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Title: nasty life mi need mi moneyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Message Body:
met please and kindly me a ask u fi tell samantha lawernce fi pay mi back mi hard working 59grand weh she have fi mi cause she a f+++ so much man and still cannot pay me my money oooo.please met please thanks.


  • Tawkchuet says:

    Senda if Met was to recover this monies for u pls be advised that the recovery fee is 50,000 so u only ago get $9,000 if u r still interested respond in a timely manner. Thank u :nerd

  • PPL busineSS says:

    sender u disgusting eh????? TIME HARD

  • THMF says:

    So she owe u 59 grand and there’s no background to the story. So Met must ask back fi you money and don’t know why she have it inna di first place. And why you lending people $59 muchless $59, 000? Samantha keep it, if send fool enough fi give you she nuh wise enough fi get it back now.

  • Met says:

    chuet :hammer

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Metsy morningggg :peluk memba mi fi get a small fee to enuh lol

  • Met says:

    morning chuet :peluk

  • LadyWoW says:

    is dat JA $?? :nerd

    U nuh know seh due to the tuff economic times the pussy stock market is in great turmoil. Market is is based on Supply and demand. If you flood the market with so much supply the price drops because the consumers now have a variety.

  • Pina says:
  • Cindy Royal says:

    Mi nuh support foolinish an ppl borrowing ppl money & not repaying, but sender di first ting yuh need fi know isl, b4 unuh come yah, unuh need fi exhaust all other efforts to get back unuh money, ie, report it to the police or go to the court office & have a summons served or set a bailiff pan di smaddy or sumting b4 unuh jus come pan JMG come scandalize ppl. If & only if unuh duh dat, an can provide some proof of dat, den unuh fi come yah, an wi will certainly blast di smaddy. Until unuh exhaust odda options, unuh gweh man! kmt

  • Dwrl says:


  • Sexy diva says:

    Why these people don’t like to pay. Thank having problem the same way with with one duty f—ie box. Soon send ar in

  • ... says:

    Sender mek sure if u get di $ afta dis yuh send a finders fee & $ for advertising space to Met….kmt

  • kgn13 says:


  • kialy says:

    bring back the woman money gal.

  • vizio says:

    Senda, lending money to friends and family is always stressful. You’ve have to be tactfully collecting. When a friend or family member isn’t as proactive about paying you back as quickly as you’d like, things can get awkward pretty quickly. Just wondering if this is the right avenue sender, or some man issue going on. Send JM more details of you, so I can personally pay you back for herrrrrrrrr. You must have done this before, it can’t be your first time!!!
    Thanks in Advance for your speedy response.

  • lotoya says:

    this gal use come up by hills and sell pussy everynight so why she dont pay back the lady her money

  • lotoya says:

    all ninja man f000 it

  • Little Willie says:

    Den sender….a yu female (ex)friend yu dash dem dere dollerz pon? Suh not even likkle cocky recumpense fi yu loss?? No sah, a betta yu did tek di money gi Noddy. At least yu woulda get two grine and maybe a Noddy baby fi yu troubles.

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