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Older brother of B’klyn teen killed by cops shot ‘innocent’ girl in the arm last summer
Last Updated: 11:56 AM, March 27, 2013
Posted: 11:29 AM, March 27, 2013
Brooklyn teen Kimani Gray, who was fatally shot by cops when he pulled a gun on them, has an older brother who pumped a bullet into a girl over the summer, authorities said.

Omar Gray, 20, shot a 17-year-old girl — an apparent innocent victim — in the arm during an afternoon Brooklyn drive-by Aug. 18, law-enforcement sources said.

Omar Gray was charged with assault and gun possession in the shooting. He pleaded not guilty and was freed on $50,000 bail.

Cops said Kimani, 16, was a gangbanger looking to rob someone the night he was killed. Police have said the officers who shot him fired in self-defense after he pulled a gun on them.

Kimani Gray
His family denied he had a weapon. They demanded that the Brooklyn DA’s office investigate Kimani’s death.

The Brooklyn DA’s office is now probing the case.

Kenneth Montgomery, the lawyer representing Kimani’s mom, Carol Gray, yesterday said he had “no information about’’ Omar Gray’s bust.

“I don’t see how that affects my representation,’’ he added.

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  • Addicted says:
  • Lovely5557 says:

    Wah di baxside does him brother haffi do wid di nasty police dem. Killing dis young kid

  • LUNDUN says:

    bad family

    a bad person is not bad all the time or to everyone. their mom did not raise them properly, then they become menaces to me and u who are trying to go about our lawful business.

  • Foxy Lady says:

    This is how the media manipulates situations and people’s minds because people cannot think for themselves and must go along with the masses. So his brother shot someone. What exactly does that have to do with the cops gunning down this kid, seven shots in the back?

  • wahdirassdis says:

    @lundun mi agree wid yuh 100%

  • Anonymous says:

    Looking to rob Someone ??? The cops too lie smfh

  • Regula says:

    Wake up people!!! This is the New Justice System ‘kill you first, then find you guilty’. Same shit happens in Britain and Jamaica time after time, and for those of us thinking it cant be you or your kid, think again. I’m scared to even say what I truly see happening right now, this is not the sixties, more 1984, and we have all the freedom and yet we have none.

  • Observer says:

    I just keep looking for the sympathy here and to no avail. I may have empathy considering the lost of “a child” otherwise i hope di mumma raise di ress rite if she hav anymor fi raise

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m with you on this Lundun… 100%!

  • Talk DI things dem says:

    The cops know the whole family that’s the point he is always in trouble with the law n so is the family sorry for there lost but u know way god naw sleep maybe he didn’t deserve so much bullet but if he had a gun he deserve to get shot because it’d either him or them a buff robbery dat little boy do not to mention his dead brother god naw sleep u see god naw sleep no REMORSe

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