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Once upon a time in a ghetto called Paradise Montego Bay, lived a “boy” name Theodore

. He has manyyyyy manyyyyy children, 12 to date, but it could be more. He steadily cares for about 3 and ignores the remaining 9, only giving a few(2 others) a “ting” here and there. His motive is to “breed” and abandon these women to care for the child alone, not a dime nor a dollar or a 50cent stamp fi send a postcard. .Mr Head Coach, really is illiterate. Can’t make a decision without one of his technical staff advising him on what to do! He speaks Lowly of his Boss “The Captain”, yet jumps at the sound of his voice or orders. He envies many of his players, (I’m guessing because he can no longer play for the national team or any other team for that matter). Along with the many women he “cons” outside of the JFF, there are a few that he has secret relationships with in the office, none knowing about the other. As “RICH” as he is, these women- some knowing of his wild behavior, are persuaded into buying him clothes, jewelry, brief, bath soaps etc…He actually sends his order of “products” to these idiots who uses their hard earned money fi spend pan him. . . . the rest a HISTORY!!
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7 Responses to PARADISE MOBAY PART 1

  • mi like marsha enuh says:

    women uno need fi close uno legs to man-whore like toppa theodore

  • Brightlight says:

    @mi like :2thumbup

  • fashiondoll says:

    Morning family! So u wah tell me seh a so Whitmore a roll. No sah him fi put pon full blast

  • Brightlight says:

    Like really? What kinda world some of these women living in? How in this day and age women still don’t get it and breeding for waste man? Money and status can never replace time well spent.

    It’s like some women truly are in a competition with who can hold the man not realizing NONE OF YOU can cah he’s a shithouse! Children don’t ask to be here. Just because a man can buss in you doesn’t mean he wants to be a father or he’s even capable of being a good father. All the birth control and condoms out there and you mek him buss inna you that mean YOU WANTED THAT BABY SO YOU MINE IT! Any day me bring forth a child into this world and the man leave me mi will say GOOD F–KING RIDDANCE! Only one mi will sorry for is my child.

    Mi no sorry fi dem woman again cah dem still think pickney will hold man.

  • NUFFY says:

    Brightyyyyy you knock di nail right dung inna the board!!!! why in Gods name woman know how a man stay and still seek him out? some man have sweet tongue, some a dem will lie di baggy straigt offa u, but the moment u know the truth and still a lay id the dog, u nuh must get flea!!…The only persons mi sorry fah a the pickney dem!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Good morning not him good man look out for kids. The gal just. Bad .because move on

  • LadyWoW says:

    no sah dis man need to be fixed, why is he allowed to continue to reproduce. and di ooman weh write him uppa top really dont sound bitter like di money ting a bother she , is di way him a move.

    Yesss Brightie it still a gwan and is because wen dem present dem self di man dem package everyting neatly – u haffi come in like Matlock fi get da truth.

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