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  • kgn13 says:


  • Hotstepper...formerly Peeper says:

    dem kinda punishment deh not necessary…mi use to get electric wire, hose, buss mi cock under mi bumbo, very regular and dat nayd stop me from do wha my modda never want me fi do

  • Original Goodas says:

    me no understand these video, I’m starting to think they are for show

  • ummm says:

    In this country parents can’t be parents. I doh know why im go hard so but he mussi be know why. Pickney harden mi seh. If ACS get to see this is bere problems fi im eno

  • front row seat says:


  • ladyWoW says:

    mornig met

    Dem need some rass neatin dat a nuh nuttin. dis idiot shouldnt mek dem record dat shit. This is America, dem love fass inna ur business. Pickney fi get beating. Its a method, to it safely.
    Do not beat dem wen u angry – cool down first
    dem fi get lick below the waist.
    if dem get a mark keep dem home from school
    Try not to beat dem in public (threaten dem seh u a go bruck dem up lata)
    and do not FILM IT

  • ... says:

    what is the reason behind the beating?

  • Met says:

    dotty because dem a twerk fi put pan fb

  • Buenos Dias Metty Y Metter……………METTY don’t tell me you forgot………it’s almost Noon, lets get the PARADE on the way :selamat

    Today is my special day…..APRIL 1 :sorry

  • LUNDUN says:

    dem fi get sum rass lick yes, but why did he film it!!

    is he stupid

    now if dem lock him up, he won’t be there to grow dem good, so what he is trying to avoid, will eventually happen and maybe worst.

  • Met says:

    today a u birthday quena? Happy Birthday

  • Mettyyyyyyyyyyyy…..NO today is not my birthday. :sorry

    TODAY was suppose to be my special Pink Wall Parade Day……Memba! The confetti and Lots of it….you know my special day, kinda like Bell Bang’s :alay :selamat :selamat

  • FOXY says:

    Met, I am not against spanking a child. Tear dem ass up yes. These kids are lost and out of control because they do not know discipline. Sometimes they need to have some damn fear, however, like @Frontrowseat said, why film it?
    The court system is so involved in our lives that we cannot instill good old fashion parenting without fear of child abuse claims, yet when the kids go astray, they have no qualms charging juveniles as adults.
    First dem start twerk for social media then end up on the pole!

  • ... says:

    hmmm…met I gonna send u spmething bout these kids & social media..

  • KittyPur says:

    Dwl, Twerk Now Nuh…Q

  • britbrit says:

    met i hear the reason for the beating is that the two girls were twerking on facebook and the father saw it and tore them another ass hole but you dont see like the man lose it pun the brown one an tear up rass worse then the dark one lol .

  • britbrit says:

    foxy i agree with you 100% .

  • oney says:

    Father need a shot inna him face! how him a guh beat him dawta suh? boy oh boy slavery whips strike again in the black family. The slavemaster really show us how to beat ourself. Beating a slave ting I will never beat my kids like that..I hope him guh a prison for a long time.

  • wot is this says:

    They deserve the beating. My mother never romp wid me.

    Ever since www. People broadcasting every freaking thing. Them lucky, next time they will think about this ass whipping they got before posting up f—ery.

    This generation is in peril.

  • oney says:

    MEt, the headline disgusting! If a man a guh beat him lickle dawta suh I wonder how bad him beat his wife. Twerking don’t deserve this from pitney start walk dem a wine-up demself a yard when the drum beat lick dem. I can’t believe all the woman that are okay with that father is beating the kids for his own selfish shame and not to teach them nothing.

  • Phat Rabbit says:

    Good day Oney. Why yuh tink di Father ah beat dem becoz him shame? Is not everything yuh teach yuh kids dem ah go follow. Me have 2 teenage boys, and mi try nuh fi buss dem ass bcoz dem sensible enough fi understand what me and dem Father ah teach dem right from wrong. But when me talk to you over and over and yuh keep di do same crap, mi ago buss yuh ass and I don’t care how old you are. And dem haffi tek di lick and hold ah corner when me done. Mi mek it very clear to dem, yuh Mother and Father no born yah but no authority cyaan stop we from buss yuh ass. Yuh want call police, gwan dem will tek yuh guh live wid stranger and dem don’t want dat.

  • Just saying says:

    Man if this go viral and the authorities see it, he is straight done.

  • Jules says:

    I agree with you 100% Oney. Any man do that to any child of mine especially a female child who nuh build fi teck man licking him woulda rue di day his path and mine crossed. Furdamore, dem girls too big fi a get beaten. If u still haffi a beat ur pickney afta certain age then you did something seriously wrong along the way. Him waan come act like him a do effective parenting now.

  • Met says:

    Jules dem only get brushings and memba dem have on full suit a clothes….trust me it nuh as bad as it sound…u eva si a good beating yet? Also I find that it is harder for a man to beat than a woman so if him tek it to them suh……….and if a my children and a dem dad mi wudden feel no way as long as dem deserve it because mi know mi will do all worse if it really come to the test…fi him tek it to them …if this is real..dat mean dem do something real bad and they may have been reprimanded before

  • Addicted says:

    Blessed Easter Met and all others.
    For all who is saying he is wrong to beat them,i would take the chance and assume you are not parents as of yet.
    I have a feeling he did not know he was been video.
    They are making more noise than what those licks warranted. A child is never too old to get a beat down if it is deserving.

  • Met says:

    same so addicted

  • Anonymous says:

    hate whan a bagga Jamaican come a faring bout child a abuse si di bowy a bronx kill fi madda an cutt up the body bout timeout disciplined dem if u dont the police will an nuff a talk do`nt even know dem real daddy!!

  • Anonymous says:

    me see some parent a talk to dem kids and dem could a tlk tell dem blue ina dem face di child naah hear because dem know seh a just chat yuh and some people nuh wah yuh come a dem yaad wit yuh bad pickney>

  • MR TRY LIVE RIGHT. says:

    new times now ..him fi guh a jail….nuff other way fi get your point across…most old school parents think physical abuse is the only answer…then when him girls run weh at 16 and get eff up from man a road dem stay and think it normal and okay. Then the father vex seh man a beat him pickney… a dem man deh when man a f— dem up a road dem cant fight back. dem man deh fi get rico law time….oh because we usually get beaten growing up that nuh mean it did right…teacher a beat wi fi foolishness….beat wi fi fail exam…a dem all make wi stay suh as adults…parenting a time, understanding and ways to get across to your seed…life hard yes…nuh money nah make yes…but a who fah fault dat…nuh take it out pan the youth dem …we gi trouble as youth ,youth gi trouble..a suh the thing set up. a dem job…our job a fi guild dem well…nuh fi run dem and make dem scared to talk to us…thats why suh much crazy shit a gwan out in the world yah .now…………………………….bless

  • karma says:

    i believe a child should be disciplined but this is just a little bit much for two young girls to get beat with a extension cord and then to be dumb enough to video it and put it online he will definitley be getting a call from cps or the local police dept.,

  • This is inhumane says:

    I work for child protective services and i will report this.
    Parents do not need to abuse their chidren like this. He will be arrested.. 100%

  • Met says:

    what happend when the police shoot, and hurt them? who do people report to?

  • Tawkchuet says:

    No but wait a no di man pikney dem him kill dem? unnu no have nothing fi do a CPS u know how much kids need help kmt

  • oney says:

    Deh manwent too far! why were as blacks always a think fe give we yute dem such brutal beating. I don’t know what my girls could do for me to even consider this…me as big man could not handle dem lick deh muchless, the lickle girls.

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