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Tesha Miller freed on gun, robbery charges
Friday, March 22, 2013 | 1:00 PM


KINGSTON, Jamaica — Tesha Miller reputed former leader of the Spanish Town-based Klansman gang, was today freed of gun and robbery charges by the Court of Appeal.
Millier was sentenced in the High Court Division of the Gun Court to seven years’ imprisonment for illegal possession of a firearm and 15 years for robbery with aggravation.

He was freed on both charges.

Read more:–robbery-charges#ixzz2OJIV6eDv

19 Responses to WHAT A TING HEE!

  • Addicted says:

    what an ugly mofo.

  • ... says:

    siiiigh bwaaay

  • Real says:

    Valerie Neita is an excellent lawyer…u work on all cases at night …because I do not think you can sleep/

  • Joncrow Belly says:

    So how come Kartel still in jail ?

  • Real says:

    kartel a go end up like zekes

  • Anonymous says:

    We r all living in denial Jamrock will never and cyaa get better. How d f— dis yah wet rass rat free smrcpch

  • Cc says:

    Met yuh cudnt gi dis a betta rass heading WHAT A TING!!!

  • Sum1 says:

    Isn’t he the Don that had the cell phone up his ass?

  • EnglishPasserby says:


  • Espute says:

    Send dem send him out fi kill him..him a go dead by the cops or his own cronies watch and see :travel

  • Real says:

    well maybe dem a gi him long rope fi heng him self …maybe dem want him fi touch road so dem can done him

  • Hotstepper....formerly peeper says:

    OH Jesus….leff him to to time, the amount a mumma dis man mek cry, directly and indirectly(mi no chat things bout people wah mi no sure of)…him own cronies dem will tek him out, or maybe police

  • Little Willie says:

    I hope the international media is watching the Political crooks at work. Tesha get lock up under the previous administration, now fi him party back in power him free, all charges dismissed, all di fight with the warder gone. Zeeks get lock up, dem tek weh him millions. Him file suit fi get back di ill gotten gains. Di DPP seh show wi whe yu get di money, an him lawyer drop the suit. Atkinson come pon di scene, money return faas faas. Atkinson seh there was no basis fi tek di money even doe gunshot an weed find inna di shop wid it.
    Politicians and criminals sleep hug up inna Jamaica. Nuh mine sharp dem find technicality fi leggo Zeeks. Some a dem politician waa lock whe inna GP for a long time.

  • Jules says:

    Diaper batty pon di loose again.

    A real time fi mi guh look a cave eena one mountainside fi meck mi life cawsen di whole world gawn to rahitdhole.

  • yea says:

    is wah dis faada, a mus because a lent. di devil on di loose. i sah

  • PhantomPhoenix says:

    Mongrel dog free fi roam…den again mongrel dog have a way of wondering inna de wrong yard/bush. Look like the batty gang recruitment just increase til mongrel dog teeth kin ova.

  • A wah day mi hear him name enuh…met a him I’d hide th phone inna him batty?

  • Anonymous says:

    This guy looks like a cross between Dudus and Fancy Cat.

  • my2cents says:

    Him resemble Jay Z. Met when me see the news lastnight me cuss so til. Dem too corrupt inna dis place

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