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  • LadyWoW says:



  • Cc says:

    Is a chatin paaty dis?

  • A pay him pay the selector dem pon camera…bay chatting and no money nuh dash outntonthe gal deh…big n sour

  • Addicted says:

    How him one suh big and boring?

  • Anonymous says:

    Look at karimhype faggot ass always got his hand out f—ing batty bloodclatt bwoy

  • Why they so hype with nothing………

  • Anonymous says:

    yawn….bwoy deh chatty chatty

  • Observer says:

    hype n bruk

  • ... says:

    da gyal deh wid di locks waan trim…nasty rass wid no self esteem

  • Yah yah says:

    This man is a big fat frighten dunce funking bat as god start to bless some people that is coming from the ghetto who don’t use to tings this is how them behave fi people see them, u can see all him do a pay fi pussy cause him belly high, also if mi nay hear wrong him say him deh america 2yrs I am a citizen & not even if u married a us citizen fi 2yrs u still can’t be a citizen so mek him move him nasty load fake ass, mi tell u about these people want to be successful & when a likkle light start to shine pon dem dem can’t stand success. Wise up live life to the fullest not to the foolishness

  • Yah yah says:

    And that nasty stinking dreadful gal is a big embarrassment to Rastafarian & woman she need fi cut off har dirty licey frozy dread & go wash har stinky sour ass cause she does look stink & careless tings some bitches do for $. She didn’t even get the $ the man use to wipe har breast & mek him all a wet har wid Hennessy buoy dem gal ya kmft smh

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