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  • Smh says:

    Like me say yesterday him a busy fellow!

  • Observer says:

    wen em seh “i love her” em mean di cyar r di ooman em rite bout love america caw a di onli place yu caw deh wid man a road n inna prison wid ease :nohope:

    now wid a record dem “man” yah caw get a decent wok an ooman still a “par” wid dem a doah get it

  • No Joke says:

    Very busy Smh…

  • Liz says:

    She have up pond her page that’s her new ride (white truck)

  • KEKE says:


  • LadyWoW says:

    mi nah hate pan Gucci – If di ooman dem nuh mind share him more power to dem.

  • Anonymous says:

    ice n gucci me love enuh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MzUptown says:

    Anybody can go dealer and take picha of a car a get wash,car just buy yet its a rental drive go fiji sunday.All now Ice no take a picha inna the car. When Hubo party big bragging did gwan how them buy up couple BMW’s..All now them BMW no surface from that nite. No fool round here. If the matter up top is truth,then congrats Ice.

  • Anonymous says:

    ice ya take picha in that same gucci glasses mi tired fi see u it now man u nah a next one and ya cloths dem nah look good a wah gucci cah buy some decent cloths

  • ABAY says:

    Gucci you groupie weh no stop smile wid you and wah you back unda di quite cah tekk a break now?/ meck she know seh Ice is a dead dawg and is she you wants, Dem cah teck di fire so dem a try everything fi ppl memba and chat bad bout ice. Boo boo it backfired on you. Ice a pressha you and you cah teck it. everyminute she land ova ya pon di wall with a story weh no hab no substance. Stop use jmg fi promote ur hate pan di gal. real suss we wah . me feel seh a Ice you wah stil. abay. Ice i don’t like you either but she really a meck you extra famous now. :mahongintip :ngakak

  • karma says:

    so mz uptown you say di people dem a pose up and ah tek picture wid rental car dwl mi cant tek di hype thats so stupid and if he did buy her a car thank god she finally get something from a man other than stiff cocky lets just hope its paid for in full and its in her name cause anyhow dem mash up back to beggin for a ride it is for you ice i wonder what the wife has to say about this lol

  • MzUptown says:

    Karma picha tek and all now the subjects no tek a picha inna the car,which anybody can do. Them so hype yet this new car nobody no see Ice in only picha on instagram. At least Hubo can drive the Acura truck and pose up more than one days worth of picha. no hating cuz the way them rum them puzzy meter red,its about time a car finance out of the hard work,sweat and extra puzzy milage. I will congratulate if this proves to be true,cuz I am not one to fight nobody progress.

  • Anonymous says:

    oh please gucci naw have one shit. the bwoy live outta him aunty house and ice naw get nuttin cause him nau have nuttin fi gi ah

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