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  • Me again says:

    Yes she looks good at the same time plastic surgery makes her look so much older in the face. I can t seem to find any young fresh faces or “natural beauty”. These young women need to get it together. Appreciate your body in its natural state because whatever you’re doing now will surely backfire and you will be looking like a granny way before you hit 50.

  • Nope says:

    Morning met n metters…. She looks very nice and pretty and appropriate

  • fact! says:

    Yes! she did look very nice. This look prefect for her. Hope she look like this more often,then the other shit i see her wear. #MYOPION#

  • Sexy diva says:

    Met a theft she theft the shoe bag and dress. Apple a the no one thrift bout the place me wonder if are mother did theft ar an put ar dung fe Japan me no know out a she an twin opal witch one thief. A. Them get the go a head from us gov fe thieft

  • fact! says:

    @Me again: Apple is old(in modern america), so if she feel a little insecure about what need to done let her go ahead. who is we to judge her insecurity. We should help her, than bring her down. I only leave about post about ppl, when they look right. #HAVE-A-GOOD-DAY#

  • Phat Rabbit says:

    Top of the morning all!!

    Yes I agree she looks very nice. And I don’t think she looks old. Di girl look good man we are not judging her character, we just ah talk bout di looks.

  • she look very nice, love everything. shoes and dress was too hotttt

  • PPL busineSS says:

    Morning Met – APPLE really look wwell put together but anybody whe know apple know say APPLe pretty n a d plastic surgey she do mek her face look so – by the way apple always look good na lie

  • BK says:


  • LUNDUN says:

    she looks good, the whole look came together here. thumbs up on this occasion apple :thumbup

  • Brightlight says:

    Apple looks good! But did she truly have plastic surgery in her face? Her face does look a bit different.

  • ISpy (With my two big black eyes) says:

    Ms. Met she looks a bit different to me like she did a face lift or something..but any how she looks nice, But Apple need fi send some clothes fi Chakka cah mi see har at a few parties lately and I must say she look pop dung and di clothes dem waaan dump..Chakka I think its time you start focusing on yuh kids and low out dutty dancehall life!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    @ sexy diva-Are you sure about her stealing the outfit? If she can afford to do all that to her body, why wouldn’t she be able to buy the outfit.

  • NY finest says:


  • thisaman says:

    Unu a say apple pretty if unu ever see her in the day without the makeup unu run real talk

  • lol says:

    chakka and teniesha feva saltfish kmt.

  • Chocolate says:

    Saw these on FB and thought that she does look really classy and nice. U don’t have to be half naked to look spectacular

  • Anonymous says:

    Stop glorify thieves that why the world can be better.

  • Little Willie says:

    Apple, nuh tek nuh more late night pitcho mi luv. Yu face looking very exhausted, but yu baddi and outfit tunn uuup. Mi deh ya a wonder if a di hol’ heap a false hair pon yu head a tired out yu face, or is it di sprinting from the store security, or perhaps just the baby keeping you up at DAY.

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Willie jesam piece :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  • Love jmg bad!! says:

    Her face looks a bit tight, she need to smile in her pics

  • Hotstepper...formerly peeper says:

    Willie u too outa orda…lol…maybe she was dancing and the liquor so she kinda tiad…u too bad

  • dani says:

    Botox in da 4head n collagen in the lips… as well as assistance with makeup! love those Guiseppe’s!

  • Anonymous says:

    She looks good, but by no means ‘classy’.
    Attractive enough girl with a good shape,but all the surgery, name brand clothes and extra long weave can no longer hide the fact that at least an inch of her hairline is completely gone!

    Rest and look after it, don’t keep covering it coz it will just nyam out the hairline even more!…and that advice is not for she alone, it’s for a large percentage of blackwomen


    @Willie, MEK U BAD SUH?????? Dah comment deh floor me rite a grung!!!!

  • LUNDUN says:

    u know mi cyaah si di tiaadness pon har face.

    maybe a cuz mi no know har odda face, but diss face luk nice to me.

  • Anonymous says:

    I give credit, the girl looks damn good especially to some of the train wrecks you usually find gracing these walls.

  • Anonymous says:

    @ willie if u said apple look exhausted u lying………….u are just a f—ing hater!!!!!!!!!!!! APPLE look very PRETTY & her outfit looks good bad!!!!! her face just look different bcz of the makeup.any body who does her makeup did a very good job!

  • Jules says:

    Den how shi a wear dem high shoes and habble dress, suppose shi haffi run from di law..dat nuh practical Apple. You know you haffi dress inna a way suh u can hab quick flight at any time.

  • Lawdy Lawdy says:

    She’s not a bad looking girl even b4 botox, or whateva she duh tuh ar face, but wid all ah di name brand, n duh up duh up, she neva look happy yet tuh me… I’m just saying

  • Buenos Tardes Metty Y Metters………Star Apple you are to be called on this day :) Good to see that she’s cured the blank stare, deer caught in the headlights look! Head to toe you did it, no ill fitting boobs out dress tuh yuh ting here!

  • oh,well says:

    @ Big Willie 12.52p.m. You have made me lose my train of thought. Why yuh bad so?

  • oh,well says:

    @ Lundun. I dunno, but your “mi nuh know her odda face” comment killed me. That’s why I just peep more time. You lot say it before I think it. So much wit and wisdom on this site. I love it!

  • LUNDUN says:

    @oh well :ngakak

    di metters dem seh apple do ole heap a tings to di face, an true a deh face ya me know, mi no know di odda one, mi no ave nuttin fi compare.

    but di face weh mi a si uppa top luk nice, it no luk tiaad to me at all.

    so mi well want si di original face ya now so mi can compare and contrast

  • Anonymous says:

    Apple is not a pretty girl mi now har personally. If u ever see apple face it bad colored baddd

  • OH GOSH says:

    Apple is a pretty woman
    Didn’t realise how much she looks like her father (RIP)

  • Samantha pretty says:

    Looking nice guys

  • sweet says:


  • Addicted says:

    Don’t know this chick and will never know her but i will give the credit where it’s due.
    This is an attractive looking female.Outfit rocking!!!

    Blessed evening Met & all others.

  • Foxy Lady says:

    Love the shoes, love the dress! Nice

  • No Joke says:


  • Jafaican says:

    Hey Met & Metters… TOP of the evening to you!

    She looks nice and it is refreshing to she this chick with clothes on; however, she is starting to get that look that a lot of these chicks in dancehall have once they start this plastic surgery ting.

    Is like dem cyaa tan up STRAIGHT. Not so much in these pics (in other pics) but is like dem lean.

    American Xpress Shauna has a bad TERRIBLE CASE of it! I mean duh yuh ting but if yuh cyaa guh BOARD CERTIFIED docta… nuh badda wid it.

    I think Apple has a SLIGHT case of it.

  • Good pussy says:

    Jules move u bloodclaaat the girl shell it u too bloodclaaat negative u sound like a hater

  • crescentlink says:

    @anony. 4:55, you are such a hater!! I have seen her a few times well without makeup
    and she has a clean face. Give credit where its due! kmt

  • Met says:


  • Good pussy says:

    Apple tell me where u get u dress yawww u is a superstar mumma mi done know d name a d shoes already

  • Jafaican says:

    What’s up Met??? Been a while but I’m here.

    Watch dem cum run een an CRUCIFY mi. I call it as mi seeit dough!

  • Nikki Blanco says:

    Teef or not she looks damn god in this picture!

  • Nikki Blanco says:


  • mz.B says:

    She looks good from head to toe..I just can Neva understand how ppl in DH world spend all these $$$ on their outfits/shoes/hair/surgeries to go stand up 2hrs inna one pop dung club..abt time dem step it up and step out with the real life celebs and party in some decent/decor n settings..# IJS :hope

  • Anonymous says:

    Inna everyone a har picture dem a so she lean you can see her ass from front wayhar batt twist up. Her hair looks nice though but she fulla forehead , love the shoes but the dress too busy for my taste , and as for the makeup child child child. Whosoever you got doing ur shit put way to much blush on your face but they did a hel of a great job making your big nose look smaller amd fixed those f—ed up brows

  • unnuhfigweh says:

    Apple u look so pretty i love the look

  • simplicity says:

    the shoes is cute!

  • Anonymous says:

    met i went on apple instagram page & i see pic of her without weave & makeup,she looks even prettier wit her real hair & without makeup. i honestly dnt think she do no botox………its just the makeup! my opinion shes a f—ing pretty girl.

  • SuperStarGirlz says:

    Don’t know this girl but I can honestly say she looks DAM GOOD. Bitches stop hating. If the girl looks good, she looks good. Black people can never admit when someone looks better then them or has accomplished more then them. APPLE YUH NUH LOOK GOOD, YUH LOOK GREAT1

  • fact! says:

    Everyone the dress Dolce&Gabbana spring/summer 2013.

  • Jimmy says:

    Apple yes yuh look good but yuh Neva afi sen in yuh self, wi already look pon di pics dem.

  • Anonymous says:

    Apple and her whoring man lol

  • Anonymous says:

    What’s her Instagram name apple you are a star you and your man makes a perfect you always look clean everything in this picture is on point.

  • For real? says:

    She has NOT had plastic surgery idiots! What she does is called contouring! EVERY IT girl does it! It’s an American thing! Look it up! She looks gorgeous as always! Proppa ting tun up mi sey!

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