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Mario party did wah some more ppl met mi guh and waste mi dress… bagga bones did inna di bar ms. bitchey tiffany the party empty shi look confuse shi nuffi inna bar dwl…met halfa di ppl dem tun back caz dem name fi deh pan guest list n it neva deh deh it neva look good… halfa di host dem neva show up ….. dah man yah invest inna too much batty dats y di ppl dem nuh come out.. caz dem a fine him out licklee by lickle.. mario omar seeh u neva buy him di shoes dats y him neva come u nuffi vex wid him.. di way di party boring and empty all fight gwan inna di morin no sah a deh suh did nice nica dan di party….mi si more ppl outta door dan inna di houndred and add thousand dollar club… mario mi hear shit up tiff a seeh yuh nuh mek ntn a suh it guh jus give up di date n mek smaddy else tek it…mi si 1 a him man dem a di party inna full blue lol wooiii….dat is a next episode!…all di montta man him hav527591_554779524562545_446696663_n-Optimized


mario_presents_house_of_ladies_bottles_edition_pt_ii_20130328_1429142371-OptimizedDSC_7308_595-Optimizede, fren f**k tiffany(f**k from fren to fren) addi hbic..

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