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From: the wife!!

Message Body:
37 years old proud grandmother…thx a lot readers for ur wonderful comments……jus sharin a little wid u….jealousy is a disease this girl is obsess with me she’s a stalker I’ve never seen anything like this before …this is who put up my pic…u do the maths ….im wid the man she tlkin abt over …12 years …. She is in her early twenty’s ..:((((( sad…wht u think ??? Oh and the man that she is talking about is 45!


  • sweet says:


  • LUNDUN says:

    granny is not a granny, she is just a woman that has a child, who in turn has a child :hammer
    gwaan tru lady, u luk good, she more luk like di granny.

  • Give it to them Sexy Abuelita!! What make them cyaaa tek di one juk pan di side and move on! TWELVE YEARS means youngin’ that he’s not gonna go nowhere!

  • Smh says:

    grandma u hot from when but if u husband a step out Mek him tan wid the young gyal who a skin out in the pic up top. Jealousy is not the only disease deh a road!

  • fashiondoll says:

    Yes siree. Woman u look good inna u 30s and look how di young gal wrinkle up l like stale calaloo

  • No Joke says:

    What kinda twenty ….mi juss askingggggg???? Granny looking good as mi seh (Lady in Black)

  • Hotstepper....formerly peeper says:

    Grannie u hot no ackee and saltfish

  • Met says:

    no joke how u mean wha kinda 20? :ngakak

  • FREEDOM says:


  • Libby says:

    The granny look way better matie sure she is not the granny. The young gal look old n the granny look young bap bap. Young gall look like a duppy n granny look sexy. Matie should be shame granny mek them look stale. Granny man never ago left look pon granny damn

  • Nuni says:

    Big up u self lady in black you look betta dan ar

  • No Joke says:

    Yes twenty times 3….causen seh not a twentys round ere!!!

  • Yep! says:

    The young gal look jealous; look,at her face y’all; don’t she look jealous? Lol

  • Jules says:

    Sweet please guh fry di fish and send two ova yasso. Mi gots di bammy pon lock and can dash a bag pon u.

  • mz.B says:

    Suh ms youngin(ooman in the pink) Ur style a dressing is Ur definition of class?

  • Anonymous says:

    Mad her hotness. you stay good from one person fabulous in their thirty’s to another. age is just a number nuh pay di stay bad moldy gal dem no mind & dress how you waan dress to lmaoooooo

  • Libby says:

    Lol true thing mz.b the one in the pink look like she belong on the street corner. This story was funny this was just the sender hating on the granny cuz she look too young for her age she need to go ask her sum advice on how to take care of her body

  • Miss Jamaica says:

    Lady in Black you look good…When a gal younger than you they automatically think their hotter than you because of age but it on how you take care of your body and good Genes.So many of these young girls look so old and out of shape! When you take good care of yourself age is nothing but a number.

  • Anonymous says:

    you go lady in the black, you look very good. I am in my 30s myself and a so them younger bitches be hating because I take care of myself, age is just a number if you look good you just look good.

  • Django says:

    When mi first look pon the pic on the right I thought the original sender was sending in a pic of how busted Grandma really look.DWRCL.On a serious note. Hello Grandma whats your email address and your digits?Please forward them to Met.You are beautyoverfull!

  • Anonymous says:

    Young hot sexy lady in the black dress, yuh a happen as they would seh back home, mek de ole grazmite, ratbat, manroyal, tough barky so call young gal weh look like any ole pap dung zinc washpan go hold several seats!! She look dirty like!!!!!

  • Lou-Lou says:

    YEP I can see why you are pressuring her, poor ting, di age nah trouble di man as she is still younger than him. You young kitten are playing outside of your play pen…. :bola

  • Tameka says:

    Gal in blk look good. Look like 22 gal in pink go dash weh that body n come again

  • LadyWoW says:

    a dis mi miss

    Yung gyal body run down fi true

  • sexyfab says:

    Your man wan a beating. Look pon d gal him a bun u wid. She tiad like

  • Tiffe says:

    The man have bloodclot young she must a f— him better the bloodclot

  • Jah jay says:

    The young gal look good to me put up a better pics with the gal u no u last old woman me feel it for u now

  • Certified bitch says:

    Muffet move yuh Rass n Gweh yuh try find Di worst pic Fi put up Fi flap Di gal , cahh yuh sah Di gal have yuh ah beat up yuh head at nite wondering weh yuh deh!! LML ppl di girl ah hotta gal Fi yuh, ah you obsesse wid har n ah walk n ah stalk har yuh itch up barbershop ah clock yuh man day n nite, yuh nuh see ants inna yuh bloodclat milk gal

  • muffet says:

    Bitch u sad if u have him dat lock y you a put my pic up here ppl …guess sumting is not right Lol whore after 12years ina a relationship woman no watch man wht u think u adi only whore im f— from sutphin and queens so y would i stalk u bitch skank ur not important ur not worth my time so dnt tink ama go bk and forth wid u…say weh u have fi say when u si mi

  • good body says:

    Muffet move yo old ass wid yo bleach out self u affi pay doctor fi di body weh u have now ppl a whole Heep a knife she affi go under to have dat fake body u claim seh u Nuh worry bout man shut the frig up u can’t keep calm when u man Nuh come home u claim yo body look good 12 year a dat stale done out front go visit yo doc once more beg him fix under deh Caz it a stretch from u eye deh a yo knee bitch and u man Nuh want dat no more

  • Papers marshy says:

    Muffet u have no life u find time to do this u say 12 years in a relationship what u get out of it u don’t no your man age put up him DOF and people do the maths only 12 year and u don’t happy in your life because if u did happy why u a call my phone u sick u need help put up a better pics I rlly don’t want to do this but u a piss me the f— off right now me no your life so go ahead and start call me like what u always do are meet me if u want to am not sad am happy with your man lol mi body you in it for 12 year and I have him now 3 years still going I take this rlly personal now ok so let us meet together every time u see me why u don’t say a think bitch please don’t ack like u bad because u not will love to see u why not so go hard are go home

  • Ben says:

    Wifey bad yes tek dem on wifey u bad ehh lol wifey Naa play

  • Ben says:

    Wifey bad ehh tek dem on wifey u bad ehh lol wifey Naa play

  • Pam says:

    Matie stay in ur lane cuz unno too bright n any one try that with me n my man affi dead mi hate dutty Matie gal weh tink just cuz them f— the plp man them a wife unno is just Sumone to f— but they will always be with the wife n never leave lawd unno dangerouse unno is just man f— bed. Wifey need to send him to u cuz she still look young she can catch another one

  • Good body says:

    Pam u sound vex go fix your duty face and come out a ppl life and go look one

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