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Barbara Gayle, Justice Coordinator

Attorney-at-law Bert Samuels who was part of the legal team which successfully argued the appeal for alleged leader of the Spanish Town-based Clansman gang, Tesha Miller has declared that his client should not have been convicted in the first place.

While the Court of Appeal is yet to hand down its reasons for quashing Miller’s illegal possession of firearm and robbery convictions, Samuels told The Sunday Gleaner that he does not want the public to believe that the alleged gangster was freed on a technicality.

According to Samuels, there was the planting of evidence and outright lies by cops desperate to secure the conviction of Miller.

The attorney added that the identification evidence relied on by the prosecution was also weak.

He said during the trial, the complainant told the court that the first time he saw Miller was in June 2011, but it was proven that Miller was in custody at that time.

The complainant further claimed that the only other time he saw Miller was on the day that he was held up and robbed.

However, Samuels said, “during the trial the judge found that there was ‘orchestrated confrontation’ by the police between Miller and the complainant”.

Samuels said the investigating officer had testified that he was driving along the Salt Pond Road, in St Catherine with the complainant while searching for the motorcar which had been stolen from him.

The cop further told the court that he saw a group of men looking suspicious and stopped.

It later turned out that he had conveniently stopped in front of Miller’s yard and the alleged gangster was standing in the premises at the time giving the complainant a good opportunity to look at him.

Orchestrated confrontation

Supreme Court Judge Carol Beswick remarked at the trial in the Gun Court that the investigating officer had orchestrated the confrontation between the two men.

Samuels said another point which had formed a basis of the appeal was the fact that Miller had said that at 1 p.m. which was the time of the alleged robbery he was at the Spanish Town Police Station.

Miller said he was reporting to the police as a condition of his bail on a different charge.
The cops had first claimed that the time Miller reported was not recorded in the station diary but when his attorneys requested to see the book, l1:48 a.m. was recorded as the time Miller reported that day.

“The time recorded in the book would deny Miller of his alibi that he was at the police station,” noted Samuels as he hinted that the time had been put in the book after the fact by dishonest cops.

Miller, 30, was freed by the Court of Appeal last Friday.

He had been sentenced in 2011 to seven years in prison for illegal possession of a firearm and 15 years for robbery with aggravation.

The sentences were to run concurrently so he would have served 15 years.

The alleged Clansman gang leader was convicted for robbing a man of his motorcar in December 2010 in Spanish Town, St Catherine.

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16 Responses to MILLER FRAMED LOL

  • Anonymous says:

    Dem seh u no fi judge people, but if me see dis man ya a come me move out a im way just by his natural demeanor. By my standard, yu can see seven devils in dis man ya face!

  • Hotstepper....formerly peeper says:

    Met u know sey mi know one police man wah tell me sey nuff time when dem caan get bad man affa di street a dat dem do fi chue…..him also tell me sey a das why nuff time u hear sey dem dead inna shoot out, and the community a sey a lie….because dem become such a nuisance that dem the police either plant sinting pon dem, or kill dem and sey a shoot out, because no matter how dem ole dem pon things dem get offf

  • Met says:

    peeper that is true but why is when pnp come in miller release?

  • Espute says:

    Gm everyone.. Tesha case really is a frame case, looking at it from a different angle asking myself this question why a man wid so much money car house and bus woulda hole up a man and rob him a car that dont cut it for me. Better dem did plant a gun on him and seh him shoot after dem that would a mek more sense to me.The sentence alone tell mi every thing plan man get hold wid gun and charge for robbery and only get five years so how come him get fifteen mi never buy the evidence at all..Everybody kno tesha a murdera but dont plant evidence and tell lie. .The police must do dem work and do it the right way not the other day around.

  • Espute says:

    Tesha time deh near still u better run weh like placka and wuka man cause dem nah stop till u dead or get life.

  • fashiondoll says:

    Good morning Metty. Where did they find such a ugly pic of the man? In all fairness him get better looking. Tesha all i can say is full time u turn ova a new leaf and no botha boost up back di almshouse a dela vega and surrounding.j

  • sweet says:


  • Real says:

    Tesha Miller you might make the news again. One of them will be a breaking news cause a death fi yu next.

  • Met says:

    sweet morning dem too good man

  • Anonymous says:

    Why would the police frame Tesha Miller when it is much easier to just kill him? The guy is a menace to society, who got off a double murder charge a few years ago, after being deported from the US where he was living (Tampa, Florida). He was out on bail when he absconded to the US, was caught with a gun and other things and deported. This was his second time being deported from the US.

    Someone ask the question why he would steal a car when he can more than afford to buy one? Stolen cars can be used for robbery, drive-by shootings and used to do all manner of illegal activities….it is that simple. Would you drive your own car to rob a bank or commit a murder?

    His days are numbered and it is just a matter of time before he is no longer with us. Gone are the days when politicians need Dons or vice versa. He was safer behind bars than on the streets.

    “He began giving orders from bases in the US. We tracked him to the city of Long Island, then he moved to Rhode Island and finally to Tampa,” Brown told the Sunday Observer yesterday. “We shared information on him with our overseas-based colleagues and he was picked up.”

  • PhantomPhoenix says:

    The liars…lawyers and judge dem may just be the TRUE mechanisms of Jamaica’s corruption machine. a’tu pon yu unfinish tomb milla an a’tu pon it when it done and seal.

  • Which part a dat tuff ole ugly man a 30. If him a 3o mi a 15. Time is d master….

  • Real says:


  • Little Willie says:

    Why are there never questions about jobs, businesses, means by which these criminals and gang leaders come by the millions these lawyers charge for their defense?
    And these lawyers are free to accept drugs/blood money. SHAME on you Burt. You are a reasonably good attorney, leave the scum to the Senator. Nuh grudge the other hungry belly practitioners. Bigger and better than that. Yu nuh bruk.

  • By that Florida mugshot info him is 40 now

  • Cindy Royal says:

    The police force & their investigative process is really a hot f—ing mess. Tesha is now free to come & exact a blood bath in Spanish Town for all the perceived wrongs he thinks has been done to him – starting with the killing of his sister.


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