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Police identify victim in fatal West Oak Lane shooting
POSTED: Thursday, March 28, 2013, 5:44 PM

Killed in a double shooting in West Oak Lane early Wednesday morning was 49-year-old Welton Clark, of Cheltenham, police said Thursday.

Clark, who lived on Krewson Lane near Yew Road in Cheltenham, was fatally shot in the chest and side in an alley near Ogontz and 68th avenues shortly after 5 a.m. Wednesday. He died at the scene. A 57-year-old man also suffered a gunshot wound to the leg in the shooting, and was treated at Albert Einstein Medical Center, according to investigators.

A search of court records in Montgomery and Philadelphia counties shows no criminal record for Clark. Police have not yet determined a motive or any suspects in the shooting.

15 Responses to RIP

  • ladyann says:

    he is junie ranks husband

  • ladyann says:

    sad lost

  • Flatbush Ave....NYC says:

    Met, who was this guy? Was he a regular?

  • ruffAroad says:

    may his soul find peace in christ #sad times…………..strength i wish for the families that are grieving

  • Yup says:

    him death seems fishy wid all a di talk dem weh a gwann and di happenings a Philly. Everyboddie mouth seal shut.. Di song seh Study u frens dem,. Di poor man wouldn’t hurt a Fly him wi quicka fi quash things. A last year dem tie him up an d try rob him ina him house and totrture him. All a dis becaus e of Who he knows. sad, sad, sad

    Some frens ano frens because all dem do a bait you up and den di problem come ur way

  • Anonymous says:

    RIP Gus!!

  • Anonymous says:

    a who him?

  • Anonymous says:

    Mi a hear seh smaddy put a hit pon him and a nuff more ppl a go dead.dats why flossing king run gone!!! Mi sorry fi him family still..

  • Anonymous says:

    R.I.P welton clark AkA gus miss you

  • money money girl says:

    R.I.P welton clark AkA gus miss you

  • Addicted says:

    Philly a one evil place from back in the 80s/90s.
    Same way they had killed Worla .Tie him up and torture him to find out where his money was hidden then shoot the man and left his kids fatherless.
    Then when his girl June died they rejoiced ,talking about how she act as if she too bad but when they used to feed nuff mouth they were everyone’s friends.
    RIP to all the elders that badmind Philly hungry belly people killed.
    Majority a Philly come from Tower Hill /Compound,same way they act a yard they do abroad.

  • Mmmm says:

    @ Adddicted
    No Worla same fren de weh him meckk fraid a him get him eliminated. you cah wah badup everyboddie. If people fear you then u know what’s nexxt. Btw how come dem cah charge no one har solve him murder yet?? As far as i see it’s a norm in Towerhill to do such things. I see the same frens that were “gulity” of his murder get showered and loved by his beloved daughter and family just because of hype life.. If mi hear seh soembody have something to do with my family murder ,not even Hello dem woulda get from me, and me surely woulda plan fi dem..

  • Addicted says:

    Mmmm yes it was his friends that set him up not because of fear but greed.
    Philly police probably just looked at all these killings and say “thank god for helping us do our jobs”they are definetly not going to waste manpower and money to solve the murder of one of philly biggest pusher.
    His daughter just caught up in the hype and forget her loyalty because of “GREED”.
    I never liked Tower Hill from way back when and still dont.Its as if a different breed of people come from there.
    I wonder what happen to that show-off black ugly one Gene.

  • money money girl says:

    yes yes his own friends them set him up

  • Anonymous says:

    Why y’all saying is daughters get caught up in the hype life and doing this cause they greedy.. They don’t know of wat they father do in Philly to them he was a hard working businessman, so ppl need to stop talk and judge if they don’t know anything….

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