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15 Responses to ROY FOWL FISH FRY

  • ... says:

    mi cyaan manage dis camera person, mi yeye dem a spaz out

  • fashiondoll says:

    A how much time fi di year fowl kip fishfry :p

  • Met says:

    one time but di video neva put up and mi hear seh mercedes did a talk up but a doe see it oo

  • Lou-Lou says:

    Kmt dutty mercedes is in England selling her dry pussy

  • Met says:

    i wonder what tamika doing :maho

  • Espute says:

    Met u a the best

  • Met says:

    dem good oooooooooooo

  • Yah yah says:

    Can somebody tell da big old long breast woman deh in a di blue c-Tru top & jeans shorts weh name joy say fi go back a England wid har old bruck 1£ Clothes dem, she f000 & buy the young buoy dem a jamaica & dem don’t want har now she a f– a video man & afi a hide cause the man embarrass a har big granny live off a har big son & weh she work a the post office a England she buy ticket fi cum catch young bouy a jamaica & pay fi f—. she go f— the brown youth in a 5 star crew a jamaica a back page him put har pon til har page tear out she is a poor excuse of a granny, bubbles want some clothes all him do a walk & drink from people bottle & hype, a don’t kno y him start to party back him stay baddddddddd hyping done pon him, him rental dem pop down

  • Met says:

    yah yah mek u bad suh?_______________________________________________________________________

  • Dwrl says:


  • Jules says:

    Betta dem did show di fish dem a fry inna dis video cause di ppl dem dis jam up suh and everybody a fan and dem out a door..I don’t see how u a fan and u inna open air place. B

  • Observer says:

    jules_______________________________________________________________________ :hammer

  • Anonymous says:

    Dah half indian girl deh inna di bathing suit a fram di OUCH CREW met? If a she shi really look pap dung

  • Addicted says:

    Sukie Roy Fowl nephew look as if he is sucking on the crack pipe.
    Because of him and his extra hypeness why the British crew kingdom collapsed :travel .

  • Heheeeeee

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