is one of Magic’s 3 kids. The Lakers legend tells TMZ, “Cookie and I love EJ and support him in every way.” Magic goes on, “We’re very proud of him.”

The feeling is mutual … ’cause EJ told us he’s been “hoping and praying” for his dad’s team, the Los Angeles Dodgers, ever since Magic and his business partners took over the franchise.

He’s also a huge Lakers fan … obviously.

EJ — who’s a student at NYU — has a close relationship with his parents. Back in August, Magic tweeted, “Thx to my son EJ for hosting me at NYU. Look forward to taking him to dinner tonight in the city.”

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  • He ain’t proud, jus not in a position to be critique

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Proud my ass shame but just a smile n go along fi teck di shame outta dem eye kmt ppl be careful a di company unnu pikney keep more time u see dem rich n act faggish the parent talk bout dem eccentric no a battyman.

  • Real Talk says:

    Magic’s lying. No ex-nba player wants his son to grow up not playing with basketballs :mad: , much less playing with another man’s balls. If he said he “accepted” his son, that’s different. But “Proud”????? Nope!
    Real Talk :mad:

  • FOXY says:

    Proud of what? Did he pass the bar, make it to the NBA, earn a Nobel or a pulitzer? I tell you about this damn gay agenda. Ms Beyonce keep posting “it’s about time, marry who you love”. Be who or what you wish to be but stay the hell away from my child.

  • Met says:

    I want to know what is there to advertise about sexuality …dem love compare dem ting to slavery and yet we nah see no black people being celebrated when they are born black mi cyaa tek it

  • Anonymous says:

    I seriously thought the man’s opinion of his son was his own to stand by!He shouldn’t be proud because his son is gay?!Is that really what’s being implicated?!Someone please Explain to me cause mi mussi ignorant

  • kgn13 says:


  • Met says:

    Yes you are ignorant, we do not individualize sexuality when it comes to children. Pride as a parent should be based on how we feel about our children as a whole so taking sexuality as a single entity out of a whole human being most importantly your biological offspring is superficial, and also a form of fabrication. A father can be proud of his son but he sure cant be proud of what people claim ”is natural” about his son, that is why we associate pride with acquisitions of achievement that we are not born with but work hard to achieve. Taking into consideration that he already loves his son, what is there to be proud about in him being gay? Did he acquire this sexuality or work hard to achieve it? So yes you are ignorant to think that people really think that he should not stand by his son and would like to determine what his opinion of his own son should be.

  • Met says:

    If you consider gayness/homosexuality as an acquirement then I totally understand why you think that he should be proud of him for this achievement

  • Anonymous says:

    So did his exact quote/response having to do with the fact that he’s proud of his son because he’s gay?U clearly missed my question signs therefore let me rephrase.Is he proud of his son because he’s a homosexual?!Or was he referring to some sort of accomplishment his son has achieved? I mentioned being ignorant because I did not get his exact quote and did a Wanda if mine did miss sumn.

  • Met says:

    The media is progressing with their never ending brainwash. If homosexuals consider their fight the same as the royal fight of slaves to free themselves from slavery, why are we not seeing black people being sold as good in the media? We are still fighting for people to see us as equals and there are no blacks being endorsed daily in the news! Obama although he sold a part of himself for a second term , he as a black man has been put in a place of leadership in the sinking United States yet his efforts are not recognised but the man who orchestrated/led and directed the United State’s ship to sink did not face the fight Obama has. If gay is so right let the continue to do them, but if something is good it does not take continuous convincing for the multitude to see this. It would seem like they are trying to make heterosexual people feel less about themselves for being heterosexual since homosexuality is something to be celebrate. What should heterosexuals do , go in a corner or join the gayness to get some spotlight? The world is a very dark place

  • Met says:

    Look at the title tmz posted..that is what people are responding to

  • Real says:

    he mus be proud…obviously he was never around to be proud of him any other way so whatever happens he has no choice but to accept ………he said he slept with over a 1000 women if he spent a week with half of those women ………..that would be a lot of days out of his life……………..

  • Betty says:

    I am so saddened by this. Why is it that so many young people by the time they get to age 20 are gay. Is it something in the water, were they born this way? I just don’t get it. Magic is not proud, but he has to put on a front…..he is a legend in his field and I am sure would have loved his son to follow in his footsteps. To each his own I guess but as someone else say ….dem betta keep the f000 away from my child. All who want to play in shit pit can go right ahead.

  • He looks like an ass ! That makes no damn sense and not that he is ga I will not judge god will deal with them accordingly but looking and walking like a women I think is very sad ! Really this gay epidemic gone to far now ! My opinion

  • Observer says:

    gwaan metty a longtime mi nuh c yu talk so long caw yu a ooman get confuse easily wen yu talk long :ngakak


  • EbonyLolita says:

    Mi ago seh dis. If I have a child & they turn out to be gay Imma love them All the same. WHy? that is what JESUS/GOD does to us everyday. HOWEVER, I will NOT condone the cross dressing & flaming behavior. Regular women don’t behave like that so why thee HELL do some gay men think that this is “being real” No it’s not, you’d rather behave like a stereotype then a regular person?! No. mi nuh rate it at all. I’d kick my son in the back for swishing his ass through the streets & wearing heels & makeup like a woman. NO!

  • DivaNista says:

    Well the rumour is Magic play for the other team too. His chick with dick was rumor to be Jermaine Stewart singer “you don’t have to take your clothes off to have a good time” fame. Jermaine died of AIDS very young.. Then Magic declared he was HIV positive. Hhhhmmm just saying. maybe Magic proud EJ has the balls (no pun) lol to come out as gay. Something he still cannot do even if he wanted to. Gay is nothing to be proud of. It’s what you are as a human being that you should carry with pride.

  • one talk says:

    Morning Met is it only one son this man have? And if yes ,It would be a sad story for me cause i don’t think any mother or father would really love to see their only son or daughter to do any thing that is wrong .Met magic is living his life for people so him of to say what people want to hear but deep down i think he’s a bit hurt about the choice his son made,for me met if it was my child and he chose that life style i would not kill him but would hate the part he take.

  • Malaika says:

    As long as my son is happy and a productive member is society i would be damn proud and thats the truth! Who he loves is irrelevant to me unless it’s a person under the age of 18

  • Met says:

    one talk I agree

  • rasta says:

    Greetings everyone on my first post. Majic said he was HIV positive in 1991 and this son is 20 according to TMZ etc meaning he was born in 1992/3. How did he manage that without making the child HIV positive?

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