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Another woman has come forward with claims that former Rising Star contestant Noddy Virtue has used and betrayed her.

Tracy Gordon, who resides in the UK and who is the mother of his children, says she has been with Noddy for six years and is now left with the pain of his betrayal.

“I have three kids for Noddy and last year September, I came to Jamaica and I gave him $300,000 to plan our wedding. Three weeks after I returned to the UK, Noddy took the money and got married to someone else,” she said.

She added that she spent thousands of dollars to build a room on his house so that her children would have their own space when they visited for holidays.

‘I feel like less than a dog’

“When I was coming to Jamaica, Noddy’s mother asked me to bring her a shoes because she had a wedding to go to … Is the same shoes she wore to Noddy’s wedding. I even built a room on the house and bought a bedroom set for over $100,000. I cry everyday. Right now I feel like less than a dog,” she said.

“I’ve been sleeping with Noddy from him have no bed and when I saw the article in the paper last week I had to cry because is the same thing Noddy did to me.”

Gordon told THE STAR that she wants to be compensated for all the money that she spent.

Noddy Virtue, has however, denied these accusations.

“These ladies are just upset because dem feel like a dem mi shudda married to. Dem need fi accept say mi married and move on,” he said.

He added that the malicious attempts to derail his career and his marriage would not work.

“When I met Tracy she was married, mi respect her because a she a mi baby mother but she nuh suppose to a carry we business to the paper. Mi never beg her nutten. You come a look me, a nuh me come look you. Mi never go England yet so mi never take whe you money, unuh send money come cause unuh a look man. Now mi married unuh vex, unuh caan buy Noddy Virtue love,” he said.

He added, “Unuh caan seperate me and mi wife. Who Jah bless no man curse, so unuh caan get me down. Mi married who mi love so unuh need fi accept dat and move on. Unuh need fi leave me alone.”

Noddy also told THE STAR that he was also looking into his options for lawsuits against his ex-girlfriend who resides in the United States.


  • Fyahwife says:

    U need more people Noddy!!!!! U an u lawsuits :games

  • front row seat says:


  • Knows it all says:

    Somebody please remove thw “scales” from my eyes, cause I really cant see what these ecxes of Nodfy saw…

  • Knows it all says:


  • Real says:

    john crow inna real life….walk and con ppl …mi cah manage noddy all go learn fi sing so him can con di ppl dem outta dem vote fi rising star mi boddiii :nerd

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Hey Noddy no have no virtue that’s y when dem come a sing dem conscious n holy gamoly mi no look pon dem cause no real true n decent man would not say that Noddy u love likes MAN WI f— U gwhey man mi say mi want to see the man whey coulda get me fi stay ya wuck my money send go give him, him hood n tongue woulda need fi can stretch from JA come right here kmt waste man

  • Tawkchuet says:

    And Noddy Muma licky licky tooo dem woman ya luv buy love too much as a matter of rass fact kmft mi head hot fi Noddy n the answer whey him give memba rotten teeth crash face Noddy bout him a bloodclaaaat use woman to cho :batabig :batabig :batabig :batabig

  • No Sah! says:

    Noddy ago live fi nyaam him words. God don’t like ugly. He likes to use people…watch when the woman wha him married done wid him claat. A the new in thing now…man a sell dem crotches and dem tongue. All these ladies needs to go to prayerville for Noddy and bawl dung Jesus pon him. How could he do something like that to the mother of his children. Take food out of his kids mouth to give new woman lavish wedding. What a disgusting human being. She must bring lawsuite against him for all her monies and child support. Dutty dog shit…

  • No Sah! says:

    It’s so disgusting…his children will one day read about his dirty ways and his nasty reply towards their mother. That is why when some children grow up and nuh have nutten fi do wid them parent(s) people nuffi sey nuttin.

  • Boston oops I spilled the Beans says:

    What goes around will come right back around & bite him in the ass when he least expects it

  • Anonymous says:

    “When I met Tracy she was married, mi respect her because a she a mi baby mother but she nuh suppose to a carry we business to the paper. Mi never beg her nutten. You come a look me, a nuh me come look you. Mi never go England yet so mi never take whe you money, unuh send money come cause unuh a look man.

    Based on what he said hear says a lot…..Its time for women stop giv man money in trying to buy there love….

    I know a girl that gives her babyfather money all the time & he said he does not love her, she knows that he does not but continue giving him thinking she can buy his love.

  • Met says:

    ok but if u dont want someone dont tek dem tings

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Met mi a tell u the world gone mad cause mi know bout man spend pon woman not the other way around

  • Little Willie says:

    Tawkchuet…….yu know yu is one mad raas ‘oman?…..Tongue and cocky haffi how long?? DWRCLLLLL!!!

  • Little Willie says:

    Noddy tek half mill offa him baby mother….dat ruff, mi nah lie. NOD-bloodclaat-DY!!!!…..yu couldn’t rob a next gyal?

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Willie mi nah laff man :ngakak :ngakak dem something here upsetting bad di B buy bed n she build room a mus she name “come to help us” cho

  • Met says:

    all him madda join in pan di nyam out ting chuet

  • Nom de Plume says:

    Shame fi di whola dem. Mi know some men wouldn’t tek a drink from a woman friend let alone the mother of dem kids. Mi coulda neva have kids fi a man and haffi mine him an dem. Man must dun pon you lady. f—ing shameless. can bet shie did a boast seh Noddy a go married to har and bare things, if she neva get jilted we wouldn’t hear gunfire. Mi nah look.

  • Met says:

    willie some man a germs and noddy is one…him nuh careee

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Dutty muuma dat Met mi notice say Nuff woman love fren dem man Muma but not I mi a outlaw so mi no need no in law dem luddyyyyyy kmt

  • Met says:

    I would go back fi di shoes and bun it infront a har gate dem too low man

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Same so Met same damn way so :shakehand2

  • LadyWoW says:




  • Met says:

    wow u a nuh di first person mi si talk bout dat 3rd person ting n it is always shocking to to see the face of the mouth that does the 3rd person talking

  • LadyWoW says:

    U right I was in da wrong tense – but dat shit errrks my f—ing nerve wen people do dat. just to show how full of dem self dem is

  • Met says:

    wow u nuh read wha mi seh good…………….mi seh u a nuh di first person that has said people who speak about themselves in the 3rd person are wicked…people always seh dat

  • Riches says:

    wen mi si dis mi shake mi rass head, Chuet yuh nuh easy, rotten teeth Noddy nave no virtue fi chue, one look pon Noddy mouth wid im rotten teeth im cuda even breathe pon me, a so mi know man well short, d dronko seh a d ooman sen im money, y tek har tings den if u nuh inna nutten wid har, sad ting im an dah one yah have kids

  • kgn13 says:


  • No Sah! says:

    Him well tek the woman money when she did a send it on doah. Mi sey he’s gonna get his rug pulled right from underneath him. I hope him can manage. This is the mother of your children…six years and 3 children so mi nuh believe a buy she did a buy love. She honestly thought she was in a stable relationship and was trying to build wid har man. Noddy knew his intentions weren’t good so him shouldn’t even did breed har. I only hope this woman will hold up har head and just start re-build.

    Woman hold up yuh head and stop yuh bawling and just know sey God saved you from a lifetime of crawsis!!!!

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Kgn 13 thank u :shakehand2 worse di madda of ur kids wutliss ugly ass shovel mouth shark like noddy kmft

  • StayGood says:

    i never read the first story, but this story just show that this little nobody dutty bwoy is a real john crow! And u can’t expect nuh better cause obviously a same way di muma tan. Lady jump pon a plane and come tek back u shoes and bun it rasss!. And sue di tuff face ugly Noddy mussi chu him red him mussi tink say him good looking. And u upset me to enuh woman any wedding a plan a di man money affi a spend, wha mek u send all dem money deh com gi di john crow? NO amount a suck n f— cuda mek me do that. My money?! u mussi rhatid ole mad!

  • BLAKberryJUICY1 says:

    Why r some women so desperate? Hold the men in Jamaica by the same standards as u would the men “foreign”. There is no way u would give a man in the USA, UK, or Canada unlimited amounts of money for the most foolish reasons. First thing u would say is,”N___A please!” But u constantly sending money to JA for phones, cars, clothes, etc. What did these men do b4 u arrived on the scene? Let a damn man b a man! Stop trying to buy men thinking they frightened over yr little baby money. What makes u so special when JA is sooo full of beautiful fat p___y women. U come down once or twice a year and think say a hot blooded J’can man is going to hold out until u get a vacation and gather up enuf money to come back. Baby please! One thing I have to say to all of them, my hard earned money cannot and will not spend in JA if I am not there, not a dollar, not a dime.

  • it hot mi says:

    It hot mi cuz mi know di girl cuz she de wid him fi six years and ha 3 kids fi him.Mi kno seh she send money to dem when it was needed,nuh fi min’ no man cuz sometimes the kids would come to Jamaica and stay with him.The only thing that girl is guilty of is loving that man!!Him fi gi u bk u money Tracy!!!Him did know seh him dida married him shudda neva tek di money.Di whole a comma pen ppl know di truth,is a wutless bwoii.All those who a chat an nuh know ntn fi keep quiet.When pickney eye wata de pon you it worse than obeah.di licky licky mummy a di biggest culprit!! mumma shoes shudda broke iina di boot!Don’t worry girl keep strong for your kids!

  • lawd gee says:

    Look how much money was taken,I feel for this girl.How can any decent man take his baby mother’s money to pay for his wedding.That is a sad state of affair!

  • smh says:

    A bet a she did fix him up dutty self.It look like a bere farin ooman him target and tek dem money.Go learn fi bi a man! go do sintin and come off a yuh stale career

  • thelordsmyshepard says:

    its the first i am seeing this in all my years, Noddy is a deceitful and cunning man. How can u plan to marry the mother of your children and partner of six years, take her money to prepare her wedding and three weeks later use that money to marry another woman. He even has the nerve to later speak about her in that way. A man should never treat any woman like that. Noddy gives us men a bad name.

  • YAADIEboy says:

    RAAAASSSSCLAAAT man can wicked so to dem own pickney, to pussy im sell out im pickney dem to bombo no sah dah bredda yah wicked

  • simpleton says:

    Dutty bwoy Noddy target and con wpmen from foreign fi lie in a bed a roses
    A DAWG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dats y woman mus careful smh

  • LUNDUN says:

    mi cyaah stand men weh tek money from oman, dem wi shit up u hole cuz dem wi f— man fi tings too.

    at di same time when mi hear stories like dese, mi laugh afta di gal dem, dem fool no f—, bout dem a mine man. unno fi tek unno money an spend pon unno pickney, an unno household, an unno front weh a gadda gingy fly.

  • nothingnew says:


  • Foxy Lady says:

    Same way Lundun! I feel horrible for her, I can just imagine the pain she’s in, that’s the height of betrayal BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT woman fi stop mine man, like Lundun states, any man wey a beg you will f’ a man fi tings.
    A weak worthless man beg woman. Notice every time you women have your tales it’s beyond mere cheating, it’s feeling used and played because oonuh tek oonuh hard earned money a mine man. And it seems like him madda just as evil cos she nuh stop beg the woman dem.

    It’s never a good idea to ‘add on’ to in laws house since you cannot take the property with you.

    Baby girl, this might be a blessing to you. Sometimes when you’re so hurt at your disappointment, it’s actually a gift in hand. Shake it off and move on. Life has a way of giving people their just desserts, he’ll get his in the end.

  • scorndem says:

    i am praying for the mother of Noddy’s children and that she will always have the strength to stand by her kids because its clear that Noddy sold them out at an early age . i hope when they are old enough to understand, they will realise that their father did not love their mother but only used her for her money.

  • LUNDUN says:

    foxy mi no care weh dem seh, di baby madda was a idiot an dat batty boy si dat an use it to him advantage.

    he is a big dutty user, but sum a dem gal ya fi get use wid dem fool fool self.

    how u fi add on room pon house dat is not yours? r u stupid!! not because a him kids, him will still run dem an den di purpose u built di room for will be up in di air.

    bout u a cry, a wi taxes weh dutty cameron no stop bleed from wi u tek a mine dutty noddy? di more mi tink bout it a di more mi a get upset. a good fi u rass.

    noddy, mi leff u to time ole dog shit.

  • Foxy Lady says:

    All me know Lundun, mommy neva raise no fool! Call me anything else in the book, but it damn sure won’t be man fool.
    When women stop screw fi promises, and stop mine man then it will always just be a break up but not a devastation.

    Wise up chicas!

  • No Sah! says:

    No nah understand how yuh fi a spend money pon wedding and you don’t know the details of the wedding. You were there for three weeks, you should have been more involved. Well lesson learned. Pick up the pieces and move on. Noddy is gonna come crawling back on hands and knees.

  • Regula says:

    Goodnight Met and metters, Not even Judge Judy coulda say it any better than Lundun. She caan get no sympathy from me either, any room a build fi him kids a him fi build it, now wife ago inherit, some women too weak and foolish and some men too f—ing worthless and heartless and dem sooner end up shirtless and a shit up dem self with no one to care for dem cos dem nuh build nuh firm foundation, you a woman yuh wi bounce back and you will always have your kids, the real ‘assets’ in all this mess, money comes and goes.

  • Jules says:

    A Noddy seh mi a singa not a wedding planna.

    A feel har pain, but Missis u nuh know seh u caan build nutten pon man family land? How unno suh naive. U tink u can get di room off him madda house, or di furniture out? Nuh care a which man dat him can neva get me invest inna feem ppl place weh dem hab dem land title and all..if a suh meck it be one a di bwoad house weh can hise pon truck trabble galang if mashup come. If unno a invest, invest pon nuetral ground weh when split come u sure a ur portion.

    Unno ladies acting widdout wisdom inna unno quest fi love and ending up wid di shitty end of di stick. Unno a lose unno pride and getitng humiliated fi love and as if dat nuh enough, unno a lose unno money to. Now if u hawt broken u coulda teck u money guh pon a vacation, or guh di spa, or treat uself to a shopping spree, but even dat u caan do because unno spend off di money pon dis man wah nuh hab a pot to piss in, or a window fi throw it outta. A hope di wife nah siddung fawm fool and fi realize seh har husband hab some serious character flaws wah may come back to haunt har if shi nuh wisen up and protect har interests.

  • Observer says:

    a weh dah gyal yah cum fram big raas man yu a mine n em fambily dem muss mock yuh :mad: luk ow yu luk like one mascot now

    noddie yu is a wotliss raas yu n yuh mummah likky likky n nuh hav nutten bout unnuh..if yuh son nuh wah di ooman weh em a duh a tek har tings yuh nuh teach em nuh morals n yu tief fram yuh own grand pitney dem yuh ole fawt

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Baxide!!! Noddy guh hawd wid him explanation man. Noddy seh a dem come look him an dem fi MOVE ON. Dang skippy! I aint even gonna hate on this playa, but if I were 1 a dem ooman yah, me wudda shame.

  • winyce says:

    Yo, when dem see u come from farin, dem see u as pop dung farina. u is dem stepping stone to get to beyonce & jay z. All u hear di nawsiness dem a tawk bout how dem miss u, a new clothes, rent a car, & likkle ochie food dem a look. Listen to dem how dem tawk how farina fool fool, & how it easy fi get tings from dem. If u caan fine a man or a ooman a farin, guh jamaica, caa dem licky licky, nuh ha nuh shame, n desperate. Baby modda, hole up u head. Leff him to di dutty gyal weh him married. Him do u a fayva, a coulda ten year u spen. Him n him mumma stink like. All a wi will hear bout him. Everybody weh live a farin n have relationship a jamaica have di same story. Take heed, cause dem know how fi pretend. Look how farin hawd. Put oonu money to betta use.

  • sincerely says:

    Noddy for six years!!!!!!!!!!!!!! obviously this woman loved him and believed he loved her and that the relationship was real serious. They even had three children throughout the years. That means all the money she was spending did not necessarily mean she was minding him. As a matter of fact i bet that the room she built was for the kids when they would visit jamaica, which makes perfect sense. She even claimed that they had started to plan a wedding together. It was obvious he had convinced her that he wanted them to have a future together. So all those persons who are talking rubbish should have read with understanding and not blame her so blindly. We do not know the full story, so we should not be quick to judge.

  • no nonsense says:

    another one Noddy worse yuh baby madda wid yuh three pickney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO MAN NODDY U TOO WICKED and look at his comments to him nuh deny teking har money and using fi marry next gyal and still inna relationship wid har. Jah no my girl mi feel it fi yuh . yuh hav a big heart , mek dem gwaan chat mi kno how man tan if dem did inna d same position dem wud a tek d money to.
    but yuh will b fine girl u and yuh pickney dem a british so jus get up a brush off yuh self cuz unnu caan suffah
    a fi him lost dat him

  • porter says:

    Noddy too wicked him nuh deserve fi c dem deh pickney dem again. D gyal fi change dem last name and rip up d birth certificate dutty nastiness Noddy

  • killa-shot says:

    BLOODCLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Noddy how yuh so cold to yuh baby madda and your own blood FIYA FI YUH PUSSY yuh giv good man bad name

  • coolie says:

    d woman yuh shoulda marry shudda b u baby madda or at least have the respevt fi tell har u want har and nuh take yuh owna pickney dem money marry odda woman. A nuff man a look gud ,strong and hardworking woman like she but because a man like unnu mek nuff gud woman caan get dem

  • tru talk says:

    Come on now we all kno wen women love they love completely. Wen ppl r in love they will do anything for each other but why wen persons do good thingS for their companions and then later break apart, we curse them and say they were foolish for helping their mate. why do we foolishly criticise the good ones and NOT the ungrateful. The bible says “Bless them that curse you, Do gud to them that despitefully use you” God bless you all

  • AkA says:


  • samantha says:

    noddy virtue and him family dem a opportunist.noddy never tell mi seh him married is the internate mi find out pon and when mi ask him about it,him seh a business cause jamaica rough but as soon as him get him papers he si getting a divorce as he dont love her like that.i didnot buy that story but i am upset because he made me buy plane ticket to come to jamaica and spend up thousands of dollar whe mi work hard fa in a cold and snow.him and him mother in a difficulty and borrow mi money and all mi a get a pure tret from the mother and the sister.but time will catch up on them cause god nuh like thing mi know noddy seh him ago sue mi and him forget seh mi have mi westernuinion reciept weh mi lend him mi money.

  • ny says:

    all me know seh noddy virtue is a cold peice a yute and time ago catch up with him.if him do him baby mother suh mi nuh know whe him wouldnt do to know body else,but if i was her i would file child support and make him support his kids and all the money that i gave him including the 3000000 he took to pay for his wedding he would have to compensate me can someone so cold.he tell everybody his marriage was business now him a mek big talk about his wife,but the world know he is only saying those things to keep her calm.but she will live to rgret.she must realize seh she nuh have no kids fi him and if her so call husband did his baby mother like that why would she think it will be diffrent with her?its just a matter of time.

  • real scope says:

    Everybody a mine the man, matie & wife. His money nuh spend if they all get together and compare notes they all have the same story. Three kids that the wife a denounce. If him keep a show him si him no get paid. Man a big time hustler. Him a profile now since the story buss. None a the woman dem nuh have nuh money. All a dem money done. People only know god when they are in trouble. Old wicked dem…

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